Top 5 Video Games Of 2022 According To Gamers

There are widely held misconceptions among the general public that video games are meant only for children from a specific age group. This can be far from the truth as the e-gaming industry is a billion-dollar industry that spans countries and is wholeheartedly unrestricted from the confines of age and sex.

The proportion and range of games available for gamers to play are seemingly unparalleled in the context of famous pop culture entities. Given the generous popularity, game makers and developers have tried to make various advancements and innovations so that their respective products can be accessible to as many people as possible.

Moreover, the days of purchasing the e-games physically are long over, with gamers preferring online purchases over hard copies. Keeping this in mind, various game purchasing platforms like OffGamers enable gamers to easily buy games online. They can also avail of discounts and coupons while purchasing these games easily.

Having said that, let’s discuss some of the best games you can play and purchase in 2022.

1. God of War: Ragnarok


God of War: Ragnarok is the standard that all action-adventure games in 2022 should strive for, with its myth-shattering storytelling, clever tonal shifts, dramatic character arcs, and bone-breaking violence.

Ragnarok is such a sight for games that you’ll want new spectacles to see it all the better in a year full of magnificent video games. It’s an utterly suitable continuation of the vastly popular God of War reboot and tells the tale of a quest that’s so much more than just gory violence and war.

The game’s plot is a tale of growing up, which results in mature and difficult decisions for the protagonists, while the action quotient is just as intense and satisfying for the players. It’s an emotionally charged and epic narrative and undoubtedly one of the year’s best games. Some of the game’s features include:

  • No cuts
  • More expressive combat
  • Genuine combat mechanics
  • Expanded accessibility
  • Length
  • Size

2. Elden Ring


The popular tropes of sword and sorcery have never been portrayed as seamlessly as in Elden Ring. The game was written and directed by Dark Souls auteur Hidetaka Miyazaki and features world- and story-building by the hugely popular writer George R.R. Marti. In many ways, the game has achieved the pinnacle of high fantasy entertainment.

Additionally, the game’s scale is so enormous that gamers often find it frustrating. There are so many side quests, locations to discover, armor and weapons to unlock, monsters to fend off, and areas to explore that it’s too easy to get sidetracked from the main objective.

However, the objective of the quest and the uniquely constructed character make the game one for the ages. It’s an open-world experience where you can frequently find yourself in a conflict you’re unprepared for. While results may vary, Elden Ring stands out for its sheer ambition. Some of the game’s best features are:

  • Multi-player system
  • Functional gameplay
  • Better Camera and improved controls

3. Stray


Everyone likes cats, and Stray does a startlingly good job capturing their likeness. Any player can tell that Stray is an actual labor of love by the charming protagonist’s mannerisms and general execution of the storyline.

BlueTwelve Studios develop the independently driven action-adventure puzzle game. As you solve the mystery of a post-apocalyptic world with your adorable robot friend and alongside them, you get to address the themes of devastation and grief.

Relatively shorter than the other games on the list. It only takes approximately 10 hours to finish Stray, making it a quick but delightful adventure. Some specific likable aspects of Stray are:

  • The story and gameplay
  • Authentic feel
  • Sense of aliveness
  • Design and UI

4. Horizon Forbidden West


Another masterwork of gaming, Horizon Forbidden West, was released in 2022. This gigantic role-playing game (RPG) follows the main character Aloy as she carries on her conflict with the enormous, mad machines destroying her world.

The game acts as a furtherance to the previous version but with various additional modalities that make it much more exciting. The machine enemies that span the Horizon universe are much more dominant and challenging. The weapons haul at the disposal of gamers has increased alongside new combat mechanics. New gameplay functions, such as gliding and underwater exploration add to this game’s intrigue.

Additionally, gamers won’t require additional hardware modifications to play the game as it comes with more or less the same specifications as the last version.

5. A Plague Tale: Requiem


A Plague Tale: Requiem is an excellent option if you’re tired of all the violent action and prefer to go on your next adventure in stealth. Playing as the main character in the game, you can navigate hordes of plague rats, and vicious guards who are only out to get her and her brother as the action is set in a horrifyingly infested medieval France.

To summarize, the plot is gruesome, but it’s so unique that it makes up for the psychological damage and treatment you may or may not need after getting through it.


The game choice often reflects the gamer’s personality, and in many ways, the options available for general and professional gamers also highlight the facts. The games mentioned above will take you on an emotional ride and provide you with a virtual experience like none other.