How to Get More Binge Juice from Your Netflix Australia Plan – 2024 Guide

Netflix Australia boasts an impressive 5483 titles, 54 Academy Award-Winning films, and 23 Emmy Award-Winning shows in its catalogue. Plus, it has some absolutely amazing exclusives like Magical Land of Oz, Detectorists, Jack Irish: The Series, American Gangster, and The Colour Purple, which you can’t find elsewhere. That’s plenty of good content to binge watch.

But do you know you can get even more juice from your Netflix Australia subscription and access libraries in other countries at no extra fee? Think of Legacies on American Netflix. Or even Legend of Yun Xi on Netflix South Korea.

Excited to know how? Then read on.

Watch full Netflix with your Netflix Oz account and a VPN


Netflix uses your IP address to track your sign-in location and determine what content you can and can’t watch. So, for example, when you log in from Australia, Netflix instantly figures it out based on your IP and serves you up shows and movies that are on the Australian catalogue. If you can somehow mask your real IP address and make yourself appear in a different country, you can trick Netflix and unblock any regional library of your choice.

To spoof your location online and watch complete Netflix, we use a tool called VPN. A virtual private network, or VPN, is a software program that routes your data through a remote server, so that when your data reaches the internet, it’s viewed coming from the remote server as opposed to your device. Using a VPN, you can change your Netflix sign-in country and enjoy access to different Netflix catalogues without ever leaving your home in Australia.

Of course, that’s easier said than done, and you need a reliable VPN service to pull the job off successfully. has a list of top VPN recommendations for Australia. These VPN services unblock Netflix and other major streaming platforms without any problems.

How to watch region-restricted Netflix content from Australia using a VPN


Let’s try to set up a VPN and unblock a couple of Netflix libraries from Australia to see how the process works. This article will use ExpressVPN as an example VPN service, but you can use any VPN you may want.

Watch American Netflix from Australia

1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and download the VPN app on your device. Launch and connect to a US server.

2. Head over to and sign in using your Netflix Australia username and password.

3. Start watching your favourite US Netflix shows and movies.

Watch Netflix UK from Australia

1. Sign up for an ExpressVPN plan and install the VPN app on your device. Open and connect to a UK-based server

2. Head over to and login using your Netflix Australia account credentials

3. Start streaming your favourite British Netflix shows and movies

Finding the right VPN for your Netflix fix


A good VPN is crucial to a wholesome Netflix experience. Without it, you can’t watch region-restricted Netflix content. But how do you choose the right VPN for your Netflix fix with so many options on offer?

First things first, look for a VPN that operates an extensive network of servers. It should have a strong presence in multiple countries. Aim for hundred locations, at least. These locations should be well spread, so that you won’t have any problems connecting to a country of your choice.

Secondly, consider the server density, which is the number of servers in any given location. A high server density is critical if you want to have a lag-free streaming experience. It reduces the risk of traffic congestion.

Also, make sure the service offers good speed, especially if you prefer watching Netflix in Ultra HD or 4K resolution. A minimum of 25Mbps is recommended. Of course, you must also have a fast internet connection.

Another important feature you should look for in a VPN is the kill switch. A kill switch basically protects against IP leaks in the event your VPN connection drops. With the kill switch on, you can stream Netflix carefree for hours.

And finally, choose a VPN service that offers a money-back guarantee. That way, if you change your mind, you can always cancel your subscription and get a quick refund. You can even hack the money-back guarantee to use a paid VPN for free. But please don’t abuse it☺.

Some VPNs you can try for your Netflix fix


Based on the criteria discussed above, here are a few VPNs you might want to try:

  • ExpressVPN – Operates 3000+ servers in 94 countries, provides 14 server locations for connection in the US, and offers high speed. VPN kill switch included. Secured by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Little expensive compared to the competition.
  • NordVPN – Operates 5000+ servers in 59 countries, maintains 15 server locations in the US alone, and offers good download speed. Automatic kill switch present. No questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee. Not the best VPN for Android TV, Nvidia Shield TV, and Amazon Fire TV.
  • Surfshark – Operates around 1700 servers in 63 countries, provides 24 server locations for connection in the US, and offers decent speed. VPN kill switch available. Genuine 30-day money-back guarantee. Could improve its server density.
  • PureVPN – Operates 2000+ servers in 140 countries, runs 14 server locations in the US, and offers decent speed. An automatic kill switch protects against accidental IP leaks. 31-day money-back guarantee. Struggles to connect to some locations at times.

Your Netflix plans


So what are you planning to binge-watch on Netflix this weekend? Don’t let the geo-restrictions stop you from enjoying your favourite foreign Netflix shows and movies in Australia.