How to Choose the Best Home Server Rack?

The modern world is characterized as digital. It means that a great share of all processes and operations is performed via digital devices or by computer systems. Governments of all countries spend thousands of dollars on maintaining and developing data centers that will perform complicated tasks.

Modern data centers are growing and their complexity is increasing. Thus, the demand sets the offer. Manufacturers produce server furniture of large sizes to accommodate a great number of network devices. However, the industry also offers compact models for home use.

A server rack is a piece of furniture characterized by a specialized design for mounting and storing computing hardware. Their bodies have all the needed slots, holes, and fasteners for secure and durable equipment installation.

Server Racks for Home Use


The modern market offers a wide range of models. Furniture pieces differ in size, design, and purpose. A small residential server rack for installation in home offices is gaining more and more popularity. Its features are:

  • 100% protection of equipment from outside impacts and unauthorized access by house dwellers;
  • the possibility to install it on work desks or hang on the wall;
  • slots for perfect cable hiding and routing;
  • compact size, which allows fitting into any room achieving the best ergonomics.

To enjoy a home rack, it is important to correctly choose its size.

Guide on Right Selection of Rack Size

When picking a suitable rack size, make sure to consider its dimensions. Traditionally, three dimensions are taken into account, namely depth, width, and height. The two first dimensions are standard for most models. There are just two or three variations of width and depth.

However, height requires more attention and a thorough approach. The “U” (unit) measurement is taken here, where 1U is 1,75 inches. Thus, to multiply the required rack height, you should make a layout, measure the height of all hardware to be placed, and calculate the needed size. Here, note two remarks:

  • It is necessary to allocate devices loosely. Avoid tight fitting inside of the cabinet since this leads to heat exchange between functioning components and their overheating.
  • Foresee future system expansion. It is more likely that you’ll need to increase the power and capacity of your system in the future. To avoid buying another cabinet, choose a spacious one from the beginning.

Thus, you should leave enough free space inside the rack. Usually, system administrators leave at least 30% of the used space for air circulation and future system rearrangement.

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Best Server Furniture for Home


Here is a list of the most demanded models for installation on living premises:

 Wall-mount racks

This class of models is considered the best server rack for home lab use. The opportunity to fasten it to the wall frees floor and desktop space, which allows achieving better ergonomics. Metal bodies are fastened to vertical surfaces with special high-load dowels.

However, since enclosures are mounted using dowels, their carrying capacity is limited to the load characteristics of dowels. Although the size of wall models is limited, their capacity is quite enough for home use.

 Desktop enclosures

Here, two different types of furniture are distinguished. According to their frame designs, racks can have 2 or 4 vertical posts. 2-post models are smaller and can accommodate fewer equipment items. They are designed for small network systems. 4-post cabinets are more spacious and can accommodate a rack-mount server for home use and hundreds of supplementary components.

Portable cabinets

The main feature of this class of furniture is its favorable body design and weight – which is important during transportation. These are compact enclosed cabinets with handles or casters designed for easy and quick relocation. Solid and durable metal frames allow ensuring equipment security during transportation without system disassembly.

Traditional racks

These are classic floor-standing models. They are of bigger size and designed for large systems consisting of hundreds of active hardware. The main peculiarities of such models are 100% security from outside influence, spacious constructions, and perfect cooling.

Server furniture is divided into open-frame and enclosed models. If your home office is not locked, and other dwellers can easily access it, it is advisable to choose enclosed cabinets that protect equipment and eliminate the risk of unauthorized access.

Things to Keep in Mind when Selecting Server Furniture for Home Use


When choosing the best home network rack, make sure to take into account the following criteria:


Make the required measurements and calculate the needed size according to the above-mentioned principle. Make sure to leave free space.

Configuration & Security

Examine the frame and construction of cabinets. Find out how equipment is fastened, what mounting options are provided, whether mounting rails slide smoothly, etc.

Power Source Technologies

Think about how and from where, you will feed the system. Check the compatibility of your home power sources with the required power supply for a network system.

Weight & Set Up

When choosing a desktop or wall-mount residential network rack, consider its weight. Add the weight of hardware to be accommodated and make sure that the total weight does not exceed the allowed loading capacity.

Cooling Strategy

This is one of the most essential points for any system. Network equipment emits much heat during performance. If a cooling strategy is organized improperly, devices will overheat and malfunction. Open-frame models provide sufficient cooling with the natural airflow, while enclosed cabinets require the installation of a forced fan system to cool the operating hardware. It is also recommended to install sensors that will control the temperature level and alarm about any changes.


Never neglect this point. Even if you think that you won’t expand your system in the future, it is recommended to choose a more spacious option.

The choice of appropriate server furniture is a responsible and complicated task. Moreover, if you want to install it at home, where many people can approach it. You should keep in mind too many conditions to ensure secure datum storage and smooth system running.