The Importance of Proper Link Building Strategies

In the SEO world, the ultimate goal of successful website optimization is a significant increase in traffic and revenue that can be traced back to earlier changes. Creating new content to attract a new audience, improving the site’s speed, optimizing it for mobile devices, and using proper keywords that relate to the domain and trends in the field you work in go a long way to increase interactivity with the products or services you offer.

Sometimes, unfortunately, this is not enough. For this reason, a good SEO company will also propose a collection of link building packages to increase your connections with other sites in the field, with the implicit aim of attracting new visitors. Link building strategies can be complex, but the theory behind them is pretty simple. They are just the practices by which you can get links or referrals from other sites that redirect to your page. You can also provide the same services for other websites as well.

Search engine algorithms no longer only consider the content published on a web page but also look at the number of links between them. Do many of your visitors come from different web pages via hyperlinks? It means that someone appreciated your content and credited you. This white flag tells the search engine to push your page to the top search results.

The Basics of Link Building Strategies

There are countless ways to use the notoriety of your website to attract more views. Links are ultimately nothing more than a gateway that can send a user from one point to another, and they come in many forms and can have different functionalities, depending on the needs of each website. If you have a page with many articles written on various topics, you can use internal links to connect pages already on your website. However, when we talk about organic SEO growth, we are most interested in the links connecting your site to external sources, called backlinks.

Just like any offline referral, the field in which you operate and the quality of your services or published content greatly influence the number of backlinks it is realistic to expect for your site. Let’s say you have a photography blog that posts pictures from countries you’ve visited. The content you promote makes it easy to repost on various travel and photography sites, giving you an advantage from the start.

Furthermore, this type of content can be used in lists, and if you find your content posted elsewhere, you have the right to ask the webmaster to include a link to your webpage. However, if you are active in a niche domain, the chances of other sites using links to your content are somewhat lower because the number of them is also smaller. Although, in certain circumstances, it can prove to be an advantage, as the lack of competition can make you one of the only sources for that information. Like many things in SEO, it depends.

Building and Maintaining Steady Growth

Innovative link building packages offered by GAMITSEO should first and foremost consider the quality of interactions you can expect from new visitors to your website. Implementing new link building packages that bring you an influx of users is no use if they don’t come from a domain that interests you. For example, you have an automotive blog, but most visitors come from a recipe site. The two fields don’t relate to each other, and although you get traffic, you don’t gain people who stay with your content for more than a few seconds.


It is paramount that the implemented link building strategies create connections with sites that operate in a domain close to yours. And the quality of these sites is also essential. The rank of a site is as important as how it distributes your content. Did a news website like “The Guardian” provide you with a backlink? Then this will have a much more significant effect on you than if you had gotten a referral from a tabloid. Moreover, the quality of the links traced to your website can also be grouped into several categories.

To Follow or Not to Follow

The links posted on a website can be of the “DoFollow” or “NoFollow” type, a set of practical instructions that tell the search engine how to interact with the respective referrer. In SEO, as is logical, we are most interested in getting as many “DoFollow” links as possible, but even “NoFollow” links can play their part in the sustainable growth of your website.

However, avoiding links that could be considered spam by the search engine is of particular importance for the organic growth of a website. Intelligent link building strategies increase your organic rank in the search engine’s analytics. Actions that unnaturally build links of questionable quality, bought, or exchanged with each other can lead to your site being labeled by the search engine as one that promotes deception or spam. And this would destabilize all the work you have done so far.

How to Organically Grow Traffic on Your Website

The online marketing space is in a constant state of growth and innovation, and an intelligent SEO company will use a suite of link building strategies to take your business to the next level. Several techniques or tricks can give your website a more significant influx of visitors, ranging from using anchor text to utilizing SEO tools that determine which way your content is listed on other websites. But what kind of content attracts the most interest?

Perhaps the most accessible pages to link are those that use as much visual information as possible, with graphics and images being a user-friendly and common way to send people to a reference site. It is also possible that depending on what content you publish on your site, it will be included on some listing pages. Do you have a travel blog? Then who knows, maybe some of your photos could end up on the lists of major publications.

Easy Steps You Can Take for the Growth of Your Website

The best link building packages will often include steps you can personally take to increase the revenue and traffic generated on your website. The best advertising is often self-advertising. Because of this, using all the available social media channels or writing for a personal blog that redirects people to content on your website transformed into indispensable tools in the catalog of anyone who wants to see progress for their business.

Link building strategies will also recommend creating reliable links with other sites in the field. With the help of SEO tools, you can find out which backlinks a rival site has access to, and from there, you can devise a plan of action in which you, too, can take advantage of the links built by those sites. Nothing is truly private in the SEO environment, and innovation and adaptability are pivotal to the success of all intelligent link building packages.

The Importance of Manual Outreach

Do you follow any social media accounts that post exciting content? Or maybe some blogs or websites which operate in a field that interests you? Then a good idea to increase the number of interactions on your website is to create connections with these pages and propose mutually beneficial collaborations. Do you have a recipe blog, and the social media page you follow usually posts culinary creations from different sources? Then give them an email, that page may end up with some quality content, and you will end up with an influx of new visitors. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

You could also consider paid promotions. Have you discovered a site with a much larger audience than you but that only does paid promotions? Depending on the fee requested, the backlinks obtained from this collaboration may be more important than the amount you would pay. And if the content or services you offer is of high quality, then the number of visitors due to this transaction will undoubtedly increase organically on an upward slope.

Tools that an SEO Company Can Use

Link building packages offered by professional SEO companies would not be complete without a comprehensive system for monitoring your website traffic and the effectiveness of the methods implemented. In this regard, SEO experts have a whole array of applications and programs that aim to closely monitor the effectiveness of the implemented link building strategies. Perhaps the most popular and versatile on the market are Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz. But there are also others like LinkMiner, Buzz Stream, WebFX SEO Report, or Majestic.

All these tools are used for creating or discovering backlinks. It is also essential that the links generated or found are organic and that the quality of the content they refer to is high. Otherwise, there is a risk that your site will fall under the attention of specific algorithms, such as Google Penguin, which will downgrade the ranking of your business if it considers that your way of attracting the public falls into the sphere of spam.