Cuisine Royale: The Craziest Game Ever – 2024 Guide

Cuisine Royale, a free client MMO quest in the shooter genre, can be named as one of the most reckless representatives of PUBG gaming. The so-called battle royale game takes on crazy features in this project. Thanks to the courage of developers who left no stone unturned from traditional ideas, creating something difficult to express. In the beginning, it was just a minor sketch on the April Fool’s Day theme, but the joke turned out to be so successful that it soon became a full-fledged pastime.

The battle royale genre has been developing and living its life for a long time. Like many competitive session games, it was created as a modification for one major project, and now it is an independent category of activities with its established laws. Now, each of them occupies its position on the leaderboard. Does the arcade need to have some outstanding quest features to be popular? There is no single answer to this question; consider this when reading this article.

Game features


The online project looks nice, has a wonderful sense of humor, and is friendly to beginners and third-person shooters. Based on information from various sources, the game positions itself as the most truthful battle royale. Honesty with players is one of the most important aspects that professionals pay attention to.

The developers felt that the third-person view should be justified and made an interesting move. Part of each player’s model is a hovering object with a camera behind it. It becomes more difficult to hide in such conditions, and a novice will notice suspicious movements of opponents more often and will plan a better fight with an opponent. In Cisco Royale, this feature is known as “Operator,” its appearance can be changed, and a wide range of unique solutions is available in the game.

Now that you have an idea of what the subject of discussion looks like let’s move on to the reasons why this unique arcade is worth playing.

The core gameplay


The first thing to note is the speed of loading and match search. With the configuration of i5-9400F and Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus, a player can die on the battlefield and find themselves in the next game in less than 3 seconds. It does not use the usual landing for the genre of battle royale. You find yourself at a random point on the map. Thanks to this approach, the chances of meeting the enemy are always about the same.

The quest has a rare sense of humor, so finding some Thompson submachine gun, a large bag for collecting ammunition and canned food, and diluting all this with a halo over your head is standard practice. The image will display everything you find on the character, starting with weapons, ending with knee pads. The rules of the event are the same. Every couple of minutes, the general area shrinks, pulling players to a certain area, where the survivors will sort things out sharply and fiercely.

An important part of the gameplay is the conduct of rituals. Outside of the main event, you can set up three demonic rituals to perform during the match. Each has its bonuses and disadvantages, but this aspect requires a personal acquaintance. This mechanic has a significant effect on the quest and, at the right moment, can dramatically change the course of the battle.

Before you start a match, you can configure up to three ritual seals in the Customization menu. To use them in the mission, you will need souls. With one soul, you can provoke a real zombie Apocalypse! With the Thompson machine gun, you will hit the enemy more often than ever. There are still a lot of different traps and rituals in the “Workshop,” so you will be pleased with the variety of quests.

Graphic component


The graphics do not cause any special enthusiastic emotions, but they do not cause negative ones either. The game pleases with a variety of environments, a good range of drawing, and a superb visual design, which allows you not to get lost in what you need to do at all. Besides, the range of weapons available to players is extensive. Objects are outlined, and the players are visible. The quest tries to minimize the desire of players to hide as much as possible.


What free entertainment will leave its users without the option to pay developers? The local monetization system is simple and familiar to the modern player. For actual money, you get a special currency, and for it, you buy in-game items and interesting costumes for unique characters. At first glance, the “Workshop” without a half-liter is difficult to understand, but everything is simple.

To open an item, you need to buy all the workshop positions in front of it. For example, to purchase an Epic costume from the screenshot, you first need to get two masks. The arrows make it very clear what is being purchased in what order, but for convenience, all the items from the adventure book are still in the lower branch and are highlighted in the background. The outfits look interesting and correspond to the stated theme.

Why should I choose Cuisine Royale?


  • Intense PvP battles.
  • Constantly updated collection of very realistic modeled weapons and armor.
  • Standalone single-user version multiplayer game (2-36 players).
  • Both first-and third-person views are available.
  • Perform ancient rituals to heal allies, set various traps, draw scary mystical seals, or summon zombies, or even teleport your opponents to hell.
  • Create and learn the latest signs, gestures, rituals, tombstones for your grave, minions, and other suitable items.

To use network functions, you need to create an account. Network features are provided under the terms of service and the policy of the publisher.

Even in the conditions of fierce competition for the genre, the wide range of fun activities can entertain and surprise the player. Graphics impress with an outstanding panorama or landscape. The quest does not make you bored. The main mechanics are aimed at increasing the dynamics of matches. Note a convenient monetization system. This is a worthy representation of battle royale games online. Critics strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the crazy Cuisine Royale.