KissCartoon 2024 – Top 20 Alternatives to Watch Cartoon Online

Are you wondering if KissCartoon is still operational? Are you also looking for KissCartoon alternatives? Well then, you are at the right place.

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What Happened to KissCartoon?

Regrettably, DMCA removed KissCartoon in late 2017 due to copyright infringement.

KissCartoon has an official Reddit channel where they made an announcement that KimCartoon would officially replace KissCartoon.

What Is KissCartoon?

KissCartoon - What Happened to it

As you might have guessed from the name, KissCartoon is a website that offers free access to people’s favorite cartoons online. None of the content that is accessible on the platform’s website is actually provided by or hosted by it. Instead, they collaborate with several outside websites that publish full episodes of all cartoons.

The site contains over 5,000 cartoon titles that you may view for free. You don’t need to register an account to visit the site. When you browsed the page, you might have seen some adverts because this is how the website’s administrators fund it.

Is It Safe?

Quick Response: YES, IT IS!

Despite KissCartoon’s enormous user popularity, several technical experts have been warning against using it because of the high prevalence of viruses and malware on its platform.

You will be alright as long as you are using an ad-blocker and a reliable VPN.

Best Alternatives

1. Kiss Anime

Kiss Anime cartoon

Kiss Anime focuses more on anime than it does on ordinary cartoon series like Scooby-Doo or Tom and Jerry in its video clips.

The website is almost identical to the well-known KissAnime website. As a result, you will quickly feel comfortable using the user interface.

A forum where you can interact with other anime fans is available in addition to the endless lists of anime you can watch. For a unique perspective on the stories you adore, visit the Manga page as well.

2. WatchCartoonOnline

While some may think WatchCartoonOnline is a little too plain, many fans of cartoons actually like the website just the way it is.

It can be difficult to expect excellent web design from websites that let you watch your favorite cartoons for free.

Even though WatchCartoonOnline has a very straightforward appearance, it offers a lot of cartoon titles and high-quality video, making it our second-choice KissCartoon substitute online.

3. CartoonExtra


This website is called extra because its designer made sure to include something a little extra for his devoted users.

You can find several collections of comics and movies on the website in addition to the substantial number of cartoon titles that are offered.

The site is straightforward to navigate. The platform’s user-friendliness comes from the fact that the website is conventional and has nothing special about it.

4. Anime Toon

You can get free cartoons on an endless number of websites, but you usually have to wait until they release the most recent episodes.

You might as well go to Anime Toon if you can’t wait. Episodes are published on this site as soon as they are shown on all channels.

There is a mobile app available, which is another another fantastic feature of this site. The software won’t be available on the Play Store, though. The APK file would need to be downloaded directly from the website, then installed on your device.

Regardless, it gives you a more practical option to watch your preferred cartoons.

5. Toonova


This is another site that quickly uploads new cartoon episodes right after they are released to certain channels.

Another thing is that each episode has multiple mirrors. In that case, if you find that one of them is not working, you won’t have to worry about a thing because there are still a few more that you can try.

The site also gives something a little extra to its visitors. Aside from cartoons, there is also a tab where you can watch full movies.

6. Nyaa

This website caters to those who would much rather retain a copy of their preferred anime and cartoons. No video clips will be available for you to watch on the website.

On your laptop, you can download any cartoon or anime-related stuff using Nyaa, a public Bit Torrent tracker. Through this website, you can download anything, including anime, Japanese music, anime video games, and more.

7. Watch Series

This website is fantastic. This is the only free streaming website that does not concentrate on a certain genre in comparison to the other websites covered in this article.

This implies that regardless of your interest in The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, or The Black Mirror, you may access any type of television programming.

You can choose to form an account on the website, and it will provide you access to all the features available for creating a playlist of the movies and TV shows you wish to watch.

8. KimCartoon


This is still one of our all-time favorite free streaming websites. You’ll see from a quick glance at the website that it does not appear to be anything that offers free access to certain cartoon episodes.

On the contrary, it appears to be a place where you would need to subscribe in order to view their information.

Together with stunning online design, the site has an incredible title library. You won’t find some of these cartoons on any other website. It is literally a gold mine for cartoon lovers.

9. CartoonCrazy

An assortment of cartoon and anime titles may be found at CartoonCrazy. This website is one of the greatest places to watch anime with English subtitles if you are good at understanding Japanese.

The user interface is neither either straightforward nor overly complex. You are not need to register on the website either. Simply select a thumbnail to start watching your preferred show.

10. Disney Now

Disney Now

You may be confident that this website is ad-free because Disney is supporting it.

This is the spot to go if you want to explore some of the oldest Disney shows. The most recent episodes also have substance, however it largely merely consists of brief clips. However, this is dependent on the nation from which you are surfing.

If you are looking for a site that your kids will appreciate, this is a nice platform to expose them to as well. In addition to the free stuff they may view, the website features a ton of games that kids will undoubtedly like.

11. Toon Get

This website is ideal for anyone who enjoys occasionally exploring cartoons, anime, and full movies. The anime is also dubbed into English here so that people in general can fully appreciate the shows. You can access everything from one platform rather than hopping between many websites.

You may also get an Android app from the website. The Playstore does not offer a download option for it.

Many users enjoy visiting the Surprise tab. When you select this tab, the website chooses a cartoon episode at random that you might find entertaining.

12. Nickelodeon


Despite the numerous safety precautions that must be taken, some people are reluctant to use free streaming websites. If you fall under the latter category, you may as well enjoy your favorite shows on Nickelodeon.

On this website, all of the shows are posted in the most trustworthy manner. You can play as your favorite characters in the website’s games, which is another fantastic feature of this website.

Also, there is a section called Events where you may look out events or gatherings that you can attend and enjoy. You’ll be able to interact with others who share your obsession with your favorite television programs.

13. Cartoons On

This is for those who don’t have a particular favorite cartoon. There is an infinite selection of cartoons.

You won’t find a better website than this one if all you want from viewing cartoons is to pass the time. Whether you enjoy Pixar, Warner Bros., Marvel Comics, or anything else, they have something for you.

You may learn more about the history of your favorite cartoon characters by clicking the Characters tab.

14. Crunchy Roll

Crunchy Roll

All fans of anime are likely already familiar with Crunchyroll. You can already watch a ton of anime online with a free account. If you want to upgrade to a premium account with an endless selection of anime available 24 hours a day for a month, you will need to pay a price.

You can view the official games that your favorite anime is releasing by visiting the Games tab on the free account. The games are available for download and installation on Android devices. These are accessible through the Playstore.

No matter what kind of account you have, a Manga section is also accessible on the homepage, but you still need to upgrade in order to read them.

15. 9Anime

You shouldn’t search somewhere else if there is a specific anime series you want to check out than 9anime.

In order to make it easier to find a certain name, the titles are listed here in alphabetical order. Also, the website has the best videos available, which viewers like immensely.

16. Animesuge


There is no reason why you wouldn’t appreciate the Animesuge website if you are a die-hard anime fan.

Depending on the nation you are in, anime is available for free. But, you can always utilize VPN software if your jurisdiction forbids streaming on such websites. When it comes to free online anime streaming, Animesuge offers the whole anime experience.

17. YouTube

Not to be overlooked is YouTube. This website isn’t particularly focused on cartoons, but that is precisely what makes it so great.

On the site, a ton of various videos are posted virtually every day. After that, you are free to view any anime or cartoon you want by browsing the network. You might even find episodes that the TV networks have removed.

You can pick from our collection of older cartoons and the newest ones. They must all be on YouTube.

18. Anime Lab

Anime Lab

On the website Anime Lab, you can watch a ton of high-definition anime movies for free.

Being restricted to a few nations is one drawback of the platform. But if you have a VPN, you can proceed with confidence.

To watch your favorite episodes, you must first create an account, but once you do, you may watch them on nearly any device. This alone makes it totally worthwhile.

You have the choice to switch to a premium account on the website. You will be able to watch your preferred programs ad-free if you comply.

19. Chia Anime

Using this website, you may watch movies and anime for free online. In addition, there is a section for fans of manga. This is a unique feature because anime shows typically depart from the source manga in terms of storyline.

Users adore this website because it allows them to view high-quality anime without needing to create an account. To binge watch while on the go, you can also download and install the Chia-Anime mobile app on your smartphone.

20. Anilinkz

Not just the most well-known anime programs are stored on this website. In fact, they have a reputation for adding any anime title that has ever been released to their website.

So if you truly identify as an otaku, this is the website you need. You won’t ever get bored on this site because the administrators update it constantly.

The site might appear a bit messy but the site never falls short when it comes to their anime content. All you have to do is either use the search option or seek up a random anime title. In no time at all, you’ll enjoy viewing your anime.


Q: Is KissCartoon still operational?

A: No, KissCartoon was taken down in late 2017 due to copyright infringement. However, there are several KissCartoon alternatives available.

Q: Are KissCartoon alternatives safe to use?

A: While some experts have warned against using free streaming websites like KissCartoon due to viruses and malware, as long as you use an ad-blocker and a reliable VPN, you should be safe.

Q: What are the best alternatives?

A: Some of the best KissCartoon alternatives include Kiss Anime, WatchCartoonOnline, CartoonExtra, Anime Toon, Nyaa, Toonova, Watch Series, KimCartoon, CartoonCrazy, Disney Now, Toon Get, Nickelodeon, Cartoons On, Crunchy Roll, 9Anime, Animesuge, YouTube, Anime Lab, and Chia Anime.

Q: Can I watch cartoons on YouTube?

A: Yes, while YouTube is not specifically focused on cartoons, there are a ton of different videos posted on the site every day, including cartoons and anime. You can browse the network to find your favorite shows.

Q: Do I need to create an account to watch cartoons on KissCartoon alternatives?

A: It depends on the specific website you’re using. Some websites require you to create an account, while others allow you to watch without registering.

Q: Can I watch anime on alternatives?

A: Yes, many KissCartoon alternatives offer a wide selection of anime in addition to regular cartoon series.

Q: Is it legal to use KissCartoon alternatives?

A: It depends on the specific website and the country you’re in. Some countries have strict laws against copyright infringement, while others are more lenient. It’s always a good idea to use a VPN and research the laws in your specific location.

Q: Can I download cartoons and anime from alternatives?

A: Some websites, like Nyaa and Chia Anime, allow you to download cartoons and anime for free. However, downloading copyrighted material without permission is illegal in many countries, so be sure to research the laws in your specific location.

Q: Can I watch live-action TV shows on alternatives?

A: While some KissCartoon alternatives may offer live-action TV shows, the focus is usually on cartoons and anime.

Q: Can I interact with other fans ?

A: Some KissCartoon alternatives, like WatchCartoonOnline and Nickelodeon, offer forums and events where you can interact with other fans.

Q: Are there any paid alternatives to KissCartoon?

A: Yes, some paid alternatives to KissCartoon include Crunchyroll and Anime Lab. These websites offer premium accounts with access to a wide selection of anime and cartoons without ads.


Cartoons have existed for a very long time. No longer even possible to trace its history. In light of this, we think that cartoons weren’t solely intended for children.

The actual world can often be rather harsh. In that scenario, we all require a release mechanism to keep us from dwelling on life’s minor inconveniences and problems.

KissCartoon used to be a great spot to unwind and watch your favorite television programs. Yet, many people have limited their use of it due to the concerns regarding the virus and malware that are present there.

Everyone who enjoys watching cartoons and anime can visit the pre-selected websites on the list above for free. Over the years, a huge number of cartoons and anime have been produced. In that instance, using a single website as a resource for cartoons is insufficient.

Who’s to say that all of your favorite shows will be available on just one platform, even if you find one platform to be enjoyable? Having a large list of dependable websites like KissCartoon pays off in spades.

The list is constantly evolving. Even though it is a sensitive sector, the entertainment business keeps the globe going. The cartoon site may be operational right now, but copyright issues could cause it to be shut down occasionally.