Managed Service Providers vs. In-house IT – What to Choose for your Company?

For most businesses, hiring a managed IT service provider to handle some or all their IT needs can be quite beneficial. Even if it is something as simple as helpdesk support, working with someone can provide you with various resources you might need to handle other business tasks for which your staff is better. In order to determine which one is better for your business, you will need to determine what is the best balance of outsourced IT services vs in-house, hence, you will need to examine the pros of both methods. Let’s take a look:

Benefits of In-house IT

With an in-house IT department, you can make sure that they have the training needed for your business’s specific needs. They will also be available at all time, this is especially beneficial if they can perform a wide range of functions that require specific skills. Also, by using an in-house IT team, you can ensure that you hang onto the best performers that are capable of succeeding in the marketplace through their skills and experience. However, medium-sized and small businesses cannot usually afford to hire a whole team of experts, hence, they choose to hire a special someone who will be able to handle a little bit of everything. These people might know things about helpdesk support and networking, but they are far from masters in the IT field. Read more on

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The pros of an in-house IT team:

  1. 24/7 availability
  2. Immediate support when needed
  3. Developing a deep knowledge about the companies needs and infrastructure

The cons of an in-house IT team:

  1. Higher costs
  2. Limited experience and knowledge
  3. Possible overtime charges

Benefits of Outsourced IT

Whether it is for ongoing helpdesk support or for difficult software projects, there is a wide range of benefits to outsourcing some or all parts of your business to a capable managed IT service provider. According to the experts from Kyocera Intelligence, one of the best benefits that you can gain is that you can rely on a professional team of people to handle challenges that might take your in-house team longer to solve. Additionally, when you outsource, you will be able to save a large amount of money on ongoing support. Not only do MSPs use their own resources and tools, but they also have a fixed rate. Hence, you will be able to easily scale your project with the MSP without hiring and training costs. If your business has remote locations, remote maintenance and monitoring is a good option for you.

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The pros of an MSP team:

  1. Access to experienced and professional people
  2. Flat monthly rates
  3. 24/7 availability
  4. Shared access to modern technology, hardware, and software

The cons of an MSP team:

  1. Finding the right MSP takes effort and time
  2. The wide range of service options can seem confusing and complex
  3. Limited on-site availability


The obvious winner, in this case, is to hire a managed IT service company that will have the experience that will enable you to succeed in anything and everything related to your IT department. They will be able to provide top-notch support, protect your data from cyber threats and attacks, and you will be able to save money by hiring an MSP. Hence, do not waste any more time and start searching for an MSP that will help you with your IT needs.