9 Best Movies On Netflix in 2024

Netflix spends about $8 billion each year on content production. Movies and shows produced by one of the most renowned media companies, captivate millions of people worldwide.

In this article, you will find the best Netflix movies. The list includes new and old films. We considered viewers’ ratings and reviews.

1. House of Cards

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The main character Frank Underwood devoted his life to politics. He is smart and ambitious. After Frank does not receive the promised post of Secretary of State, he decides to take revenge. His faithful wife, Claire, an intelligent, tough woman who can pursue her ideas, helps to realize the evil plan. The couple manages to make a stir in American politics.

The lead role in the series was played by Kevin Spacey, for which he was awarded the Golden Globe Award.

2. Narcos

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It is a Colombian-style series about the famous drug lord Pablo Escobar. He was appalled by the authorities, abused by the police, and respected by the people. The series is filled with vivid moments of Escobar’s endless struggle with the individual services.

The story is told on behalf of drug control officers who show what the people who are seeking power are capable of. The Narco proves that often real stories are more powerful than fictional stories.

3. Black Mirror

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Science fiction, drama, satire, and more can be found in this movie about the problems of the modern world where people are addicted to technology. Each series is a separate story that is not very related to the others. It shows the modern world, where people are not able to live without technology, and the future, which no one wants to see, and the way of life of modern people in general.

4. Master of None

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A humorous story about a second-rate actor of Indian descent Dev Shah: his life is not dull – it is full of exciting and vivid moments. Dev is dating a girl with whom he probably has no future. The hero gets into absurd situations and brilliantly comes out of them, not without the help of loved ones and a great sense of humor.

Screenwriter and lead actor Aziz Ansari has created a character in which everyone recognizes themselves. The actor was awarded the Golden Globe Award.

5. Mindhunter

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The psychological thriller of David Fincher, well known to the audience for Fight Club and House of Cards. The plot transports viewers into 1979. You see the story of two FBI agents. Holden Ford and Bill Tench are working in the behavioral science unit and interviewing serial killers.

Agents are trying to figure out the mindset of the maniacs to be able to discover new crimes. As a result, Holden and Bill manage to take homicide investigations to a new level. The Netflix series is based on the testimony of real psychopathic maniacs.

6. The Witcher

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This long-awaited film is the perfect choice for fantasy lovers. It is based on the stories of Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. That is a story of Geralt of Rivia who travels the continent and rids the world of annoying filthy – swamp monsters, werewolves, and even enchanted princesses. The hero encounters real people, who are often much worse than beasts.

7. Marriage Story

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Although the story begins with a duo that describes all the reasons why they love each other, Marriage Story shows the life of a couple who decide to divorce because they simply become incompatible and how their life should go on after that moment.

The actors are Charlie Barber (Adam Driver) and his wife actress Nicole (Scarlett Johansson). Nicole wants to return to Los Angeles, where a new job awaits her, while Charlie preferred to stay in New York.

8. The Irishman

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Martin Scorsese contributed to codifying the gangster genre with movies like Goodfellas and Casino and is now returning to the genre with The Irishman, a film that plays many of the same previous gangster stories, but in a minor key.

The film follows Frank, who works for crime boss Russell Bufalino (Joe Pesci). Over the years, Sheeran approaches union leader Jimmy Hoffa (Al Pacino), becoming his bodyguard and confidant, leaving him in an awkward position when the mafia decides that Hoffa is more problematic than it is worth.

The Irishman is a meditative criminal drama, which explores the lives of his outlawed characters for decades of their lives, stripped of the usual glamor. It emphasizes the slow and routine corruption that drags Sheeran down.

9. El Camino

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Breaking Bad may not have needed a sequel, the ending provided a top closure. Still, the movie The Way Following Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), former methamphetamine boss Walter White (Bryan Cranston) was created anyway.

It takes up the story where the series left it: moving away from the complex where it had been a prisoner, towards what then seemed an uncertain future. Now, Jesse is running from the law, trying to stay one step ahead with nothing but his ingenuity and a weapon.

El Camino has the frantic pace for which Breaking Bad was so good, and also maintains the sharp cinematography that made the show look so good.

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