6 Technology Trends All Online Casinos Are Following

Gambling involves placing bets on the occurrence of an outcome that is unpredictable. Traditional gambling games like Blackjack, Slots, Poker and Roulette have always been popular in traditional casinos. However, gamblers’ priorities are witnessing a steady shift with online casinos’ advent.

Online gambling is becoming increasingly popular because it has several advantages over its traditional counterparts. These sites allow people to gamble from the comforts of their homes, and they do not need to visit a Casino to enjoy a game. Thus, online casinos are convenient. They offer huge payouts, hence they are economically more lucrative to players. Also, they allow players to win real money. People can click here to visit an online casino and win real money.

Some Technology Trends That All Online Casinos Are Adopting

Use Of Artificial Intelligence And Big Data

Next-generation technologies like artificial intelligence or AI and Big Data have widespread applications across industries, and online Casinos are also in the league to cash in on these technologies. Artificial intelligence has the ability to make gaming a personalized experience. They use algorithms to analyze large data sets known as big data. These data sets help predict a player’s behavior, his likes and dislikes, and the kind of assistance he needs.

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AI-based technologies make the gambling experience more fine-tuned. If an AI-based system predicts that a person likes slots more than roulette, then the system will give him various options for slots and avoid suggesting roulette-based games. Since a player gets what he likes, he is more invested in the game and likes the overall experience, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

More Immersive Gaming Experience Using Augmented And Virtual Reality

Augmented reality(AR) creates a real-world-like experience for the player based on what he sees on the screen. Virtual reality (VR) transports a gamer to the virtual world. Headsets, headphones, and control panels are used to give an immersive experience.

Moreover, these technologies are being improved further, where there are headsets that come with head motion sensors. There are companies that are working on hand movement sensors, and once they enter the gaming world, a player may not have to actually press a control button to make a move.

Thus, augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D animation give players a larger-than-life experience when they play games in online casinos. Moreover, some companies are working on giving players an enhanced sense of smell perception.

Some companies have come out with technologies like dynamic resolution scaling. Dynamic resolution scaling allows the resolution of an object to increase if a scene is more intense and the resolution to decrease if an object has less intensity. Once these futuristic technologies become market-ready online games will become all the more fun and engaging.

Live Streaming

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Many online Casinos are using live streaming to engage gamblers. Thus, with a live streaming feature, players can literally forget the difference between an online and an online casino. They can get to play with real dealers; thus, the human aspect that was missing in the online mode is also disappearing with live streaming.

Enhanced Safety Features

In the online mode, it is easy to hack somebody’s identity and use their personal details like their passwords, email ids etc. Thus, safety features like facial recognition systems for logging into a site are being used by some sites. Thus, a person can steal someone’s email id, but it is quite difficult to match someone’s facial features as well. QR codes are used for transactions where the unique pattern code for a person’s information can be matched against the existing database.

Moreover, there is increased integration of the Casinos and banks’ core databases. In fact, the adoption of virtual payment wallets is making payments much faster. Most payment methods use two- or three-step verification; thus, even if a hacker gets some information, it is very unlikely he will get hold of all the verifiable data.

Use Of Blockchains

Blockchains are decentralized networks where every transaction in the block is verified by users. Currencies based on blockchain are seeing widespread acceptance, and many Casinos are making payments in these currencies. These networks are safe, secure and transparent. Moreover, due to increased demand, blockchain-based currencies like bitcoins have recently seen a huge price appreciation. Hence, more players are willing to earn bitcoins when they win a game.

Smartphones And Smartwatches

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Smartphones and Smartwatches have ensured that people can gamble anywhere, anytime. Thus, most online casinos have games that are designed specifically for smartphones. Thus, a player can play a game whenever he has free time. Most people have a lot of free time while they are traveling or they are waiting in queues. This time can be utilized to play their favorite games using smartphones or smartwatches.

Smartwatches are smaller than smartphones and are more convenient for some users. Thus, with the advent of smartwatches and intelligent phones, gambling has become more suited to the end user’s time, and thus, these are seeing greater acceptance by the gambling industry.

Moreover, there are several applications that can be downloaded on smartphones and smartwatches.These applications can assist a player by providing some helpful gaming tips, or they can keep a check on the amount of time one spends on gambling. With these applications, impulsive bets and addictive playing can be kept in check. When a player loses continuously, he is warned of his losing streak, and this may deter him from playing further and losing a lot of money.


Thus, with the latest technological advancements, online Casinos see huge footfall. With options of live streaming, online casinos are blurring the lines between the online and offline worlds. Next-generation technology and intelligent marketing moves like offering welcome bonuses to new players, offering custom-made games etc., are attracting the masses to these sites.

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The greatest threat to virtual games is cyber security. The latest technologies like facial recognition and biometric verification (eye scanning like iris and retina scanning, fingerprints) can tackle most of the anxieties about the virtual game mode.