8 Best High-tech Pet Devices You and Your Furry Friend Will Love

The harsh reality of living in today’s world is that humans do not have time for each other. But all is not lost. For even if we don’t have time for each other, there is someone who does. Your pet is there for all the small and big moments of your life. From graduating from school to getting married, it will always be there for you.

Your dog/cat is your family and they deserve happiness, love, and high-tech tools your money can buy. Your animal loves its playtime, and with new high-tech devices, it will adore it’s playtime even more.

One way to appreciate your dog’s presence in your life is to get the topmost high-tech devices you can find. The best part of this idea, however, is that the market is flooded with high-tech devices specifically for them. It doesn’t matter if you have a cat or a dog or both you can find everything in the pet supply store. Find here the different types of animal feeds.

You can find all the best and top-level devices your pet will love and give you extra hugs for.

8 Best High-tech Devices For Your Furry Friend

1. PlayDate

Source: indiegogo.com

Leaving your friend for any amount of time is hard. Leaving them alone is harder. Fortunately, PlayDate has attempted to solve this problem with their smart ball. The toy ball has a camera that can reduce your worries for your animal and its loneliness. The camera is operated through a mobile app from anywhere.

But this is not all. The ball is also safe for chewing and playing. With a speaker and microphone, you can interact with your furry friend at any time of the day. It also has a wide range of camera angles which allows you to get a better look at your pet.

2. Cheerble

Source: knowtechie.com

Cheerble began when there were little to no high-tech pet tools available in the market. Seeing the requirement to occupy our furry friends with toys, Cheerble created the Cheerble devices, including a perfect ball for your cats. With three interactive modes and LED lights, it captures your cat completely.

Cheerble ball jumps with no apparent pattern and takes less time to charge. The random movement of the cheerble tool is hard for your cat to capture and thus the playtime becomes more challenging.

3. iFetch

Source: design1st.com

Most of our furry friends adore the time they get to play ball. It’s like their go-to game. However, you might not always play fetch with them, or you might not be able to match their energy. After all, humans do get easily tired. Regardless of the reason, your pet needs its playtime, and you have to fulfill it. That’s what iFetch does.

With the iFetch device, you can decide the distance you want to throw the ball at. The working of the device is easy enough. Your furry friend has to fetch the ball, put it on, and the device will launch it right back. You can use it inside the home or outside.

4. Petcube Play

Source: shotkit.com

As the name suggests, Petcube Play is a cube that can not only monitor your furry friend but also has interactive features. Leaving your cat at home alone without any monitoring can leave you anxious. With Petcube Play, you no longer have to stress about them or your home.

The cube is a smart device that has the feature of interacting with your furry friend at any time. It has many features, such as a zoom option, a wide-range angle camera, and sound notification alerts. The best features are the night vision of the camera and the built-in laser toy that your furry friend can play with to pass their time.

5. PetNet Smart Feeder

Source: businesswire.com

How many times have you struggled with remembering your furry friend’s meal balance while maintaining their health? Maintaining its feeding schedule can be hard, especially when you have to leave it at home frequently. The PetNet Smart Feeder will solve this problem and many others.

You only need your phone to schedule feeding and extra feeding times. The smart feeder will notify you after feeding and inform you if its food is running low. It will even give you an analysis of your pet based on age, activity, breed, habits, and weight. Adhering to your kid’s mealtime is not an issue with the help of this device. Click here to learn how much you should be feeding your cat.

6. AquaPaw

Source: thegadgetflow.com

Only a pet owner knows the pain and struggle of bathing their furry friend. It’s like you suddenly become the most vicious enemy of your long-time friend. Not to mention the water, energy, and time you need to clean your dog. With AquaPaw, you can reduce the stress of giving a bath to your animal.

The AquaPaw tool is wearable on hand and functions as both a sprayer and scrubber. The best feature of this tool is that you only have to open or close your fist to turn it on and off. You only have to stress about getting your pet to the shower and after that, AquaPaw will handle other things.

7. Dog Parker

Source: digital-astronauts.com

Are you one of those who take their dog everywhere, be it for jogging or taking a quick trip to the departmental store? Deciding where to leave them while going to the store can be a hassle. Fortunately, Dog Parker can help.

Dog Parker is comfortable, spacious, has the ideal temperature, can auto-sanitize the space, and is vet approved. You also get to access the inside of the Parker with the help of an app and the camera inside it. Next time you run an errand, you don’t have to worry about leaving your dog alone outside.

8. Tailio

Source: consciouscat.net

The proud kitty owners will agree that raising a cat is easy as long as you know the trick to keep it healthy. Tailio can do that and more for you. It can monitor your cat’s weight, diet, and litter box. The device is simple enough that you only need to put it under the litter box, and it will do everything else.

The app gives you notifications whenever it notices anything amiss in your cat’s habits. With Tailio, you can keep your cat healthy and wise.

Final Words

These gadgets can bring immense happiness and convenience to your and your pet’s life. Buy them today and surprise your furry friend with their new toys.