5 Practical & Easy to Execute Tips on Link Building in 2024

For many people, link building is the most difficult part of SEO. It seems like a mysterious puzzle that’s incredibly difficult to crack. But once you get down to it, getting backlinks is just a matter of finding the right strategies for your business. Here are seven practical & easy to execute methods on getting backlinks today.

1. Do Guest Blogging

Go to MyBlogGuest.com and sign up for an account. This is the #1 forum for people who want guest posters on their website. If you’re an expert on a certain topic and want to get more traffic, guest blogging is truly the way to go about it. Not only do you get high quality, high PageRank backlinks but you also get quality visitors from other websites coming to your site.

2. Analyze Your Competitor’s Strategy and Copy It

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Better yet, improve on it and push them out of their position. Use backlink checking tools to figure out what kind of places your top competitors are getting their backlinks from. Are they using guest posting? Or are they using article submissions? Perhaps they’re paying for backlinks? Whatever strategy they’re using, you’ll know it’s working in their industry for sure. Copy it and you’ll see similar results.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Pay

Don’t be afraid to pay for either links or manpower for building links. Buying links outright is considered a black hat and could get you penalized by Google. However, the realistic chances of you being found out are quite slim. That said, it may or may not be worth the risk.

However, paying for someone to post on forums for you or create social media profiles for you is completely within the ballpark. Learning to outsource effectively is a big part of successfully running an online business. Don’t spend your time on work that could be farmed out for $3 an hour.

4. The Real Way to Use Blog Commenting

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Blog commenting used to be a big source of backlinks. Today it’s not considered a solid source at all. However, it’s important to realize that blog commenting’s real power doesn’t necessarily come from getting one link from the blog comment itself.

Instead, you can often get a lot of people to look at your site by writing intelligent replies. If the people who land on your site like your content, they’ll start commenting on your site as well and potentially link back to you. In other words, there’s a lot of indirect backlinking power that comes from writing good blog comments.

5. Social Media

Use all social networks for link building. Share your content in the Facebook group, Twitter and Instagram. Share a good post and add your site link in the Instagram bio. Consider buying Instagram likes from smmkart.com to increase engagement ratio and increase your website traffic.

As you can tell, there is a really wide range of different ways you can build backlinks. Some take longer and can get you higher quality links, while others are much easier but get low-quality links. Your best bet is usually a mixture of different link types of with links of differing quality.