5 Ways to Turn Your Love For Video Games Into a Career in 2024

Do you love playing video games? Could you spend an entire day leading your team into a battle and unlocking new weapons and other features? Some people might say that this is bad for you, but we completely understand the way you feel.

Times have changed, and nowadays, you can turn your passion for video games into a full-time and successful career. The best part is that there are so many job positions that you choose between, and in this article, we are going to mention some of them. Also, we are going to discuss some main steps that you have to take if you want to follow this career path.

Professional Gamer

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This is probably the first career that comes to your mind. Surely you have watched clips of people playing games on numerous streaming services, and this job probably seems like a dreamland to you. After all, how great would it be to earn money just by doing the thing that you like the most? For many people, this is something that they do in their leisure time, to have fun and relax, but a few of them turn it into a career.

Yes, we know, this sounds perfect, but you have to be aware that you would have to invest a lot of time, patience, and effort into this before you start earning an income. Pro players get money from sponsorships and winning professional tournaments. Naturally, the amount of money depends on their skills and how long they have been in that line of business. If you want to work on mastering your skills, you should consider purchasing some features that would otherwise require a lot of time to unlock. If you want to learn what boosts are available to you, click here. There is another thing – this isn’t the type of job that people do for long periods of time. They usually enjoy it for a while, and then move on.

Games Designer

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If you are a creative person and always have new ideas on what can be improved in a game or what new features could be added, why not think about becoming a designer? In addition, this career path could be perfect for anyone who understands the concept of video games and has enough ideas on creating a completely new concept and characters. If you are so fond of gaming you can also check NEIT for more information about this career.

However, since this job can be quite complex, unlike the previous one, meaning that you can’t just start designing video games, you will probably have to sign up for a course. Here, you will learn some basic things and skills, and then you can continue developing and mastering them.

Software developer

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On the other hand, if you are not very imaginative, and believe that game designing is too big of a bite for you, you should consider being a professional who turns another person’s vision into reality. What would be your job? Well, you would use software and engines, as well as programming skills to create every detail of it. Basically, you would create an entire code and the system that would allow the game to function the way the designer envisioned it.

As you can assume, this is another type of job that requires you to have some sort of education. This mostly includes programming and developing skills and understanding of how everything works.

Games Animator

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For some reason, a lot of people do not understand how important this job is. Creating a video game is so much more than just coming up with a new concept, characters, and features. It is of utmost significance to create something that is appealing to potential buyers. This is especially important in today’s world and market, where hundreds of possibilities exist.

Let’s be honest, how likely would you be to purchase a game if you don’t like the appearance of the characters or the world around them? Yes, we know, it would be highly unlikely for you to buy something that you don’t find appealing. Maybe only in a case if it is the newest installment of the franchise that you adore.

Due to this reason, the skills of the game animator are indispensable. If you were to opt for this job, you would use special software to create the movement of the characters to the tiniest detail.

Play tester

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Now that we have described a few essential roles in the process of designing video games, we have reached one of the final steps – testing. Yes, there is a person whose job is to play the game and look for possible issues such as bugs and glitches. This might be the perfect job for you if you are into problem-solving, and you would also have an opportunity to test the games before they hit the market. If you were to notice any kind of problem, your task would be to notify designers and programmers so that they could fix them.

How to get a job in this industry?

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Before we conclude this article, we are going to tell you some things that you should know if you want to get a dream job. Firstly, formal education is not necessary. Yes, there are a lot of employees who went to college to learn to program, but at the same time, there are a lot of those who are self-thought. You can start by following some guides online just so you could see if you find programming interesting.

Next on, look for a job according to your skills. This is something that goes without saying, but still, some people want a job that they are not qualified for. As you can see, a lot of these positions require you do have a wide range of skills, and if you don’t possess these, you will not be able to complete the tasks. Because of this, you should look for some other job position and work your way from there. Oftentimes, it is not all about the skills, but experience also plays an important role.

Finally, you should investigate all the pros and cons of a certain position. Naturally, all of these come with certain benefits and downsides, and there may be numerous requirements that you aren’t aware of. Due to this reason, our advice is to gather all the information you can before deciding on your future job.