How Can Technology Help You To Develop Roulette Gambling Skills

Gambling is an ancient recreational activity that is loved even today. People enjoy the thrill and unpredictability of the game. Some people are so addicted to the thrill that they continue to gamble even if they are losing money. Games like slots and roulette are examples of such games where luck plays a major role in determining a gambler’s fate.

On the other hand, there are games like Poker and Blackjack where people can improve their chances of winning by having a foolproof strategy.

All over the world, there are dedicated lovers of various gambling games, and the emergence of online Casinos has improved the ease and convenience of gambling further. If you too want to enjoy an online Casino, you can go to

Technology And Roulette

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Today there are technological tools that can help you improve your skill in any gambling game. Technology has proved to be a boon for Casinos as it has helped improve customer satisfaction; at the same time, technology has helped players as they can help improve their gambling skills.

Roulette involves a roulette table that has numbers etched on them. A dealer spins a ball in a direction opposite to the direction of the rotation of the table. If the ball lands in a pocket corresponding to the number that you have bet on, then you win.

Thus, skill or strategy plays very little role in improving the chances of winning. Nonetheless, there are several ways in which technology can help you become a better roulette player.

Ways In Which Technology Can Help You In Improving Your Chances At The Game Of Wheels

Improved User Interface In Online Casinos

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If the website of an online Casino is designed in such a way that the interface is simple and easy to navigate, it helps players improve their game. A simple interface means fewer chances of committing mistakes, improved focus on the game etc.

Wider Exposure To The Game

When you visit a land-based Casino, you are exposed to only one type of roulette wheel. So if you are in the US, you will get to see the American wheel. Likewise, if you visit a Casino in a European country, you will get to see only the European wheel. But if you go to an online Casino, you will be able to play many versions of the game.

If you play different versions of the game, you will understand the game better. You will also be able to appreciate the house edge in each version of the game.

For instance, in the European version of the game, there are thirty-seven pockets, with one pocket corresponding to a zero. When the ball lands at zero, all the players lose money except those who had placed a bet on zero.

Since there is only one pocket for a zero in the European version, the Casino has a mathematical advantage of around 2%. However, there are two zeros in the American wheel, so the Casino’s mathematical advantage increases to around 5%.

There are other versions of the wheel, like the Chinese wheel, where there are three zeros which increase the house’s edge beyond 5%. Then there is a mini roulette where there are thirteen pockets and one zero, so here the Casino’s mathematical advantage is around 7%.

Then there is a French version where the house returns 50% of the bet amount even if the ball lands in the pocket corresponding to zero.

Analyzing Performance And Overcoming Biases

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There are applications that can track your performance in a gamble. When you track your performance, you overcome your biases. For instance, in roulette, many players believe that seven is a lucky number and placing a bet on the number seven improves their chances of winning.

Again, many players believe that if the ball is landing in a particular pocket more frequently, then the chances of the ball landing in that pocket is higher. However, this is a misconception, and if you analyze your game in an application, you will realize that such biases do not improve your game.

Analyzing The Betting Patterns

There are different wheel designs for roulette. Likewise, there are various betting patterns as well. If you visit an online Casino and try different betting patterns, you can analyze which betting pattern is the best. For instance, there is a Martingale betting system where you have to double the betting amount in every round.

For instance, if you bet $20 in the first round, you have to bet $40 in the next round and so on. If you analyze this betting system using an application, you will realize that in this betting system, you have a higher chance of ending up with a profit after several rounds of betting.

If you bet $20 and lose that round, then you bet $40 and lose that round as well; however, if you bet $80 in the third round and win that you gain in the long term.

Applications For Money Management And For Checking Problem Gambling

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There are many applications that help players manage their money during gambling. The money management applications warn a player if they are losing more frequently than they are winning. These applications also ask a player to stop betting further if they have exceeded their budget and not made any significant gains.

There are applications for checking problem gambling which keep an account of the time spent on gambling, the money won or lost etc., to check for signs of addiction. If the application sees early signs of addiction, then it issues warnings to the players.


Thus in a game of roulette, skill and strategy may have an insignificant role to play, but technology can help improve the chances of winning. Online Casinos give wide exposure to the players and help them learn the game better and overcome biases. Applications help analyze the outcome of the game and also help in the management of the bankroll of the gambler.