7 Advantages of Playing Video Games on Steam – 2024 Guide

Every person that has even the slightest idea about the entertainment industry will tell you that the whole industry changed with the introduction of video games a couple of decades ago. All of the experts agree that video games heavily contributed to the overall growth of the industry.

The first video game that was released was “Pong”. The is was a game for arcade machines. We can say that it is considered a seed for the evolution of what we know as video games of today. Even though “Pong” was an instant hit, especially among young people, the first years weren’t so good, if you look from today’s perspective.

Today, the video game industry has a revenue that is counted in billions of dollars every year. Moreover, this is not a surprise if you know for a fact that there are more than 2 billion gamers from all over the world. For a long time, arcade games and consoles were the most popular way of playing video games.

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In the eighties, we witnessed the birth of PC gaming. Today, we have an ongoing battle between console and PC gaming. With the introduction of the internet, getting video games has never been easier. Especially with the introduction of Steam. Some people compare it with Hulu or Netflix for video games. This is not far from the truth. This is the largest online video game distributor in the world.

Moreover, it offers much more than just video games. You can even get some additional features for a game that is a Steam exclusive. Also, you can earn various gift cards that can help you with buying the newest video games. If you are interested in seeing what they are all about, you should check OffGamers. Anyway, let us present the advantages of playing video games on Steam. Without wasting your precious time, let us begin.

Community Hub

The best thing about Steam is community hubs. Every video game has its own, and it will consist of reviews, discussions, and experiences of other players. That way, you will be able to do a little bit of research before you buy the game yourself. This is a great feature because you can look at one game from many different perspectives.

Not Buying CD Boxes

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If you go back in time and think about older times, you will remember that most of the gamers had rooms filled with CD boxes. We even had some images of people who have their houses full of CDs. After the introduction of Steam, there is no need for having all of these around your house or apartment. The reason is that all of the games are distributed digitally. Therefore, all of them will be stored online and on your PC. When you think about it, this was a really smart move and it looks like Steam is here to stay.

Cheaper Games

Just try to translate all of the CDs we talked about in the previous part into money. This is a really smart fortune. The main reason for this is that video games weren’t so cheap back in the day. When it comes to the price of games you can find on Steam, they are much cheaper than video games for consoles. There are two reasons for this. The first one is that there are no CDs. The second reason is closely tied to the first one, since there are no CDs there are no Blue-Ray, like with console games. So, in addition to having much more space around your home, you will a large amount of money you would otherwise spend.

Playing from any PC

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Sometimes your PC can stop working. Back in the day, this would be the end of your gaming until you get it fixed. When it comes to Steam, you will be able to log in on every PC in the world and play all your games with saved progress. Before Steam, we had a situation where we would need to find another PC, usually by visiting our friends and carry games with us. At the same time, constant worry about no forgetting them was really stressful. Now seriously, this is an advantage of Steam that is without any doubt, one of the best things about the distributor itself.

More Games than with Consoles

Take a look at the list of games available on Steam. You will see that the number is pretty impressive and it is much higher than for console games. Even better, you don’t need to go to the shop ad buy them. They are just one click away from you. Also, Steam has a trend of distributing older games in order to satisfy the nostalgia of older gamers. That way, you will once again enjoy a wide array of video games that you used to play years ago. Furthermore, these games are re-released, if you can say it like that. This means that some of them are updated and upgraded so they can run on newer machines.

Gift Cards and Steam Sales

Alongside buying and playing video games on Steam, you will have the opportunity to use some other features of this software. You will be offered some games for a smaller price almost every week. Also, you can buy some gift cards that could help you in raising funds to buy new games. Moreover, there is a wide array of gifts you can get for participating in this gaming platform. When you compare it to the old-school ways of acquiring and buying games, we must admit that this is a much better and effective way.

Steam Share

Sharing your favorite games with another person is now possible. We don’t mean you need to go to your friend’s house with a CD. Now, you are able to do it online. The only downside to this situation, if we can say that it is, is that only one player can play one copy of the game at the time. However, this doesn’t necessarily need to be a setback. Anyway, sharing video games online is much easier than doing it physically, right?