Package Delivery Tips for New Online Business – 2024 Guide

With the onset of online shops like Shift, more people have resolved to shop online for their day to day essentials and home appliances. At this day and time, one can almost order anything online! As a new online business, you must know how to approach your clients, especially when it comes to delivery. Most people shopping online are enticed by the convenience involved, and a businessperson must deliver it up to the end. The information discussed in this excerpt aims to educate you on the delivery tips necessary for your new online business’ success. Let’s delve right in!

Excellent Customer Service Team


Dealing with an online store requires quality customer service. Since clients cannot physically see you, they are heavily reliant on customer service. Big online store brands such as Amazon can attest to this! Whenever a client needs to confirm several aspects of their deliveries, there needs to be someone on the other side with ready information regarding the issue. The communication can be through a live chat, email, or provided phone number and can be done by outsourcing online freelancers. Additionally, it would be best to let the clients know when (an actual timeline such as from 0200h to 0400h) you will be delivering the items. Engaging them in this way breeds trust.

Acquire Quality Delivery Tracking Software

The delivery tracking software gives consumers a chance to track their orders from placing to the ultimate delivery. Not only does the system improve efficiency, but it also lets the clients know where their items are all the time. You experienced a reduced number of calls to your drivers or delivery team as the clients know when they are likely to arrive at their desired destination. The system eliminates all the guessing. An online business must acquire high-quality delivery tracking software to improve customer communication, which breeds customer satisfaction. You are more likely to retain a happy and satisfied customer as compared to a dissatisfied one.

Get Insurance


Even when you have planned the entire delivery process, many things could go wrong. As such, you should get an insurance policy to safeguard the products while in transit. With insurance, you can rest assured knowing that you will be compensated in the event of an accident or product damage before getting to the ultimate consumer. Check with your local insurance companies and determine the insurance policy that best fits your needs. In case of any misunderstanding, engage an insurance agent and get all the details on the coverage.

High-Quality Packaging

As mentioned above, consumers can order anything online from sites like eBay. Some products require high profile packaging and discretion while others are not. Sellers must understand that packaging is your best way to interact with buyers, thus making the best first impression. Apart from the beauty of the packaging, you must also ensure the safety of the packaged products. Some items are delicate and require cushioning materials such as bubble wrap or packaging tissue paper, while others can be packaged in a polyurethane bag. Determine the items to be delivered, the mode of transportation, and the destination before sealing them. Give your clients that safe and personalized unboxing experience!

Highly Trained and Knowledgeable Delivery Team


Delivery of products is all about teamwork. It begins from the customer service representatives operating the sites to the drivers who deliver the packages to the clients’ doorsteps. Find polite representatives experienced in handling client matters and drivers that know their way in and out of the neighborhood. With GPS tracking systems, you can also guide and monitor their paths for optimum results. For the nearby deliveries, a business can employ a fleet of riders as motorbikes are always more convenient for small packages.

Standard Pricing for Deliveries

Shifting to online shops makes shipping fees inevitable. As an online business person, the best way to approach the pricing aspect is by checking the industry’s standard pricing and fees. A client has to feel comfortable paying for the mentioned charges; do not price them too high or too low as you might lose customers. Additionally, you can also employ a minimum order amount, which specifies the amount a client has to spend at your shop to be eligible for deliveries. From time to time, give offers for free deliveries to clients within a particular jurisdiction such as a city.

Determine Mode of Payment


Different online shops have distinct modes of payment. A client can pay on delivery, pay with cash, e-wallets, or bank transfers; you should accommodate both online and offline payment methods. As a businessperson, specifying the terms of payment eliminates any confusion to the clients. Your primary focus should be making things convenient for you and the clients as well! Remember that a satisfied customer is most likely to shop with you again and tell others about your business.

Ask for Feedback

What would you look for when buying an item online? Most people look into the reviews and comments by the previous buyers on the sellers’ websites. If your online business has negative reviews and complaints, there are chances to lose potential buyers. After delivering the items to the customers, you should follow up with them and request feedback; let them give you feedback regarding the items purchased and the delivery process. Business owners should take both positive and negative criticism to make the relevant adjustments for client satisfaction. If a client highlights an issue such as lateness from the driver, you should be keen to know how you would improve it. The ultimate goal is to keep the consumer happy and encourage repeat business.



Since every other process is online, the only chance for an e-commerce business to make a physical impact on the consumer is through product delivery. It is an essential and instrumental operation that an online business should strive to fulfill adequately. For this reason, a business must pride in high quality, prompt, and convenient delivery for the clients. The convenience offered to the clients sets you apart from your competition and boosts your sales.