Smart Locks Provide Security and Enhanced Accessibility in One Package

A smart lock is an electromechanical lock that performs locking and unlocking operations on a door when it gets instruction from an authorized device. Smart lock monitors access and sends alerts for the different events and it is considered a part of a smart home. Like the traditional locks, smart locks also need two parts to work these are lock and key but here the lock is an electronic lock and the key is a smartphone.

This article features the best smart locks that provide enhanced security and accessibility in one package.

Smart locks provide security and enhanced accessibility

The 5 best smart locks with improved security and accessibility are as follows –

August Smart Lock, 3rd Generation

August Smart Lock, 3rd Generation, deservedly won the title of the budget-friendly, best smart lock. The august smart lock allows the door to be unlocked using an application on a smart device. The unique base which works with standard batteries is mounted as support for a classic look and works via Bluetooth connection and protected keys or passwords. If the batteries suddenly run out the base goes into sleep mode and allows the door to be unlocked with a classic key also. This smart lock is very easy to mount on any door, it only takes about 10 minutes which is another plus that users like even more. The august smart lock has a size of 1.63 by 2.6 by 4.8 inches as well as a weight of 13.9 ounces. The package also includes a set of four double-a batteries, a door sensor, mounting hardware, and a locking adapter.

Schlage Encode Smart Lock

Schlage Encode Smart lock is the best automated lock that can be found in the market with an alarm. Smart Locks expert gives it a rating of 4.6 out of 5. This smart lock is a robust smart lock that connects to your wi-fi network and is compatible with a key by amazon. It’s a service that allows amazon people to deliver packages inside your door instead of leaving them on the porch. It works with key by amazon compatible security cameras that allow you to watch and record all deliveries. You can also pair the doorbell lock so you can see who’s on the front door and open it remotely. If someone tries to unlock your door an alarm will be activated and you will receive a notification. This smart lock also sends notifications when its lithium-ion battery is low. There’s also an optical hands-free voice control as well as compatibility with google assistant and Alexa.

Kwikset Halo Touch Traditional Arched Wi-Fi Fingerprints Smart Lock

The title of the most versatile entry smart lock available in the market goes to Kwikset Halo Touch Traditional Arched Wi-Fi Fingerprint Smart lock. This lock is a robust product coming from Kwikset a company that revolutionized residential locks with its tubular lock design more than 70 years ago. The lock utilizes a patented smart key technology that allows users to re-enter their locks in seconds using new physical keys. This makes it easier to install a new lock on the quick set locks you may already have. It’s also very useful if the key is lost or you are concerned that it could fall into the wrong hands. In short, the smart key allows users to quickly and efficiently manage the security of their physical keys in addition to halo’s physical security the smart lock and application functions also compare very well. One of the main advantages here is that the quick set halo touch fingerprint lock saves up to a hundred different fingerprints of 50 users..

Ultraloq U Bolt Pro Smart Lock

The Ultraloq Ubolt pro is the best runner-up smart lock that can be found on the market. The Ultaloq u-bolt pro is one of the most versatile premium smart locks like most models It uses a mobile app that allows you to lock and unlock doors from anywhere on your phone and has a keyboard that allows you to use temporary and permanent pin codes. It also has a fingerprint scan as well as a hidden key cylinder behind the keyboard. If this weren’t enough the u-bolt pro can be locked and unlocked using voice commands and is compatible with independent smart devices. The center of the smart lock has 360 degrees capacitive fingerprint scanner and led ring that briefly glows green when the device is locked or unlocked and red when the wrong pin or fingerprint is used.

August Wifi, (4th Generation) Smart Lock

The top and the title of the best smart lock goes to the 4th-Gen edition of the mighty August. The August lock and app allow you to remotely unlock or lock doors and assign virtual keys to your relatives or friends, check door status whenever needed, and always know who is coming to your apartment and who is leaving. There is one key with which you can do all the work both unlocking and locking the door from anywhere. The August wi-fi 4th gen is specially designed with biometric verification that allows you to choose whether you want to choose your fingerprint or face recognition on your smartphone. Additionally, this smart lock works with three voice assistants Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Final Statement

To make your home smart you have to buy a smart lock for your home and you can easily get it from your nearby store or you can order it online which will save your time and you will get free delivery. If someone is coming to your home and you are not in your home, don’t worry the solution is here.

This is a great option, which allows relatives or friends to get the chance to enter the house quickly and easily even when you are not physically close to them. The key is created in the application and sent to a specific person when the defined login time expires the password is deleted and can no longer be used. So at the same time, a smart lock provides security and enhances accessibility.