Gaming Room Setup Ideas – 2024 Guide

For a passionate gamer, some average PC setup and decent headphones are not enough for modern games, which requires the highest build-up hardware, and many additional devices for the best experience. The great advancements in technology have brought us many gadgets that can improve the feeling while we are playing video games, especially high-quality headphones and speakers, gaming chairs, and, of course, most recent hardware setup for a PC.

Modern video games represent a higher level of virtual reality, and gamers need to be accurate, calm and concentrated. That is the main reason why so many people are redecorating their rooms in the gaming ambient. However, if you are not a fan of modern video games, but rather of some traditional ones, that you can play in reality, like basketball, baseball, or golf, there are ways to redesign your room to resemble your favorite sport. For example, you can place a basket on the wall or doors and practice shots. Also, if you love golf, click here to see some of the best solutions for the installment of mini-golf terrain in your room.

While traditional games are popular among older generations, younger people prefer video games much more. Also, devices like VR, controllers, improved gaming keyboards, and mouse’s, have raised the gaming industry on a higher level. Competitive video gaming is today recognized as a sport, and we have tournaments in various games where winners can win a few million dollars.

When it comes to the gaming rooms setup, there are various combinations since we have plenty of different products on the market from brands that are producing hardware, software, additional devices, and many more. Here are some of the best gaming room setup ideas for 2024.

Minimalistic Style

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This style is the best for people who don’t want to be distracted by their surroundings. For this type of design, you will need a white simple desk that is wide enough for all of your equipment, which goes perfectly with white walls. Also, you could design the walls with a few details that should resemble modern minimalistic art.

When it comes to the hardware setup, our recommendation is to choose Intel core i7 processor, Kingston RAM with 32GB, and the GTX 980 Ti graphics card. Also, the most suitable PC case for this setup would be NZXT H440 with a Corsair cooler. Logitech is a great solution for keyboard, mouse, and speakers, while our recommendation for the monitor is to buy UltraSharp from Dell.

Naruto Style

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Type of the setup with the Naruto theme is one of the most attractive, and it is mostly based just on your desk and PC. Also, what makes it so special is that you will need five monitors to connect. This kind of setup is perfect for multitasking and people who are working from home since you can always catch a break and play your favorite game without the need to close the working project, you can just open the game on another monitor.

Moreover, this kind of setup requires high-quality hardware, like the most recent i7 processor, a lot of RAM, and GTX 1080i graphics. When it comes to additional devices, our advice is to get RGB LED lights, Corsair mouse pad, wireless mouse, and keyboard. For monitors, you could combine the ASUS with 24 inches and AOC with 22 inches.

Fallout Theme

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Fallout is one of the most popular FPS video games, which is placed in the post-apocalyptic world. If you are a fan of Fallout, you can design your room with a special ambient that will provide you with improved gaming experience. You will need the RBG LED lights in smooth blue color, and you can add a replica of Pip-Boy. Also, we recommend you to buy Anne Pro Mech Keyboard.

The most suitable monitor would be a Samsung widescreen with 34 inches. When it comes to the PC setup, you should combine the i7 processor with EVGA 1080 graphics on the ASUS X99 motherboard. The best cooler for this setup is Kraken X62.


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For people who prefer Apple products, this is an amazing idea for the design of your gaming ambient. Most impressive in this style is that you will have 6 monitors connected and an additional TV screen on the side. This design perfectly resembles the combinations of modern technology and minimalistic style.

When it comes to the specification of the hardware and devices, you will need a Mackintosh Pro 4K, that will work perfectly on those 6 screens. Also, the processor in your Mac should be 10 Core with 64 GB RAM.

Offline Gaming

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This style is perfect for people who love offline games, especially ones that support multiplayer mode, such as FIFA, PES, Tekken, Mortal Combat, and many more, where you and your friends can have a great time together. The best build-up for this gaming room is to combine PC with additional console-like Play Station or Xbox. Also, the pair of Oculus Rift headsets would bring the gaming experience on another level.

Furthermore, this kind of setup requires more devices than the average gaming room, since you will need a big TV, a projector, both PC and a gaming console. You should choose the most recent setup for PC, and we recommend you to invest more in a high-quality surround system, like Audioengine A5+.

Multifunctional Design

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There are many types of room setups for people who are not only gamers since they are working on various projects on their PC. For example, if you are a music producer, you can combine two wide monitors and one big TV screen above them. You can place a gaming keyboard between midi controllers and synthesizers.

When it comes to the speakers, you will need high-quality monitors, for example, KRK VTX, and additional Vtrek speakers with 150 watts. These speakers are great for music production, but they will also provide you with improved gaming experience. Intel i7 and GTX 970 graphics represent a suitable PC setup. You will also need a high-quality sound card, such as Audient iD4.

You’ll also need a good network setup. For one, if you have the option, always have your PC connected to your network by Ethernet, as it’s much faster and more reliable than Wi-Fi.

Also, security is an important, yet underrated aspect of gaming. A VPN router from service providers such as ExpressVPN afford enough security for gaming. You may also want to make sure you have a gaming-friendly firewall active.