The Role of Random Number Generators (RNGs) in Online Casino Games

The Internet and technology have compressed conventional brick-and-mortar casinos into small devices that fit into the palm of your hand. Simply by downloading a live casino app, you can play any online casino games on the go and enjoy the thrill and excitement of winning big money. Nothing provides more edge-of-the-seat exhilaration than selecting a Roulette random number and waiting for the ball to land. The anticipation of winning keeps you betting on the game to see what happens.

Have You Ever Heard About RNGs?


Casino players are so engrossed in the game that they scarcely take the time to think about the many intricate mechanisms behind the whole system at Khelraja. In fact, most people have never heard of the term Random Number Generators (RNGs). RNGs are computer algorithms that generate numbers on a random basis without any settings that can take away from the game’s fairness. Such programs are a part of everyday human life in the form of computer simulations, compiling statistics, and security apps. You’ll even encounter them when playing any other digital games.

How RNGs Work to Maintain Fairness

If you’ve signed up at reputable gaming websites, you can expect that they all integrate this program. Each time you hit the slot machines or play Poker in online casino games, the program generates combinations that can be winning or losing. The most important feature of the Random Number Generator is that it is entirely based on chance. The program cannot be manipulated in any way to deliver predetermined value combinations. From time to time, the RNGs go through rigorous testing by third-party independent agencies to ensure that there are no discrepancies or manipulations.

Online casino games use RNGs of two different types–True Random Number Generators and Pseudo Random Number Generators.

True Random Number Generators (TRNG)


True Random Number Generators (TRNGs) are triggered by physical signals such as sound effects or touches on the screen to create numerical values in no particular sequence of events. Digital games are always in danger of hacking incidents, so this feature ensures that they cannot be hacked. That’s because the triggers can be entirely random and are dependent on actual physical signals. Predicting the results and their sequence in online casino games is completely impossible.

Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG)

Pseudo Random Number Generators (PRNG) deploy two sets of random numbers. First, you have the shorter sequence of numbers, also called seed numbers. This string is reliant on physical triggers and events, much like the TRNGs. Next, the algorithm creates a longer string or sequence of numbers based on the shorter strings. Since the end combination or result is derived from the seed numbers and algorithms, they are entirely random and impossible to pre-determine. Trying to reverse engineer or guess the possible outcomes just cannot be done.

Beating the Random Number Generator (RNG)


Is that even possible? That’s likely your next question. The answer is simply, No! Legitimate and regulated casinos, whether on-site or online, are dedicated to being fair to the average player. The programs are designed in such a way by the online casino game developers that they are impossible to decode. That is, unless you’re an expert hacker with access to the program’s software coding. And that is a closely guarded trade secret.

Random Number Generators Ensure that the Game is About Luck

RNGs ensure that most casino games are purely about luck. In fact, conventional brick-and-mortar gambling establishments also infuse this technology into their slot machines. Roulette games are also run by RNGs, so gamblers just cannot predict the winning number. Several online casino games use RNGs—for instance, slot machines, roulette, poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat.

The only difference is that with poker and Blackjack, the RNGs generate the hands that are dealt to the players. That’s because the game typically doesn’t have live dealers. If you want to win at these games, you can employ the skills you’ve learned. For instance, with Blackjack, you can choose if you want a Hit or stand. The RNGs will determine the cards you can buy.

RNGs Ensure that Outcomes are Unpredictable


The most important thing about Random Number Generators in online casino games is that they ensure that all players have an equal chance. Members who have been playing the games for longer don’t really have an edge since there’s no way anyone can predict the outcomes. Every result is in no way dependent on the previous sequence of events.

Whatever may be the games you choose to play, RNGs are deployed to deliver results. Virtual games use RNGs like for instance, craps, Bingo, slot machines, and lotteries. Slot machines can range from five and seven to a maximum of 10. Each time players pull the lever, the reels spin and come to a stop to reveal a combination of outcomes. Winnings are decided based on the images and the numbers that are displayed. These displays are also governed by the RNG program. You can continue to play the same slot machine multiple times, but the results will still be randomly displayed.

How to Be Certain that the RNGs are Unbiased and Fair

You can rest assured that the online casino games you’re playing are fair and unbiased. A great starting point is to look for the platform’s licensing and registration. If you see these certificates, it’s an indication that the website is regulated and undergoes regular auditing by authorized agencies. The inspectors also verify the game payouts and create reports.

Evaluating the game and its math calculations is also a part of the audit process. If the platform wants to make any changes in its games, it needs to get permits from the licensing agency. That being said, know that RNGs are designed to ensure that the website makes money out of the games being played. That’s how they earn profits. That’s also how some players walk away with a fat wad of cash.

And that’s how Random Number Generators ensure that online casino games are played fairly and without the possibility of manipulating members.