Do Moving Companies Need to be Tech-Based to Gain a Competitive Edge – 2024 Guide

Technology has had its share of controversies. It has been treated as a friend as well as an equal enemy with the turns of time. This proves true, especially in the case of businesses why certainly think that technology is a threat to their empire. Gladly, this isn’t true but when you go into details, things may conclude otherwise.

There are all sorts of businesses in the economy and some are tougher than the other including the moving industry. The industry has been famous for being a self-made industry but it also has changed its bit over the past few years. Although the basic functions would have been the same, reputed national moving companies claim that customer now demands more ease, convenience, and instant solutions. Tools like ones from are used to calculate moving cost, planning, and organizing tools as well as management tools have become a common demand.

Several startups are trying to make big in the industry and the result is a cluttered market. This makes it a perfect time to evaluate the future of the moving Industry. What the driving factors of the market play a crucial role in this evaluation and certainly it is the consumer.

The consumer leads the market and the demand they put forth are the key determiners and demand the focus. We know consumer demands convenience and technology serve as the perfect foundation to build an industry that assures of consumer convenience.

Technology can be helpful for the moving industry in several ways. This article is our effort to sum down some of the core influences technology can bring to the moving industry.

CRM system:


Almost every industry needs to implement a CRM system. Why? Because it expedites the conversion ratio to almost double. As a player of the moving industry, you certainly rely on your lead conversion abilities and CRM makes it happen.

Having easy to manage customer information is the key to smooth operations and it is what CRM does for your business. Finding information is smooth with CRM and you can completely forget about missing any file or folder. When you invest in a credible CRM, you get access to a set of tools that makes managing business easier. With a CRM you have effective communication, ease of information organization as well as efficacy in targeting the customers.

Mobile driver apps:


The moving process can be made much easier and efficient with Mobile Driver Apps. Drivers are a key part of the chain and with a handy app to assist them, they do not have to get lost with the hefty paperwork, report submission, and more. It becomes very much easier for them to make the journey from point A to B safely.

Mobile Driver Apps deliver a range of features including signatures, paperless documents, integrated imaging, full support for barcode scanners, and more. Besides, it also makes it easier to track the entire journey from start to finish. As the entire process is managed digitally, even the accounting department can rely on the information for quick invoice generation and early payments from the clients.

Accounting software:


Talking about the accounting department, it is important to point out that it is the core of any business. Digitalization has made the accounting more efficient in the recent past and things are getting better with each passing day. Hiring professionals are yet in fashion but with Accounting Software, even the pro can enjoy the benefits of quick and instant operations. This means there is ease for both business and customers making it a win-win situation.

The fact that accounting software eliminates all types of manual error is something very dependable for businesses. As long as you have a credible bookkeeping system, you need not worry about the calculation of your profits.

Social Media:


Marketing your services and product is the way to fetch more attention from the consumer. Undebatable, Social Media platforms are the most accurate channels to market your product/ services. In the United States alone, over 80% of the population uses a social media platform or another. This offers you a lot many leads does it not?

The integration of marketing and advertising tools in these many platforms is certainly an added advantage. You can not only advertise your services but also present it to a mass population all at once. It can be a great aid for moving companies who want to expand their reach and boost conversion.

Email automation tools:


N matter what comes and goes, Emails marketing would never lose its effect. It is probably the most powerful marketing tool to date and will continue for a long time. Emailing to the customer would sound like a dreadful task considering all the personalization involved. Thankfully, there are no email automation tools that make things much easier.

You can now target hundreds and thousands of your customers with great ease by creating a single template. These follow up emails can earn you great response and thus many leads.

When you know what interests your customer, you can precisely make the next move of presenting a tailor-made solution to them. The data you can fetch with email automation tools leaves you at a profitable end.

Move Management:


There is no doubt that the moving process is one of the most comprehensive ones. It needs great planning and organization to perform the daily tasks related to the process. Thankfully, technology comes to the rescue again and the results have been promising.

He moves management apps developed by the tech giants does wonder in making the moving process easier and successful. From finding the right moving help to getting tailor-made checklists and availing an accurate moving estimate, these apps prove helpful in almost every phase of the moving process.

Technology has been a boon to the moving companies as well as the consumers. It is one vital force that makes moving healthier and happier for all the parties involved. For sure a moving company must understand the importance of technology and integrate the best tools to their systems to get the benefits.