How to Create the Best Sales Funnels That Convert in 2024

Sales funnels are steps and strategies the seller uses to persuade consumers to become his customers. It is, in fact, a tactic that will crystallize a group of buyers among the many potential buyers. Its main goal is not only to attract a new customer but to keep existing by making them regular customers.  We can freely say it is the core concept in the digital marketing industry. While this seems easy, believe me, it isn’t. It takes a lot of time to make a good strategy, but also to find a good team of Sales Funnels Expert who will succeed. Sales funnel is the best thing that can happen to any online business.

For this business principle to be successful, you must understand that a  few key steps have to be followed.

The first and most important is to analyze the audience’s behavior. A very useful thing can be opening a Crazy Egg account, the application that measures the time potential consumer spent on your web site, and what are they most interested to see and find out. Any analysis and result are more than welcome to make a real estimation.

Another important step is to attract attention. It is crucial to make the content as interesting as possible. To achieve a good effect, many backs up the text with videos, infographics, and other content.

The main purpose of your advertisement is to take the consumer to your site, offering a unique offer that he must not miss. It is important to focus on gathering potential results and finally make a call to action with an exact guideline of what and how they should do.

Now, when you have managed to attract the attention of a certain number of people, it is also important to maintain it. The easiest way to do this is to stay in touch. From time to time you can send an e-mail in which you will thank for the trust, and you can give regular customers coupons that will lead them to the next purchase.

Also, several stages have to be followed to reach the goal, and is important to present those vital components form the top (TOFU) to the bottom of the funnel (BOFU). None of those components function independently. In the marketing world, it is not necessary to specifically represent the phases behind the acronyms.



The first of these is awareness. And what does it exactly mean? It means that, before placing any product or service, the most important thing is to determine the target group and the way you will attract their attention. It is important to make a detailed analysis. For example, if the target group are young people aged 20-30, sponsored Ad on Facebook or Instagram will draw their attention. In addition to the above-mentioned Facebook and Instagram, there are other ways you can influence the target group and get their attention. Only some of them that have shown a high level of effectiveness are photos, videos, audio and video podcasts, infographics, blogs, social media updates, digital magazines and books, and so on. By reading what you post, potential customers become aware of what you are offering. Although it is possible for customers to “stick” and become a customer immediately, you are more likely to be just one step closer to achieving your goal. However, what is important is that you cast the hook and that the consumer has already done his little research to get better acquainted with everything. What is crucial in this step is to get them to return to the web site.



Now that you have attracted the attention of consumers, the next step follows – interest. This is the moment when the consumer compares the product with another, trying to figure out which one is the right and the best choice. The consumer mustn’t be convinced that this is exactly what he needs, but to inform him as well as possible, and to offer help if needed. So, it is crucial to write good content that will not sell it to him, but simply help him to be better informed. This is the stage when you are only representing the product, without being pushy. This is the stage when you have to be focused on email campaigns, lead magnets, chatbots, and blog posts. Speaking of lead magnets, it is a very commonly used term used for the free service or item offered in exchange to contact details. Lead magnets can be free trials, newsletters, or free consultations.



After each thought, the next logical step is a decision. Now that you are in the inner circle, it is up to you to make an offer that will prevail. Sometimes it can be free postage, a discount on the next purchase, or a free product as a gift with every order. Customers like these small signs of attention, and the thought someone cares about them, especially after they become regular consumers.



After the purchase, the game is not over yet. It is time for the next step – action. This is the stage when you have to increase the number of consumers, and to provide communication with the current consumer, to show your gratitude for the purchase. Also, it is recommendable to invite the consumer to reach out with feedback, which can be useful in the further purchase (of course, if the feedback is positive).

With sales funnels, it is possible to promote, sell, and deliver your products online in a very effective way. No matter if you are selling an e-book, online course, or any other service or product, everything is possible. One more crucial thing you should know about sales funnel is that it’s universal and timeless. Universal means it is applicable in any business or industry, and timeless says that despite time changes, the idea remains the same.