What Are Some Of The Craziest Weapons In Destiny 2 – 2024 Guide

Destiny 2 has been the subject of much conversation lately, after reports that it would go free on Steam. And while the game has been met with some criticism in the past, there are certain aspects that Bungee has done a pretty good job of.

Namely, with the Shadowkeeper expansion and Season of the Undying, the developers introduced a bunch of new guns. But Destiny 2 has always had good guns, and that begs the question. What are some of the craziest weapons in Destiny 2? If you want to find out, then stick around.

1. Ikelos Shotgun

Img source: reddit.com

This weapon certainly is a fan favorite amongst the Destiny 2 fanbase. It comes from the Warmind expansion and the main characteristic is that it fires super fast. With Ikelos, you can melee and deal a lot of damage since the bonus melee damage associated with it. Although it isn’t the best energy shotgun in the game, there are certainly more than one “shotties” that outperforms it, we’ve added Ikelos on our list since you can find it pretty early in the game. If we compare the damage and the level in which you can find it, we can safely say that Ikelos is one of the craziest weapons the game offers.

2. Imperial Decree

Img source: reddit.com

Yet another crazy shotgun on our list, Imperial Decree is something that you don’t mess with. What makes Imperial Decree super loco is the fact that you can combine dozens of different perks and make a pretty solid combination out of it. We’d say that Imperial Decree is one of those energy shotguns that out-perform Ikelos. The fact that you can farm it pretty quick and fast makes this game yet another crazy weapon the game offers.

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3. Izanagi’s Burden

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The first sniper rifle on our list, Izanagi’s Burden is a great PVE gun that everyone should use. This crazy weapon can be combined with different perks which give you an insane damage output. Furthermore, you can add four rounds of your mag into one to make one hell of a powerful shot. We’ve added Izanagi’s Burden on our craziest list since you can do a lot of damage to bosses. To get this weapon, you have to complete a very long quest from Black Armory

4. Ace of Spades

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The first handgun on our list, Ace of Spades is probably the most iconic gun ever in Destiny 2. If you’ve ever played Destiny 2, then you must have used Ace of Spades. This gun is very popular since perks work very well with it. If you manage to land a headshot, the weapon will reload. If you kill someone with it, the next shot will deal extra damage. Headshots also cause enemies to explode. However, picking up Ace of Spades requires finishing a very long quest line after finishing the Forsaken Campaign.

5. Rose

Img source: destinytracker.com

The 2nd handgun on our list, and it’s Rose. If you ever feel like wielding a weapon that feels smooth as silk, then Rose is the gun for you. And while the PvE perks on Rose are boring as hell, making you trash in PvE, it’s the PvP why everyone picks it. If you’ve ever struggled to land a hit in PvP, give Rose a try to turn your luck around.