Why A Good Email Delivery Service is Essential in 2024

Every brand and business can benefit a lot from a good email delivery service nowadays. You can even call it an essential when it comes to getting unprecedented reach and content into everyone’s inboxes.

Email was said to be finished not one, not twice, but dozens of times from high-end experts in the industry. The first one was the emergence of the fax machine, which predicted the “end” of email. But ever since, it has grown to be an essential tool for every person in the world and so it will be for every business.

In this article, we are going to talk about why a good email delivery service is essential nowadays.

Why You Should Use Email?

People prefer to communicate through social media, but not when it comes to business. Businesses and their customers generally tend to communicate through it since it is far more professional than any other communications tool.

When you need to send an offer for a product, get a quote, or anything of the kind, we tend to do it through email. That’s because it is very professional and deeply rooted in the business-aspect.

1. It Protects Your Business

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This might be something you’re generally not familiar with, but hackers and users with malicious intent on the internet will try to scam you through email.

A lot of things can be sent via Gmail or Yahoo such as links, files, etc. Any one of these can contain viruses and forward you on websites that can scam you only by clicking or downloading the content.

This makes the service quite unsafe, but only if you’re not careful. However, one way to eliminate these risks is to use an email protection service that will protect you from these malicious intents.

Most services use link click protection that scans each link sent to your inbox and filters out the risky ones. Also, some services have a detailed database of phishing sites that can instantly block potential harmful links.

2. Spam Filtering

Getting spammed is nothing new when it comes to using email. These can come from thousands of sources but Gmail and Yahoo are generally pretty good at filtering them.

With all that said, there is still a very real chance that some get through and into your inbox. If this is the case, spam can oftentimes be very dangerous.

It is precisely why using a protection service is essential for your business.

3. Delivery Vs Deliverability

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A lot can be said about the differences between delivery and deliverability.

On one hand, the former is when a mail is successfully delivered through the server and into the recipient, while the latter is when the mail successfully arrives into the inbox.

Delivery and deliverability might sound the same, but they are inherently different in the way they approach sending the email. It’s very common to have excellent delivery but be very poor at deliverability.

It is specifically because of this that the potential service you’re using must have excellent email deliverability services.

However, deliverability is nothing without protection, and protection is very important when it comes to using email. If you’re looking for the best email security service that will protect you from phishing, outbound SMTP, spam filtering, and tons of others, then make sure to visit duocircle.com

With all that said, we will also provide you with some first-hand tips to increase deliverability.

  • Don’t Buy Email Lists

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Email marketing is huge and the prospects of buying lists might sound tempting at first when it comes to growing your subscriber numbers.

However, this is a very bad idea since the list you’ll be paying for has users that haven’t given their consent to be spammed with offers and prom1otions.

People subscribe to newsletters and promo offers because they want them, and these people haven’t subscribed willingly to your list.

  • Let Recipients Manage Preferences

When it comes to having a good email delivery, it’s important for your email not to be flagged as spam or instantly deleted or not opened at all.

Yeah, having a 1000-person email list is cool and all, but what’s the point if only 10% of the list opens your emails?

The best way to tackle this issue is to let your subscribers choose their preference. For example, you could send out an important mail that notifies your subscribers that they can unsubscribe and even change the receiving email.

Most services such as the email delivery by Mailjet offer this as an option for every subscriber.

  • Send to the Ones That Want It

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Again, we fall back to the age-old issue when it comes to having a large subscriber list.

Namely, even if everyone on your subscriber list has subscribed willingly some will eventually lose interest and will stop opening your emails.

If this is the case, then you need to change your approach and think about those users. It’s cruel being a business owner in today’s age since you have to take into account a lot of things when it comes to providing the best possible service.

If you truly want to have a brilliant reputation as a business, then you need to engage more with the people that open your emails. Because of this, you can create campaigns based specifically on those that open your emails.

You can use this in accordance with your turboSMTP subscription and deliver content to those that want to read it and engage with those that want to engage. This is a very effective way to improve your sender reputation, improve your deliverability, and deliver.

  • Send Small Chunks

Instead of sending a huge pile of information to all of your subscribers, maybe consider dividing the content into separate segments to better suit their interests.

For example, if you’re a brand that runs an eCommerce store, you can use the date from each product and create categories based on every subscriber.

This way, when you have an upcoming promotion on a certain product, you will send the mail only to the relevant buyers.

These are some of the best ways to improve your deliverability.