Top 7 Reasons Why You Suck at Black Desert Game

Opposite of popular opinion, playing video games requires a lot of practice, knowledge, and creativity. Many people think that they only need to understand the basic rules and get great scores at some game. But, the truth is that it’s not that easy. In order to become a successful player in any MMORPG game, you need to be fully dedicated and invest a lot of time and money.

Black Desert Online is one of the games that is splitting the gamers into two groups, like people who absolutely love it, and people who really hate it. The second group usually don’t get the point of the game, and they find it complicated, messy, and disturbing, so they decide to move on, leaving it behind them. There are plenty of reasons why you are bad at video games, including Black Desert Online, and the lack of compatibility and chemistry between you and the game is also a significant factor. But, here are also many other reasons why you suck at Black Desert Online:

1. You’ve read a lot of articles that say the game is bad


The general opinion is that the game is really bad, so you can’t be good at something that is terrible. But, another fact is that many gamers find it interesting and they put too much time and effort to prove their friends that the game is actually interesting and worth playing. So, if you are curious about some game, don’t let the media create your opinion. You know nothing about it until you start playing by yourself and discover what it has to offer.

2. You are adult and games are not a priority

When we are younger, we have more spare time after school to play a lot of games. That’s why you may not find Black Desert interesting and challenging enough. Adult people need to go to work, exercise, take care of their families, so they don’t have much time to develop a proper winning strategy. So, one of the reasons why you are bad at it, is that you can’t invest time and money and you don’t get good results. That makes the game boring for you and the chances that you’ll give up are very big. Games require a lot of practice and dedication, just like studying or working, and it’s understandable if you don’t have time to be better at it.

3. You are not practicing it correctly

Games are not something you can learn from books. Our brains work differently and we create different playing patterns. Of course, you can watch some tutorials or read written instructions. But, sometimes it’s better to have someone who is better at the game, so they can tell you what are you doing wrong. You may think that mistakes are not that important when it comes to games like Black Desert Online, but they may cost you a lot of nerves, and if you don’t fix them, you will stay bad at it, with no sign of improvement

4. You don’t enjoy the game

The first rule is that if you want to be successful at something, you need to enjoy it. This rule applies to the games too. You need to like it, so you can enjoy and practice, and become better. MMORPG games require a lot of time and skills, so you can improve your strategy and playing techniques. You sure know that the best players spend hours with the game because they simply enjoy it, and want to get better with every day.

5. See if you are bad at one or more games


You may suck at Black Desert Online because it’s not compatible with you, and it doesn’t fit your gaming requirements. Or, maybe it’s not in your nature to be gamer, just like not everyone can be a doctor or math professor. So, you can download or buy some other games and see if you are also bad at it. If that is the case, you may need to consider finding another hobby and give up on games.

6. You don’t use Black Desert Online boost

Sometimes, some levels or raids are impossible for us, but they are too easy for professional players. You can buy Black Dessert Online boost services on Lfcarry, and they will assign you a professional who will help you choose the right pack for you. After that, you can easily continue playing, until the next thing you find unsolvable. You need to know that boosting services are legal and allowed, and don’t mix them with cheats. You are only paying to someone better than you to pass the levels, or to buy the weapons you will need in the future. You may do that by yourself, but it would take too much time for you, and they can finish it in an hour or two, depending on the package you choose.

7. Your computer is bad


Sometimes, the computer can be not suitable for the game. Many games, including this one, require a good graphic card and fast processor, and low performances can make the whole experience horrible. We are aware that gaming gear and equipment can be pretty expensive, but you should know that is one of the conditions to play the game regularly and get a full experience. Bad and old computers or older versions of game platforms are the main reason why some people are bad at these games. You need to be aware that if you want to be a gaming professional, you need to own proper equipment for that.

Some people in the world earn from playing Black Desert Online and many other similar games. They work at boosting companies, or they are a great part of the community, that is organizing tournaments and championships on a global level. But if you are still bad at MMORPG games, you may need to finally confess that you don’t have a natural talent and find another hobby that will work better for you.