Salesforce Events Management: How to Avoid Common Mistakes in 2024

Event planning can consume a lot of time and energy if you don’t use additional tools during the organization stage. With a special platform from Salesforce, you can save yourself some headaches and prepare for an important event without stress.

Using Salesforce event management will help you effectively accomplish the following key tasks:

  • logistics management;
  • managing guests;
  • value formation, etc.

The CRM system allows you to manage all processes for preparation and planning, regardless of the domain of your organization or the specifics of events.

Planning errors and Salesforce event management software

Your planned event can be considered successful in those cases when both the organizers and guests are satisfied with the results. It is impossible to win the guests’ favor and gain their trust if the following mistakes were made during planning:

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  • your microsite dedicated to the upcoming event has little information, or there is no such microsite at all;
  • the strategy of your event does not take into account the information that was collected during planning;
  • no unique offers for setting different prices for tickets;
  • there are no post-event surveys to determine the level of involvement and differences between expectation and reality;
  • you don’t have your own application for event management (for example, Salesforce event app).

Preparing for events should include working with interested guests. Conversation with visitors allows you to learn about their wishes that can change the planning of your event a lot. Small surveys after the meeting will help you identify strengths and weaknesses in developing a new strategy.

Using additional tools and help will help you avoid common mistakes and not repeat those that were made earlier. The information collected during event planning will be saved and available for analysis at any time.

Benefits of using the event management tool Salesforce

The use of multiple platforms leads to a partial loss of data and the inability to form a big picture. Tool integration is not always available too. In order for your event planning to go smoothly, you should think about a single application for managing the planning process.

The Salesforce platform allows you to get the most out of the available opportunities. You can use the tools to collect and analyze data, communicate with your guests, and raise awareness about the upcoming event. The native applications of the platform act as enhancements to the user experience for creating a clear plan.

You should use the tools of the CRM platform or the following reasons:

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  •  “Native” applications allow you to expand your opportunities and simplify event management;
  • all information about the event (number of guests, ticket prices, etc.) will be stored in one place, and no synchronization is required;
  • event management tools Salesforce do not require additional integration, which is often paid extra.

The factor that affects the success of your event most of all is painting a big picture. You can’t fully use the information if it is collected on different platforms. You can get the information you need by using a single CRM.

The event plan should be based on interests of your visitors. It’s impossible to find out what your guests like without collecting information. Interests can be influenced by a variety of factors, including geographic and financial situation, awareness of your organization’s work and activities.

Determining the appropriate format for an event without studying your target audience is extremely difficult. These platforms will allow you to get the maximum of useful information to create an interesting and attractive event, regardless of its purpose.

This single tool also allows you to connect with your potential guest customers. You can share information about the meeting using several channels: inform your guests about the event by phone, email, on social media pages.

Choosing an appropriate communication method and building a marketing strategy has an impact on people’s level of trust in your organization. By storing and analyzing the obtained data, you can make the right choice of the channel and, accordingly, achieve some success.

By using just one service, you can get high-quality results, as well as a complete picture of what is happening, and save your resources (time and money). The extensions required to work are available for free. All you need is your desire and help from Advanced Communities.

Cost formation of Salesforce community events

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You can attract the maximum number of interested guests using the tools of the platform. The event management software Salesforce allows you to create unique and personalized offers for each visitor. Accordingly, addressing by name draws attention to the status, so you shouldn’t bypass the value formation strategy.

Visitors with different interests and financial situations allow you to analyze your business tactics. There is no doubt that communicating with your target audience pays off as profit and growth in popularity. You can use the chance and expand the circle of your potential guests using the following methods:

  1. Discounts. This trivial and effective method stays popular. Distributing promotional codes and other personal offers will interest your audience. The effectiveness of this strategy depends on your approach. In addition to codes, you can offer early booking discounts, social media activity, and more.
  2. Exclusive service. Some guests will be delighted to be able to purchase a VIP pass to the event. The list of additional services is compiled depending on the type of your event and the cost of an exclusive ticket.
  3. Offers for large companies. The system of discounts for booking tickets for two or more people will expand the circle of your guests. Attending events together and getting a great deal will help ensure that you have a personalized strategy.

The flexible CRM platform and event management plugin Salesforce allows you to create multiple options to attract as many guests as possible. The advantage of using a single tool is that you don’t need to spend your precious time integrating, adapting, and processing existing data.

Other ways to manage events and activities in Salesforce

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The success of your event largely depends on the matching of expectations and reality. In order for the event to enchant your guests, you should create a small form with questions. Answering them will help you plan a celebration or meeting that your visitors will find interesting.

Musical tastes (if accompaniment is planned), interesting topics (in case you want to touch on several ones) and entertainment are considered mandatory. The questionnaire should be short and clear, so that your guests can fill it out within a few minutes.

Collecting information after the end of conferences or exhibitions is equally important. Responses of your guests will help you analyze possible mistakes and correct them in the future. It will be extremely difficult to get a complete picture without reading reviews, so don’t miss the opportunity to work on your shortcomings.

When making survey forms using Salesforce nonprofit event management, consider the following guidelines:

  • questions for evaluating impressions should be worded simply, clearly and easily;
  • pay attention to the number of general questions, since answers may not coincide with reality;
  • a huge questionnaire can scare away visitors, so try not to overload your guests with long forms.

The collected information is stored on the platform. Analysis of responses and reporting will help you assess the level of satisfaction with the event. A group of employees should process the survey results to obtain an accurate evaluation. The answers will help you determine your advantages and get rid of the shortcomings. Developing a new and effective strategy will be quick.

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Using the event registration app has several important advantages:

  • problem-free processing of information on all stages of planning and preparation of events;
  • a large selection of additional tools to expand your opportunities;
  • no need for additional spending on data integration or adaptation.

The choice of additional applications for working with the event management software Salesforce integration is based on organization needs. Forming optimal ticket prices and preparing personalized offers requires Native Salesforce. For more information, please visit