How Technology Has Changed the Way We Gamble

Gambling is integral to humanity’s history. However, the first documented cto accommodate both theatrical entertainment and intermission gambling is the Casino di, Venezia. While brick-and-mortar establishments are still pretty relevant, it is their accessibility that has been the bane of many would-be players.

While seemingly ancient now in the highly technologically advanced present, people had to visit specific casinos to play their games of choice. Even with betting and cashing out clients, couldn’t do that online, not to mention winners’ fears of getting robbed of their winnings while exiting the premises.

Advancement in technology has made it easier for online gambling to be a 24-hour affair. Sites compete to fulfill the needs of the increasingly demanding and highly tech-savvy demographic. Through mobile sites and apps, players now don’t need to visit casinos for gaming that can be done anywhere at any time. Now, there are fewer problems with withdrawals and depositing. Since there are various payment methods available online, technology prevented crime within the vicinity of casino sites.

It cannot be argued that technology is the bridge that traffics both casinos and their customers with ease. Let’s take a look at how these changes have truly mapped the iGaming landscape.

The first seeds of change


In the Wild West cowboys played roulette, blackjack, and poker. Afterwards, Americans opened their first casinos. When being specific, online gambling businesses started functioning in the 1990s. At that time, the Internet was in its infantile stages and popular for trading and doing land-based businesses.

Luckily, in 1994 the first online casino was born and started operating worldwide thanks to the games software developer Microgaming. In that year, the first casino was licensed through the jurisdictions of Barbud and Antigua. After that, this gambling site was allowed to open offices and begin to operate legally. Then, from 1996-1997, the number of online casinos began to rise till today.

The convenience of instant access


Instant access to digital casinos is now an expected norm, especially sites that incorporate HTML 5, thus making the games mobile-friendly. To be specific, it’s easy and breezy to have access, unlike the old days’ technology made everything a bit more tedious. Gamblers can either visit through a website or download apps. Casino lovers can do anything using technology to their advantage.

They can conveniently locate various online platforms by using casino reviewing and analyzing sites that cater to specific demographics including Gamblers can locate gambling sites via specifications, i.e. games, pokies or payment types. Through the links provided, endless hours of searching are instead used to sign up and start playing sooner rather than later.

SSL encryption and licensing assist in protecting customers’ details – a vital factor considering that sensitive personal and financial information has to be shared.

Casinos and customer interaction


Let us look back to the past when technology wasn’t popular. In those far-away times, people were requested to visit a specific casino for entertainment and also for customer support service. Sometimes, this service was highly inefficient unless the player was well-known and was a high roller. Nowadays, regardless of bankroll, users can contact casino companies while taking a walk or sitting on the couch.

The speed of communication and problem resolution increases the ability of the player to return to their gambling pleasure. Gambling sites hold various methods to communicate with the players, such as using emails, telephone and live chat. Time specifications also mean customer support is never far away when needed. The inclusion of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp and Instagram has increased the consumption of the form of entertainment.

The incorporation of mobile devices

Technology along with mobile devices have walked a long journey together. Remember the first phone invented in 1849 by Alexander Graham Bell but it couldn’t be used for the internet. Still, it didn’t end there until Charles Babbage invented the computer in 1822. Then in 1992, the first cellular device – known as IBM Simon –  classifies the evolution of technology.

Through mobile devices and technology, casinos can operate worldwide. Popular operating systems include Android and iOS. Smartphone devices are popular for a good reason. Gamblers can access virtual casinos using various devices like smartphones, tablets, laptop computers and handheld gaming consoles.

The combination of mobile devices and technological schematics brings endless amusement to casino lovers. Even apps can be found on these devices to make everything easier for customers.

Digital payment options are plenty


In the gambling world, when it comes to money it has to be instant and problem-free. Digital payment remuneration methods include and are not limited to credit/debit cards, prepaid cards, e-wallets and crypto. Casino sites ensure these are accessible for withdrawing and depositing into player accounts.

The speed at which this is achieved is mere seconds. This easily translates to more play time, which players appreciate especially when in the middle of a game and funds are required speedily.  This technological implementation helps gambling platforms operate appropriately.

Cryptocurrencies, especially are growing in popularity due to their ability to allow players to gamble incognito. With no need for personal information, crypto-wallet deposits and withdrawals can be made instantly. Processing times vary but the anonymity is appealing to many gamblers. Additionally, as those that are into digital currencies, winnings obtained can be used to trade, placing more importance on popular crypto coins Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.


Technology has generated a lot of freedom for players and casinos. The latter appreciate the global business, while the former can travel the world of online gambling sites with the click of a button. Simply things have improved and elevated to another level.

This article contains information about how our technology has changed everything to accommodate the current standard of application by gamblers. There are also plenty of things provided by the internet, to assist customers whenever they are playing.

All of this useful information indicates that to be competitive in the iGaming world, you have to implement the trending technology of the times.