Customer Service Representative Training – 2024 Guide

In the call center setting, customer service representative training needs to cover topics that may not be applicable to other environments. Certain aspects of Customer service representative training, like soft skills, are always relevant but a good Customer service representative training program is not complete without covering topics like computer skills, effective communication, telesales, and general telephone handling skills.

Computers Training

According to, call centers these days cannot function without the use of computers. Call center agents must be well versed on company-specific and main steam programs in order to do their job well. Also, reps should be able to type at 25 – 50 wpm. Basic computer training should cover windows based applications that require pointing, clicking, sizing, moving, scrolling, and other functions

Communication Training

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Starting with in-depth coverage of listening skills, the customer service representative training should teach reps how to ask open and closed-ended questions. In addition, a section on properly choosing the words used to convey a point is a must.

Telesales Training

With mounting pressure to create revenue whenever possible. customer service representative training must teach reps that everyone is a salesperson. Agents must be thought how to recognize up sales opportunities, and how to identify hidden customer needs. Of course, the customer service representative training should spend a good amount of time on overcoming resistance and objections, as well as discussing the various closing techniques used by the pros.

Telephone Skills

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Given the fact that call center agents will spend their entire day on the phone, the customer service representative training must include extensive discussions about that aspect of the job. While the training should cover the mechanics of answering calls various role-play scenarios, the most effective customer service representative training should also teach reps how to avoid exhaustion and how to remain focused on the calls. Taking calls 8 hours a day can easily become a monotonous and unchallenging (mentally) process that can turn the best agent into an ineffective worker. Proper training call help agents keep on top of their game as they go through their day.

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