Splitgate Tips & Tricks to Win More & Unlock Skins FAST!

Like Halo, Splitgate is one of the most played FPS games in the community. Competing in groups of four, players can only win by reaching a given point threshold in the arena-based section.

Players have different ways of earning scores, and the average differs from one game mode to the other.

Apart from killing the opposing team to gain points, there are other tips and tricks to pull off in the arena for more wins.

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Tips & Tricks to Win More & Unlock Skins Fast in Splitgate

Below are tips and tricks to win and unlock skins fast in Splitgate.

Place Portals in Strategic Areas

Portals go a long way in facilitating your wins and improving your gameplay. By placing portals, you can travel through ways, attack enemies in another area, and even dodge attacks from enemies.

You can use portals to prevent enemies from placing theirs. For instance, if you’re in a face-to-face fight with an enemy, he may want to escape through his portals.

But if you had already placed it before time, his attempts would fail. Then you can easily take him down quickly.

Hip Fire – Aim Down Sight Less Frequently

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Unlike other action-adventure games, aiming down sight in Splitgate can be dangerous. Once you initiate the iron sights, you can only see a small part of the map. This is risky because an enemy can sneak up and take you by surprise.

Although it can come in handy at some point, hip firing is recommended here. It gives you faster shots, accurate aims, and an extensive map view as you shoot.

So, in rare situations, hip fire more frequently in your gameplay and ADS.

Set Your Controller Sensitivity to Suit Your Playstyle

If you’re a beginner, it’s preferable, most times, to use the default settings while playing on Splitgate.

However, intermediates may love to adjust it a bit. So, it depends on your level of expertise and preference.

You need to navigate to the controller setting and adjust the controls till it’s comfortable for you.

You can increase the aiming sense for an enhanced game feel. Configuring your setting offers clunky-free gameplay.

Look out For Weapon Spawn Locations

You can get more wins with your default load-outs in Splitgate. However, there are unique weapons in some locations on all maps that have fast kill time.

Since they spawn on a timer, you must look for those locations to grab these unique weapons.

Most weapons spawn in Olympus and the center of any map you’re playing. So, you can find melee weapons, rocket launchers, sniper rifles, and lots more.

The good news is that these weapons can quickly kill enemies in a shot, thanks to their formidable ammunition.

Play Simple Challenges to Unlock Skins

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Besides winning more in Splitgate, unlocking weapon skins is another way to enjoy your game.

You can flex your skin and show your friends how far you’ve gone. However, you’ll need to complete challenges or use the referral battle pass option to unlock skins faster.

Challenges like Get 30 Kills using Sniper Rifle, and Get 50 Kills using a Rifle, respectively, are available.

It can help you unlock Sniper Skins, Rifle Skins, Melee skins, etc. Navigate to the Challenges Page and complete all. That way, you can open as many skins as you want.

Play More of The Objectives

While playing Splitgate, players should stay focused on achieving the objectives to win the match.

Objectives can include eliminating enemy players, capturing and holding a point of interest, or constructing functional structures.

By prioritizing objectives, each team will be better equipped to plan and execute game decisions that lead to their success.

Taking time to identify what actions will bring you closer to victory makes your efforts much more likely to pay off.

Concentrating on objectives will help each player in Splitgate become more successful when competing against their opponents.

Learn from Pro Players

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When trying to become an expert at Splitgate, players should strongly consider learning from pro players.

Pro players frequently stream their play, and most offer advice and tips that can help any player become better.

By watching a professional play, even casual players can pick up tricks and techniques to help them gain an edge in the competition.

Additionally, watching how pros manage their resources and use a combination of strategies to progress at various levels is beneficial information when it comes to playing this game competitively.

Therefore, learning from pro players is a great way for anyone to enhance their skills when playing Splitgate.

Learn the Maps Inside & Out

Before becoming a top player in Splitgate, it is essential to get familiar with the layout and features of each map.

Every location has a unique terrain that needs to be explored to devise the most effective strategies for victory.

Paying attention to the nuances of each map will yield great rewards as you will be able to outmaneuver your rivals by exploiting the resources available in that particular landscape.

Studying these maps and understanding what they offer is critical to success; make sure you take advantage of this crucial activity when preparing for every match.


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The split gate is an enjoyable, fast-paced shooter that you can get stuck into for hours.

If you’ve been around for a while or are new to the game, these tips and tricks will help you improve your play quicker than usual.

Half of the fun of playing Splitgate is customizing your weapons to your unique style, and it’s even more entertaining when you unlock specially designed-skins that can make your guns look radical.

Unlocking skins may be challenging, but even redesigning your weapons into something special can remove some of the rushes of mastering a multiplayer shooter.

Keep these tips in mind while playing Splitgate, and see how fast you can improve.