The Evolution Of Technology In Online Casinos: A Walk Through The Ages

Online casinos as we know them today are amazing. They’re modern, technologically advanced, fun, shiny, fast revolving, accessible, and to put it mildly into one word amazing.  If you’re a fan of gambling, web-based casinos probably were a revelation to you as to the rest of us. But, if you dig a little deeper into the history of these web establishments you’ll notice that they weren’t always like this. Online casinos evolved. Some thirty or so years ago they began from scratch. It was a very long way to become what they’re today.

When you woke up today, the last thing you expected was a lesson in the old days of online casinos. But, that’s precisely what you’re going to get. If this is your first time reading about the historic events that shaped the world of web-based casinos that we have today you’re in for a fun ride. First, we’re going to talk about the late eighties and early nineties, before we move on to every decade that brought a wagering novelty. The road will lead us to the modern online gambling establishments we have today. Let’s revisit history together.

Early Days


The technology that has propelled online casinos such as was devised in the late eighties and early nineties. Bu, the year that is seen as the first that saw the birth of the first web-based casinos was 1994. Back then there were no casinos on the net. And then, one day, on the Isle of Man there was the spark.

The first one! It revolutionized the world of wagering. Aptly called the Gaming Club, this casino quickly conquered the world. It was fueled by one act. The Free Trade & Processing Act delivered by Antigua and Barbuda allowed various entities to apply for online gaming licenses on this island. The first-born casino and this act were the entities that propelled the rise of internet casinos and have led to the universe of gambling as we know it today.

The Fun-Time 90s

After the first few casinos were established on the web there came another great change that helped them get elevated to a whole new level. One is tied to CryptoLogic Limited, a company that pioneered safe web transactions. What did this for casinos is that it made them safe and secure to put your money in and gamble without worries. Secure online transactions made online establishments even safer than land-based casinos. The um that ensued was quick. From one casino in 1994 to 15 in 1996, to over 200 in 1997 was the first real explosion of online gambling.

Kick in The Tech

The early 2000s brought high technological development that continued to this day. The first casinos on the web were limited to several games available. As tech evolved they were soon able to mimic most of the games available in land-based casinos.

From early versions of poker and blackjack, we soon had a chance to enjoy virtual roulette and slot games that were a thing of imagination only a few years prior. Casinos became interactive places where players not only play games but communicate with other players, and enjoy a full deal of events. Fast forward a few years and everything moved a few levels up.

Live Dealer Games

As soon as all games were adapted to online casinos, and a set of new ones were introduced, the players started craving for more. Online casinos delivered. As soon as technology made it possible we have become witnesses of the first live dealer casinos.

It was the next step that made it possible for online establishments to become more like their land-based counterparts. Live dealers are available for games such as poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, and many others. With modern viewing devices, large monitors, phone and tablet displays, and TVs it was made possible to increase that live feel that most gamblers started to miss.

Mobile Gaming


The whole world is in the palm of our hands. The high development of smartphones did wonders for online casinos. All of a sudden their services became available everywhere at any time. Today, every reputable casino has a mobile app. This helped players satisfy their cravings whenever they felt like it.

The number of casinos grew and the number of players followed. Mobile casinos truly revolutionized the way we approach gambling. Today you can wager while commuting to work, on a lunch break, during dinner, on vacation, and even at work. There are no limits. All you need is a phone and internet connection.

Enter Digital Currencies

Not only that the games and casinos evolved, but the payment methods did too. Today you can put a deposit to your account in cryptocurrencies. The technological boom made it possible for crypto such as Bitcoin to become a relevant player in the financial market. In addition, you also have several strict crypto online casinos emerging. There are quite a few of them, which makes them both the present and the future of online gambling.

VR Tech

We’re not quite there yet, but VR rooms are the future of online gambling without a doubt. When virtual reality tech reaches the levels that it can be mass-produced at affordable prices, online casinos will reach new heights. Imagine that you’re in a casino in every sense but the fact that you’re in your room with VR goggles on. The future is almost here and we can’t look forward to it.



Artificial intelligence is yet another touch of technology that will soon be fully implemented into the world of nine casinos. You’ve witnessed how much robotics and software tied to AI improved in recent years. Chat GPT is making its way into most imaginable industries and online casinos will not be forgotten. We’re not there yet, but in the next few years, both AI and VR are going to make their great debut on the grandest stage of the online world of gambling.

Final Thoughts

Online Casinos Keep On Evolving. They Are No Different Than Modern Technology. They Grow Together. It was a long journey and the end is nowhere near. Soon enough web establishments for gambling will be elevated to a whole new level. The only thing we need to do is sit back and wait. All the changes are going in our direction. We, as players, are the first to experience every change tied to web casinos. The next one will be a treat. Sit back, relax, it’s almost here.