Destiny 2: The Development Process – 2024 Guide

If you love playing video games, you are probably already familiar with Destiny 2. Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer game created by Bungie. However, although people know what this first-person shooting video game is about, many individuals do not know the development process of the game. And, if you are interested in how it was developed, you are reading the right text. In the article below, you can read about the development of Destiny 2. Let’s take a look:

The Development Process

During 2014, specifically 2 months after Bungie launched the first part of the Destiny franchise, the developers of the first video game announced that there will be a sequel. There were various articles and documents stating when the releases will happen, Activision and Bungie wanted to deliver a new sequel every two years until the beginning of 2019.

Although they wanted to release a new game every 2 years, they did release large expansions packs in between each release. Although it was planned to be released during 2016, Bungie verified that the second part will be officially released one year later. And in February 2016, one of the best video game content writers who participated in creating Halo 4 joined Destiny 2’s writing team.

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It was issued for Microsoft and the version made for their OS supports 4K resolution and unlimited fps, it also has support for both keyboard and mouse, customizable range view, and chat room. The usual PlayStation 4 console does not support 4K, however, Sony released an upgraded version called PlayStation 4 Pro which can support it. Xbox One also did the same thing by releasing a new version called Xbox One X.

The developers also added some improvements with the servers that are a combo of peer-to-peer networking and dedicated servers. The lead engineer on this game explained that each activity that happens in the game is hosted by one of their servers which means that the players no longer have to go through host mitigation during raids or trial matches.

There were spell cards detailing the history of the Destiny world and they were a big and interesting part of the first release, but they did not appear in the sequel. They did, however, keep the exotic and legendary weapons tabs where you can read about all the fun weapons you can get.

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Destiny 2 PvP boosts were also kept, hence, players are still able to get packages, weapons, and armors that they need to advance in the game, as well as deal with their enemies easier. If you want to see what boosts are available, you can click here.

The original soundtrack was created by several artists including Michael Salvatori, Skye Lewin, Rotem Moav, and more. When they were creating the music, they said that their main objective was to seize the spirit and feelings of the people dealing with immense tragedy.


As you can see, the development process of Destiny 2 was an interesting one. And if you still did not check out this game, do not waste any more time and start dealing with the enemies in the game, as well as collecting exotic and legendary weapons that can be gained by finishing various quests.