The Evolution of Video Slots Technology Over the Last Decade

People look for different ways to have fun while spending their time at home. They can play games, listen to music, watch their favorite tv series again and again, etc. But, one of the activities that are becoming massively popular is online gambling.

No, making money out of gambling games is not the main reason why they are playing these games from time to time. They are doing that to have fun, get a dose of adrenaline that will help them recharge their batteries, and relax. One of the games that are certainly the most popular is video slots.

Why do people love video slots? Well, this is a typical luck-based game. It does not require any strategy development or skill improvement. The video slot games are extremely easy and they let people relax and potentially earn money (which is a less relevant thing). Apart from that, they come with interesting storylines, animations, and characters. They are sometimes based on movies, songs, and other stuff from “real life”.

Another reason why people love them is their accessibility. It is no longer difficult to find video slots that are fair and interesting at the same time. The good news is that online casinos do not plan to stop offering this casino game. On the contrary, the offer will probably expand even more. You can find a lot of casinos that regularly add new variants and types of video slots to their gaming catalog. Finding those sites is easy. For more information, you can check

Technology Is Responsible for Popularity Growth

Interesting animations and storylines of video games are not the only reasons why video slots have become popular. People enjoy these games because of the technology that supports their functioning. But, things were pretty different only 10 years ago. People can now enjoy much more benefits than before because of some simple reasons.

The Evolution of Video Slots Software

The first slot machine ever was made in the early 1900s. Those machines exist even today in some casinos. As gambling experts like to say, they were known as the one-armed bandit. The way video slots function today is pretty different. They primarily let you see the payouts and other relevant information of each previous game. Apart from that, all the video slots come with reputable software and RNG technology that ensure fairness and complete randomness. That ensures the safety of each player and gives him equal chances to win money at every moment.

Speaking of animations and sounds, they are much better today. When you play video slots online, you will hear interesting sounds and see a wide range of symbols that have different meanings. In the last decade, software development companies have been pretty creative, and they regularly add something new.

Video Slots Now vs. Video Slots Before


When you look closer, video slots are actually the second stage of slots development over time. Believe it or not, the first video slot appeared in the mid-70s. As you can guess, they appeared in Las Vegas. The size of their screen was 19 inches (pretty big, yes), and they had typical black and red colors. In the next couple of years, they all looked the same or almost identical.

Did they have some disadvantages? Unfortunately, yes. Their level of protection was extremely low. People that are experienced with electronic systems could easily hack them. Because of that, online casinos and software developing companies decided to do something about it.

Video slots today are properly protected, and there is no chance to hack them at all. As we already stated, their design, animations, and sounds are completely different from the ones we had 50 years ago. They are now more accessible thanks to online casinos that offer this gambling game to a worldwide audience.

Bonuses Make Things Easier

Bonuses and promotions didn’t exist before. Thanks to advanced technology, the number of reputable gambling sites is growing on a daily basis. In the competitive environment, they had to find a way to survive. More precisely, they had to think of a method that will help them keep the existing customers and attract the new ones. That is the reason why people can now play slots with free cash and spins.

Most casinos will give you a welcome package in the form of free spins and cash. You will manage to use them to try out different video slots and find the one that meets your requirements and expectations. It can be pretty costly to check them out all because you will have to spend a decent amount of money.

HTML5 and Flash

There is one fact that confirms how video slots are good in today’s world. You do not have to play video slots only on your computer. You can also play it on different devices such as smartphones, tablet devices, etc. The reasons why these options are available as well are simple to understand. Video slots of today function thanks to HTML5 and flash technology. With these two “tools”, you can run them on any device that you want.

That also confirms that video slots have become more flexible. You can play them on your smartphone from any location that is covered with a stable Wi-Fi connection. It doesn’t need to surprise us why they have become so popular. The same rule counts for the entire gambling business field.

But, Why Should You Play Video Slots?


This is a question that a lot of our readers have. Why should you play them when you have some other available games as well? Of course, the other ones are great as well. But, video slots can be beneficial in an unusual way.

First and foremost, they are easy and do not require any gambling experience or skills. Apart from that, if you pick the right ones, you may experience higher payouts compared to some other games. The online casinos are regularly organizing video slot tournaments where you can participate for a small fee. Aren’t all these reasons good enough to convince you to try them out?