5 Best Sales Funnel Builders to Supercharge Your Business in 2024

Prospecting has never been a walk in the park. A dozen of marketers have no clue where to begin in building a sales pipeline. And 61% of the lot denote traffic and leads generation as their primary marketing headache.

Sales increase and revenue growth are the primary objectives of any business. All marketers will agree they will be out of their jobs if the two metrics show no improvement.

Sales funnel builders come in handy to increase conversion rates while wiping out the hoops and bumps that inhibit leads.

Today, there is tons of such software. Yet we scoured the market for the five best sales funnels builders to supercharge your business. To find out more about sales funnel builders check out performancefunnels.com.

  1. Kartra

Img source: home.kartra.com

Genesis Digital, also the makers of Webinar Jam, outwits many of its competitors with an all-round marketing platform.

Kartra is a dream marketing tool, as it comprises a range of features under one shade. In the platform, you will come across hosting, email marketing, affiliate management, video hosting, split testing, graphic designers, and many other in-demand features.

If you’re new with sales, funnel builders, no sweat! A bunch of ready-to-use sales funnels templates streamlines the launch of your first funnel.

Not only do you get to enjoy a suite of features, but Kartra also makes it super easy to integrate with your previous platforms.

Kartra boasts of inbuilt native integrations that simplify the merging of your accounts. Some popular integrating tools include Zapier, Braintree, Twilio, Stripe, and Kajabi

For non-techies, Kartra is heaven-sent. The expert designed graphics assets, customizable templates, and the drag-and-drop interface make it plain sailing for many users.

The beauty of Kartra, It has 4 tier pricing plans catering to a line of customers. Pricing packages are accessible from $99, and they all include a 14 days free trial period which you can read about here.

  1. ClickFunnels

Img source: funnelbuilder.us

In your hunt for the best sales funnel builder, you will encounter many tête-à-tête comparisons of Kartra and ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is synonymous with many businesses and ranks as the most progressive sales funnel. Mark you; it was the first to introduce the drag-and-drop feature. Before that, building lead pages was hectic.

While it carries hundreds of pre-designed templates, it doesn’t possess as many features as Kartra.

It allows forms creation, A/B testing, real-time editing, SEO management, and analytics, among other benefits.

Many affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs prefer ClickFunnels. The ease of building landing pages and the availability of features such as the affiliates Bootcamp make it a favorite.

Also, the one-click-upsells simplify shopping cart management and provide marketers with a leeway to offer and sell more products.

An easy-to-use dashboard, stats accessibility, and a selection of prime marketing tools like automated Facebook marketing is an excellent advantage.

Users can access ClickFunnels through a standard and a platinum pricing plan. The plans go for $ 97/month and $ 297/ month, respectively.

  1. Leadpages

Img source: ecosystem.hubspot.com

If you’re looking for a marketing solution tailored for all users, Leadpages fills the bill. Unlike other platforms, it comes with beginner and expert editors.

Regardless, you’re designing a funnel, a landing page, or want to spiral your conversions, Leadpages has all features for your needs.

Leadpages is also code-free and smooth sailing for all users. Users can create conversion-optimized webpages in a flash with the multiple mobile responsive templates available.

Besides, an option to optimize all content is a reason to opt for Leadpages. You can implement pop-ins, alert bars, and pop up texts alongside all webpages to improve conversion rates.

Users will fall for the metrics board that always tracks marketing campaigns’ performance and puts marketers on toes.

With three pricing plans, customers can choose whether to go with a standard ($25/month), Pro ($48/month) or the advanced package ($199/ month)

At this pricing, Leadpages is one of the most affordable software. However, users gunning for split testing, and online payment services will need to choose the pro plan.

  1. BuilderAll

Img source: appzbizz.com

At a glance, it is super easy to conclude BuilderAll as the best all-round marketing sales funnel. It has all the tools a marketer needs to streamline marketing and run a business.

It has the most features among all platforms, yet they might not add value to your businesses. Besides website builders, email marketing platforms, e-commerce tools, you will come across app builders.

App builders might not suit you. But Facebook chatbots, CRM tools, and social media funnel builders could provide unmatched sales growth options.

With its many features, you can build websites, funnels, and webpages editable from any device.

Apart from a 30-day free trial period, BuilderAll also comes reasonably priced. It embraces three per month pricing plans. They include the Web Presence ($9.90), Digital Marketing ($29.9), and the Builder All Business plans ($49.9).

Despite its many tools, some features do not meet the standard of Kartra and ClickFunnel.

  1. Instapage

Img source: dribbble.com

Instapage is a go-to platform if landing pages are your dilemma. With it, you can create high landing pages without coding knowledge or a developer.

Its drag-and-drop feature is the easiest to use in the market. And the over 194 pre-made templates simplify the designing journey.

Seamless integration with CRM, email marketing, and other platforms refines the platform to first-rate.

With the simplicity of UI and the various page customization options, Instapage is a fit for many users.

Pricing starts at $99 per month, and a 24-hour customer support service is a great boon.

Lack of Pardot integration and limited images are a few shortcomings, but Instapage is still a quality platform.

Which is the Best Sales Funnel Builder?

You won’t find better sales funnel builders like the ones mentioned above. While all of them gratify crucial roles in a business, each has a unique strength.

Kartra is undoubtedly the most all-around marketing suite, while ClickFunnels prowess in one click upsells is unmatched. No wonder online entrepreneurs are mad about it.

In pricing, BuilderAll is the most affordable as it offers ample features in its basic plan. Leadpages wins in usability. It is by far the most user-friendly platform while Instapage caters to landing page newbies.