6 Common Mistakes Made During e-Visa Application in 2024

If you are planning to stay in some country for a longer period, you will probably need a visa as permission. Most countries allow foreigners to stay for a month only with a passport, and getting a visa will save you from the need to leave the country every few months. There are two main methods of applying for this document, through the regular procedure, or by using an online platform to get an e-visa. However, the process of applying can be complicated, especially for people who chose this method for the first time. The most important thing is to be patient and to seek advice from someone who is working in the approval process, or ask some of your friends with experience of getting this paper.

Whether you want to go to another country on a long business trip, as a tourist, or to immigrate there for good, the e-visa is the main document that will allow you to stay there. Therefore, you should pay attention to every part of the process of application to avoid being rejected. If you are planning to travel to Canada, you can visit visa-canada.info, where you can find all the necessary information about the visa application. Moreover, it is not a rare case that people get rejected because they made some mistakes during the process. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the most common mistakes made during the e-visa application.

1. Wrong Information

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When you are applying for e-visa, you will have to fill out various documents in electronic form. However, you should know that there are many cases where people don’t pay enough attention to this process and fill these forms with incorrect data. In that case, they would surely reject your request. In that matter, be patient and do not rush when you are providing your data, and be sure that all of them are the same as in your passport. Check everything twice before you apply, and avoid additional expenses for filling the wrong form.

2. Late Request

Before you consider applying for a visa, you should know the exact time when you will travel to another country. The process of approval could last even for a month in some states, which means that you will have to bring your documents to the embassy, or apply to an online platform at least two or three weeks before your booked flight. Also, you have to be prepared and ready to apply again in case you get rejected.

3. Having an Invalid Passport

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Passport represents the main document for traveling abroad, and your visa will be rejected even if your passport is near expiration. It is a common case where people forget to check the dates on their passport and find them is an unpleasant situation when they get rejected for a visa, even if they fill out all forms correctly. The process of getting a new passport can last only for a week, but it is usually shorter, and most of the countries will reject your visa request if there are only three or fewer months left until the expiration date.

4. Requesting for a Wrong Type of Visa

Every country is offering several types of visas for foreigners, and you should be able to explain to them why you are planning to visit their state. For example, you should not ask for a tourist visa if you are planning to work in another country for some period. Even if you get your approval, you might get in some unpleasant situation, especially if you will be working unregistered or avoid paying taxes. The worst-case scenario is that you can get a ban, and never be able to get a visa for that country again. It is not rare for people from all around the world to try to avoid some rules and try to immigrate to some country only with a tourist visa. However, once they find out, you can get deported and lose the ability to apply for a visa ever again.

5. Not Attaching the Proper Documentation

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The basic documents that you will have to attach with the e-visa online request are a photo and a copy of your passport. Make sure that all documents are clear and visible, with higher quality, because you might get rejected in case that they cannot see all your data in that copy of a passport with poor quality. The best way is to create a PDF file with the pages from your passport.

6. Selecting the Wrong Nationality

Selecting the wrong nationality is another mistake that most people make because they are in a hurry to finish the process. However, you should be aware of the fact that they will reject you if you mention some other nationality instead of yours. They have a reason why these forms need so much information about you and be sure that each one of them is correct.

The Bottom Line

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These were some of the most common mistakes that will lead to rejection of your visa request. The most important part of applying for this document is not don’t rush with anything and be aware that they could reject you even for some small mistake. Therefore, you should consider asking for help in the embassy, or some of your friends with experience of getting their e-visa approved. Moreover, there are also some other cases where people got rejected, which were also a result of not being concentrated and patient.

Everything in the form must be correct. For example, you could lose the ability to get a visa only because you forgot to add a middle name in the form, or by mentioning the wrong time when you will be traveling there. Also, some people got rejected because they accidentally selected the wrong gender. Even the size of the picture they are asking for could lead to rejection. Check out all the factors that are crucial for the process, and be sure to provide everything correctly and at the right time.