Best Cable TV Alternatives To Look Out For in 2024

Most cable TV subscribers seem to be much unsatisfied regarding the cost of services but there is not much improvemnt when it comes to the services. However, big providers like Cox, Xfinity or Mediacom ensure that they offer attractive TV packages at affordable prices. Youcan learn more about these offers by clicking here.

In this new age of cord-cutting, wide varieties of cable TV subscribers are heading towards live streaming services. Every service has its unique features to offer. Streaming services have been able to offer a wider range of entertainment at a cheaper cost. Cable TV alternatives usually offer free trial packages that help users experience their services and decide if they should go for a subscription or not.

You are given maximum flexibility to make your choices regarding the type of content you want to access. With such a wide range of options, features, and money-saving opportunities, no wonder these cable TV alternatives are gaining such rapid popularity and excessive subscribers. Without further ado, let us have a look at the top alternatives to cable TV you cannot simply miss out!


Hulu has been gaining widespread popularity among the viewers as it offers unique and breathtaking original content along with the classics. You do not have to worry as you can cancel Hulu anytime if you want without worrying about any cancellation fee. It offers different packages with live TV options and a lot to offer to the sports lovers. Some of these packages may come at a higher price but are worth it for the unlimited entertainment you get to access. Once you subscribe to Hulu, you are in for a lot of movie entertainment, shows, customization features and so much more. So what are you waiting for!

Amazon Prime Video

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You rely completely on Amazon for buying your clothes, shoes, gadgets, jewelry, and whatnot. Why would you not want to a subscription of Amazon Prime Video that gives you access to thousands of movies and TV shows as well give you access to the Amazon originals? To avail of this service, all you need is an Amazon Prime membership. You also get to enjoy many additional benefits like discounts, free shipping, etc. They have an amazing collection of classic TV shows and exciting exclusive offers waiting for you to be unlocked.


HBO Now is also a popular streaming service that gives you access to all programs of HBO including the original TV shows as well as the blockbuster movies. Not just that, you get to access sports, documentaries and a lot more. So it is surely a good alternative to TV. There are mainly two ways to access HBO content, either by HBO Go or HBO Now. Both the plans mainly differ in terms of device compatibility. HBO offers a wider range of content. Everyone loves watching Game of Thrones, Chernobyl and all the super hit shows that have taken the world by storm. Be it HBO documentaries, classics, standalone series or films, HBO surely has a league of its own. Therefore if you love watching HBO shows then you must get HBO Now subscription straight away.

Fubo TV

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Fubo TV is a treat for all sports lovers. It will not be wrong to say that it is the best cable TV alternative for sports fans. You can enjoy as many as 90 sports channels including all the popular networks including NFL, NHL, MLB and many more. However, you cannot access SPN on Fubo TV. Though ESPN is likely to be added to their channel line up soon. In addition to that, Fubo TV also offers you access to some news and entertainment channels so that if you are in a mood to watch an interesting TV show or catch up with the news across the globe-you can always do so anywhere you want.

Disney Plus

If you are a Disney fan then the Disney Plus platform is all you want to enjoy all your favorite content. Disney Plus is accessible on many streaming devices. Its plans are relatively cheap and let you access the immense Disney library. It is an ideal choice for Disney lovers to enjoy the classics and enter the world of fairies, princesses, and witches. You also get to watch National Geographic, Star Wars, and Marvel adventures.


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Netflix is giving a very strong competition to the cable TV providers as it continues to attract more and more users. Netflix has been one of the main reasons for people cutting the cord. Netflix has almost become a must-have in our homes now. The plans it offers are relatively cheap and it offers a free trial for users to test the service before the final avail it.

Sling TV

Sling TV is another attractive live streaming service that has been gaining popularity. Its vast channel list allows you to access any type of entertainment. Sling TV packages come with a cloud DVR. It is accessible on our smartphone, tablet, laptop, Apple TV, Roku devices or wherever you want. Sling TV does not require you to sign any contracts so you are not bound under any strict terms and conditions. You also do not require any equipment or installation procedures. You also do not need to worry about hidden fees. No doubt, Sling TV is one of the top user choices for those who are looking for cable TV alternatives.

YouTube TV

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YouTube TV is yet another great option to subscribe to as it offers access to a wide range of channels at very cost-effective pricing. If you are annoyed by your cable TV provider and its hefty prices, you can consider switching to YouTube TV.

Wrapping Up

With the above-mentioned streaming services available around the corner, you might not give it a second thought to cut the cord and avail the Live TV streaming option that fits your requirement and budget to the fullest. This can indeed help you save money to a great extent. Moreover, they allow you to watch your favorite TV shows which you do not want to miss, whenever you want and wherever you like.