5 Things Video Gamers Hate the Most in 2024

Who would say that the gaming industry would become so popular among people? Not so long time ago, playing video games was nothing more than a way of fun. However, things in today’s world have changed a lot. Professions like gamers, influencers, and YouTubers are one of the most profitable.

However, profit is not the main reason why these industries became popular. All people that are working in this industry are doing the things they love. When you do what you love and earn money, you can say you have a happy life. 

Still, gamer is not only a basic profession and we can’t compare it with any other. It is not enough to be a gamer only if you like to play games. In other words, you need to live life under certain rules if you plan to become successful.

Are you willing to sit in front of a computer for days to improve your skills? Do you also talk about games when you have free time? More precisely, are video games your main priority? 

Well, it is not hard to determine which things gamers love. They love everything from advanced technology to modern warfare level boosting. However, there are some things that gamers simply hate. These things distract them to enjoy their profession.

This can be useful pieces of advice for people that are spending time with gamers. If your friend or love partner is one of them, it is recommendable that you continue reading. 

Let’s find out those things together. 

Slow Internet

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Okay, gamers are not the only ones who hate the slow Internet. For instance, how many times you got nervous because you can’t send the message on Instagram? Yet, nothing bad is going to happen if you have to wait for a minute or two. 

The problems of gamers are different than yours. First of all, they hate when they need to wait to download something. Logically, we talk here about the things associated with games. Despite that, a strong Wi-Fi connection is necessary if you want to achieve the best results. Imagine that the network crashes a couple of times during the game. You easily lose concentration which distracts you from your main goal. 

Keep in mind that some of them are also streaming their games. In this way, they want to promote themselves and use one way to earn passive income. If the Internet connection is weak, this might lead to some bigger issues. 


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Do you like to hear noise while you are doing something important? Well, then you understand why gamers hate it the most. Gaming is the most important thing in their life. They are fully concentrated on the game and they do not want to have any distractions. 

This is a good message for people that are living with gamers. When you see that they are fully committed to the game, do not talk with them. More precisely, try not to make noise while they are playing. All these things can deconcentrate them and there is a big chance you will start an argument because of that. 

Indeed, in this case, some sort of tolerance has to exist. However, it is important to highlight the noise as one of the things they hate the most. 


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Everyone likes to be a winner and that is not something strange. Logically, even when you play chess, you want to become a winner. However, would you become nervous if you lose? Indeed, you failed to achieve your goal, but it is not something that would make you lose nerves. 

You are probably wondering why someone would lose his nerves because of a video game. After all, it is just a game. However, you are forgetting one crucial thing that we already mentioned. Game is not just a game when we talk about gamers. It has a higher meaning for them. Losing is something they can’t stand. This especially counts when we talk about gamers that are sitting in front of a computer for the entire day. They invest so much effort and loosing pisses them off. Don’t get surprised if they start hitting the keyboard or mouse. 

Fortunately, some ways can help them win more often. One of the methods they can use is modern warfare level boosting. For instance, fans of Call of Duty have the option to hire professionals and start playing the game in the way they want. More precisely, those professionals will speed up the progress in the game. If your friend/family member is constantly nervous because of losing, we recommend you visit Lfcarry. It is a place where you can find this sort of service. By the way, this can be a good gift for a birthday for a person like that.


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It is not a secret that scams exist in the entire online world. However, you can also find them among gamers. They are using different ways to cheat and be the best ones in that way. Well, gamers that are working hard to become good hate this sort of people. As we said, they will sometimes spend 12 hours in front of a computer. It is completely unfair for them that someone who is not trying hard is better than them because of different cheats. We assume these people are their biggest enemies. Fortunately, they are not competing against those people in-person. The consequences would probably be different in that case.

Bad Equipment

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We know that gaming equipment is a bit more expensive. Yet, the true professional gamers need it. This especially counts when we talk about keyboard and mouse. These two things need to work perfectly at every moment. When they are not good enough, be sure you will hear gamer complaining about it hard. More precisely, the entire neighborhood will probably hear when his mouse stopped him from doing something. 


We know that all these things seem strange to people that are not gamers. However, we are all different and we love and hate different things. It is simply a fact that you need to accept. Sooner or later the things that bother them might change. However, if you try to change them immediately, be sure you won’t have the chance to do that.