7 Competitive Video Games To Play in 2024

Are you one of those video game fans who would rather spend hours and hours at the computer hanging out with friends this way than in the cafe? If you are, well, we do have a special topic for you today. As game lovers, you’re probably aware that some older games never cease to gain popularity, as well as a base of new ones growing day by day. However, among those popular ones, there’s a subgroup of the ones which deserved their own step of the success ladder. Basically, your only task is to choose the ones that awaken a competitive spirit inside you – and you’re in.  Also, it wasn’t difficult to notice that remakes of certain classics might also mark this playing season – a true throwback to teenage years and some old good times.  So cool your beer, invite your friends, and let the fun start – but before that, choose wisely.

In case you’re a beginner in this or you’re tired of what you are currently playing because you have broken all the records – this list is for you, too. The truth is that we couldn’t decide which one is more popular, so we didn’t sort them in descending order. Enjoy!

1. CS – Global Offensive

There’s no doubt about this one – Counter-Strike should be at the top of any list of the most popular competitive games, but the biggest interest is currently for the Global Offensive. The plot of the game is located between a terrorist and a counter-terrorist unit, and you’re a member of one or the other. Each of the teams enters with a specific task that they were given at the beginning, so the team that completes the task first wins.

There are two variants – the one with a bomb and a hostage. The counter-terrorist unit has the task of either releasing the hostage or deactivating the bomb, while the task of the other team is to do the opposite. The global offensive is played from a first-person angle and is adapted to various operating systems.

2. Fortnite

Many initially said that this was just an imitation of PUBG. However, it quickly escalated, to everyone’s surprise, and gained great importance. We could say that encouraging a competitive spirit might be one of the main advantages, as Epic has worked long and hard to develop an improved version. It’s complemented by numerous new challenges, a better map layout, but also new awards.

Alone against all, the player was given even more opportunities to gather resources by looting equipment and building a Defensive Building. Carefully created graphic representation of architectural elements and surroundings prevents easy hits. With each new update there are more obstacles, traps, tools that require time to overcome – and this is precisely what brings the eagerness to fight and win.

3. GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V)

GTA V can definitely be ranked as one of the best video games ever invented and this conclusion can be reached after only a few hours of playing. First, the emphasis is on perfect graphic design. The impeccably shining sun and such realistic ocean waves that surround you during exciting races leave you speechless, even though you know it’s only a game. The plot is located in the Los Santos Desert, in Los Angeles and Southern California. What else do we need to say to understand how cool it is?

And oh so many activities you can try – from driving a car to a submarine and a helicopter, tennis, or skateboard. You can run a business, go to the hairdresser, or take a walk with the dog – basically anything. Casinos are open, robberies and fierce races are made possible, and even political issues are presented realistically enough.

4. Call of Duty: Modern warfare

Unlike the previous version, in which the focus was on the Second World War, here it comes to a complete reversal and a modern conflict enters the scene. Once again, you will precisely eliminate the set goals from the first person’s point of view. Why not choose one of the new sights and jump into the fight?

The novelty is that this time in your care package you won’t get what you expect – but even more, observed from the perspective of experience. More precisely, you won’t get what you gained by the occasional robbery, but what you built for yourself. As LFCarry guarantees, the next time you find yourself in a dangerous and hopeless situation, you’ll be the king of the hill with the use of CoD MW Carry services and the rest of assets available.

5. Dota 2

 Dota 2 is one of the members of the battle arena genre and with its well-thought-out concept, which is the work of programmer Valve, it justifies its competitiveness on the market. Dota 2 is customized for the PC and its heroes are stationed in the arena with a formed team of 4 more teammates. The goal is to defeat the opposing team by destroying their base, and at the same time, defending your own.

A good combination of the unique abilities of each individual hero increases the possibility of winning the match. Admit that you’re at least intrigued, in case you haven’t played it before – but beware, ‘cause it can keep you in front of the screen for hours.

6. Overwatch

A game that undoubtedly encourages teamwork. You can find yourself in one of the six teams in the role of a shooter or maybe a healer, after all. The point is reflected in the development of team skills and not in the endless shooting and counting who’ll do more. Loyalty to others and fighting for a teammate are rewarded. Doesn’t that sound great?

Overwatch quickly made its way to the market and now enters the category of the best: and availability on three platforms probably only helped with that.

7. Fifa 19

Sports fans, where are you? Since the creation of the first version, this game, as in reality, is characterized by a targeted encouragement of the sporting competitive spirit. The introduction of each new previous version resulted in some new tournaments. The goal now, as it was then, is to earn money and acknowledgment.

Expect some new tournaments and features from Fifa 19, as well as an updated roster. The new Active Touch System makes it easier to control the ball, as a key strategic moment. You know that even a real match isn’t played without well-thought-out tactics – therefore, the Dynamic Tactics option is available to you, both before and during the game.

If our list has helped you, now is the time to take action! Encourage a competitive spirit within yourself but also stick to teamwork. Get all the necessary equipment, cool those drinks from the beginning of this story and go for it!