How Technology Has Changed Online Casinos

Over the past few decades, the world of casinos has changed drastically due to technology. Online casinos are a relatively new way in which players enjoy their favorite games. Initially, casinos started as brick-and-mortar establishments that attracted the likes of noblemen and those on a lower income alike. Fancy casinos in Venice or Monaco were just as popular as smaller casinos in less affluent areas, as everyone liked to take a gander at winning a strong hand.

The shift toward online casinos was a result of the rise of the Internet and the more global and digital existence during the 21st century. With immersive experiences such as AI (artificial intelligence) and VR (virtual reality), an exciting welcome bonus for which BonusFinder has listed a lot of them or even the high speed that the Internet now provides – it is technology that has created a whirlwind of change and excitement for punters worldwide.

Certain technologies have had a strong impact on the reason for the increased popularity of online casinos, which will be further explained as the article proceeds.



One of the most important aspects that have led to the rise in online casino play has been the additional security that players now have while partaking in their most beloved games.

Blockchain technology has been one of the most revolutionary security mechanisms implemented to ensure player safety. As the name itself suggests, this technology is essentially made up of a grouping of blocks that all represent data. They are strung and joined together to create multiple blockchains. None of these blocks of data are possible to tamper with as they are protected by a secret key to which only authorized parties have access. Trying to gain access incorrectly to one block will create a spanner in the entire string. This technology is a game-changer for online casinos, as the server and user of every transaction is stored securely within the blockchain on a decentralized ledger. This benefits both parties as this technology acts as a public ledger that records every move. It is completely anonymous for any external user, which provides players with full anonymity, a vital thing for most players. Furthermore, any cybercriminal or hacker trying to gain access to the list of transactions will face an impenetrable mechanism, keeping all finances safe for casinos and players alike. It is at the heart of cryptocurrencies and is highly recognized as one of the most important financial securities to date.

Two-step verification is another highly heralded security software that has made playing online much safer. The way that this technology works is that it links itself to a device that only you have access to. A player’s email and password to certain online sites should be kept in a secure password software, such as 1Password. However, should any cyber criminal get a hold of your password through hacking, it is best to have an additional security set in place. This comes in the form of the two-step verification. Once the login details have been entered, an additional series of numbers and letters are sent momentarily to the device linked to the account, such as a mobile device. Having this setup allows for a more secure digital experience. If a player receives this request and hasn’t logged in, then the two-step verification alerts the intrusion and the ability to refuse entry to the online site is made possible.


The hardware wallet is also one of the most important software keeping player safety at an all-time high. The forefather of the hardware wallet is the software wallet. The difference lies greatly in the way in which data is stored. With a software wallet, a player’s sensitive cryptocurrency, tokens and coins are all saved on an encrypted piece of software that is safe but linked to a device, making it easily susceptible to hackers trying to gain access to a player’s finances. The improved and safer version is the hardware wallet, which stores the same sensitive information but this time on an external drive, making it impossible for cybercriminals to get their hands on it. Security updates such as these have had a large impact on the way players use online casinos today.

Immersive Experiences


AI and VR have had a massive impact on the rise of the popularity of online casinos. Artificial intelligence has allowed online casinos to make use of advanced technologies that allow players to enjoy a more accurate game. Numbers, stats, plays, game setups, live deals and any other important information that players need to make informed betting decisions are improved through the automatic, accurate and fast-paced nature of AI. This technology has improved the workings of online casinos hugely and it has made playing online easier and faster which has resulted in more players joining the online casino arena. Furthermore, VR continues to grow steadily and it attracts more technically advanced and inquisitive players seeking an immersive and 3D experience. Although many players still enjoy the thrill of simply playing 2D online casino games, it is undeniable that the world of VR is sure to take center stage soon enough.

The improvement of technology and therefore the graphics shown on online casinos are astoundingly accurate to the real deal, they include high-quality resolution and a well-thought-out process to ensure a user-friendly interface is offered. Things such as UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design operate on a system of wireframes. The idea behind these wireframes is to create a seamless interaction for players using online casinos, thinking of every step or need they might have before taking the online site live. Approaching game design this way is a new trend that is receiving more traction due to its inclusive and thoughtful nature. Creating a realistic game, that boasts high-resolution images and features, considers the user and gameplay strategy within the design and offers an accessible and user-friendly interface is sure to attract a large amount of players. These advanced changes within technology have offered players a massively enjoyable digital experience making online casinos even more popular than ever before.