7 Different Ways to Make Your Web Design Stick Out in 2024

The dull and boring website cannot keep the visitor engaged, and they are less likely to stay longer. As much as we say what matters the most is inside, we cannot deny the fact that beautiful and attractive stuff mesmerizes us the most. Each website designer wishes to create a website that completely stands out. However, it is not a piece of cake and requires an extensive research and effort, but again this is not something impossible to achieve. The design of your website can help you get more customers, and it is pretty crucial for the conversions. You can invest thousands of bucks on your website and implement all the boosting tricks of conversions, but if your website is ugly, you will not be in any luck.

The overall website designing process is pretty nerve-wracking. You would think you know everything about it and it is not a tricky job, but there comes the point where you are clueless and stuck without knowing which direction to go to. You spend hours on a single page, but it still does not look pretty, that is quite infuriating, right? Your website is the face of your business, as customers tend to visit it first and then later visit the physical store, so it requires additional care and attention to detail.

If you are looking for easy tips to make an engaging, user-friendly and aesthetic website then keep reading this article as this piece of information of web design is just right for you.

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  • Simplicity is the key

According to Kallen Media, you do not need to add tons of colours and themes to make your website look attractive, in the contemporary era minimalism is the key. Make sure you are not overdoing anything and make the site look stuffy and congested. The overdesigned website gets the visitors confusing as it befuddles them from the website’s primary purpose. Simplicity is the go-to option for each web designer; the fresher the website design is, the easier it is for the visitor to navigate. Make sure you clear out the clutter as it takes away all the visuals of your website.

  • Use the white space

To keep the minimalist look of your website, make sure you are using the white space as much as you can. The white space is also known as the negative space; it is used for the areas that are not quite attractive. Conventionally these spaces are like a blank canvas or the monotonous wall. As annoying or dull as it appears to be an artistic and creative person can use this space creatively and make the best use of the negative space. It is now your job to turn the negatives into positives. A pro tip: make sure you surround all the critical aspects of the website with the negative space as it receives more attention.

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  • Consistency

If you are not consistent in your actions, you will be stuck somewhere; therefore consistency is one of the essential aspects of the web design. Make sure you are giving your attention to complement the designs materials in all the pages of your website. The discrepancy in the themes and pages put off the visitors, and they are less likely to make any substantial and durable impact. Therefore, keep your font size and style, headings, subheading and the button styles standardized through all the pages of the website. The key is to be consistent and present your clients with the best possible site.

  • Visuals

Be smart while you are selecting the colour scheme for your website, it may seem like a small chore, but it is quite tricky and requires a long time. Educate yourself about the emotional connotations of the colours. If your business gives a more energetic and passionate vibe, then bright red and hot pink is the best option to go with. On the other hand, if you wish to give a smooth and decent feel, then go with the colours that are lighter in the shade and then use them wisely. The best thing that you can do for your website is to create a colour hierarchy and stick with your themes.

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  • Mobile friendly

Most of the visitors to your website are mobile users, so be sure that your website interface is mobile friendly. If your website fails to support the different screen sizes, then I am afraid to tell you, you are going to lose the battle and be left behind. However, the good news is there are various studios available for the web design that can help you transform your desktop design into the responsive and mobile-friendly interface. So, Viola! You are good to go now.

  • Communicative

What’s the point of all this hard work if your website is unable to deliver the necessary information about your business? The content of your website should be engaging and of high quality. The most worked trick is the use of humour in the content, of course, only where it fits. The humorous headlines are more comfortable to catch the attention of the visitors, and they are more likely to give more time to your website. So be witty and win the race.

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  • Smooth Navigation

You need to make the website that is easier to use for the visitor or else you will be losing them in no time as there will always be a better website available. Therefore losing a visitor is not something that you can afford. Everyone uses their track of finding their way around a site. To make the user experience smooth, do not shower all the options to the visitor as it often overwhelms them. The key is to look for the perfect balance.


There is no such website as a perfect website; the key is to give your best to the site and learn from the mistakes on each step of creating it. The tips above are pretty comprehensive that can help you design a user friendly yet aesthetic website.