5 Best Laptops for Live Streaming 2024

If you like live streaming of all times, not only movies, you surely need a very good laptop to make live streaming to be smooth and without any interruptions. So, what are the best laptops for live streaming in 2024? Let’s see.

1. LG Gram

Img source: techspot.com

This is one of the best laptops for live streaming and we should also mention that it is also very thin and light. The screen diameter is 17 inches and the laptop uses the SSD hard disk with the storage capacity of 512GB. We should also mention that the RAM used is a DDR4 one of 16GB. Furthermore, the processor used is an Intel Core i7-8565u 1.8GHz one. The graphics card that is used is an Intel HD Graphics 610. The overall weight of the laptop is 2.95 pounds and we should mention that battery life is one of the best – 19 hours. One of the disadvantages is that it is a bit expensive.

2. Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

Img source: pcworld.com

The display size of this one is 1.5 inches and the hard disk used is also an SSD one with the capacity of 512GB. We should also mention that the RAM used is a DDR4 and a 16GB one. The manufacturer chose to equip this laptop with an Intel Core i7-8032 processor and Intel UHD Graphics 620 graphics card. The battery life is 14.5 hours where the overall weight of the laptop is 2.83 pounds. The disadvantages of this one are that there are no USB-C ports and there are no thunderbolt ports neither.

3. ASUS ZenBook 15

Img source: windowscentral.com

The diameter of the display here is 15.6”. it should be mentioned that the storage capacity if 512GB and that the hard disk used is an SSD one while the RAM used is DDR4 one with 16GB. It should be also added that the manufacturer used an Intel Quad Core i7-8565U while he opted for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics. The battery life is 9 hours while the overall weight of the laptop is 3.7 pounds. The best things about this laptop are that it is extremely thin and that it has a fabulous performance. On the other hand, it should be noted that it has been reported that cursor jumps have been reported.

4. HP 2019 Premium Flagship Pavilion

Img source: bestdenki.com.sg

This laptop has a display of 15.6” and the storage is extremely good, i.e. 2TB and a hard disk used is an SSD one. The RAM is of 8GB in a standard version, while there are also 12GB and 16BG options available. The processor used is Intel Quad Core i5-8250U (Turbo Boost – 3.40GHz) and the graphics is Intel UHD Graphics 620. The weight of the laptop is 4.3 pounds and one of its bad things is the short battery life of only 6 hours.

5. Razer Blade Stealth 13.3″

Img source: pepeaglobal.com

The display is of 13.3” while it uses SSD hard disk with 512GB. The DDR3 RAM is of 16BG while the processor used is Intel Core i7-8565U with available turbo boost up to 4.6GHz. The graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce MX150. The laptop’s weight is 3 pounds and its battery life is 8 hours.