About iPhone 11 Jailbreak Updates

Apple is announced the big release for 2019 together with iPhone 11 Pro and Max models. It brings new colors, dual-lens camera, fastest A13 chip, improved durability with so much more, with a starting price of $699. But will that all make the iPhone 11 Jailbreak less interesting? Not at all, that would make a jailbreak for the latest iPhone 11 and installing of CydiaMate more interesting. So, now it is the time to look into all updates of the new iPhone with regard to its jailbreak possibilities.

What should you know about the latest iPhone 11?

From the look, it has similar features to iPhone XR which we found in the previous lineup of devices. But here, this new product from Apple features a glass body with six color options like black, white, green, purple, yellow and red. And succeeding iPhone XR has a 6.1 inch LCD display. It has the same Haptic Touch instead of 3D Touch and lacks the sensitivity of 3D Touch. Likewise, there are so much of exciting features to enjoy from the new iPhone 11.

Img source: mobilesyrup.com

  • Improved water resistance of IP68
  • New dual-lens camera featuring standard-wide angle camera and the ultra-wide-angle camera
  • Improved Portrait mode support for both camera
  • New Night Mode feature to handle low-light conditions well
  • 4K video recording for both cameras
  • Features A13 Bionic 7-nanometer chip with 3rd Generation Neutral Engine
  • Available in 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB capacities
  • Dual-SIM support with eSIM
  • Runs on the latest iOS 13 operating system

What is the iPhone 11 Jailbreak about?

This Apple product will run on the latest iOS 13 as the mobile operating system. And when it comes to jailbreaking, we need to pay attention to iOS 13 jailbreak so far revealed. So there, Todesco is an unavoidable name who has already demoed jailbreak iOS 13 possibilities.

Img source: iphoneheat.com

Luca Todesco came up with the first iOS 13 jailbreak fact soon with the iOS 13 beta releases. And then with the beta 8, the developer Todesco has come with a powerful video demo proving more jailbreak iOS 13 possibilities. As to the video proof, it is a WebKit-based software bug at work and shows code-injection, local-privilege escalation, and remote code injection successfully. And with his detailing, it seems he is using the same bug in both his work. So as this remains undisclosed to the public, we could expect the bug unpatched, even when the software is out in the public. But still, nothing is confirmed and we will probably wait for the update to come. It is officially out and will be in hand from 19th September.

On September 13th Apple has started preorders for iPhone 11. And it will be officially in hand from September 20th with a starting price of $699. So if you wait for a few more days, there can be more interesting updates on iPhone 11 jailbreak. Stay tuned!