6 Best Laptops for Programming 2024

Programmers need to have a laptop that is best suited to their needs. This is essential for them in order to work on software development. If their machine is not good for coding, they cannot do their jobs properly. Luckily, there are laptops in most budget ranges for every programmer to afford. Below is the list of best programming laptops for this year. First, however, let us determine what makes a good programming laptop.

The most important things to look for when purchasing a laptop for your programming needs are as follows:

-The processor should be the 8th generation Intel i5 minimum or i7, depending on your needs.

-RAM should be 8GB minimum or 16GB+ for game and VR development.

-Hard Disk combination should be a Solid-state Drives (SSDs) to speed up your booting and loading, and enough space on your HDD for the data you will work with.

-Display and graphics depend on your needs. Although small laptops are easy to transport, you will need an HD screen for readability. Game developers also require larger screens and proper graphics cards.

-The keyboard is your entry point when programming and a bad keyboard can ruin the whole user experience, no matter how well other species might be. Therefore, it should be comfortable and of good quality.

Now that this is established, let us see 5 of the best programming laptops in 2019.

1. Best Laptop for Coding – Dell XPS 13

Img source: laptopmag.com

Developers love XPS series by Dell, and this one is among the best in the price group. There are multiple configurations for it, and the best include the 8th generation Intel i5 1.60GHz processor as standard. This processor can handle any programming task you might have.

It is equipped with a 13.3-inch InfinityEdge touchscreen that is among the best in its range, and perfect for long coding sessions. Those for whom it is important, they can upgrade to an amazing 4K Ultra HD version.

Memory wise, it has 8GB of DDR3 RAM, enough for a pretty smooth experience. You can choose between Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro systems, or even Ubuntu. The OS comes installed on the 128GB SSD hard drive, which is upgradable.

If you have a larger budget, get an SSD with more space, or more RAM.

2. Best Budget Laptop for Programming – ASUS VivoBook F510UA

Img source: YouTube

This ASUS laptop is the best programming laptop under $500, as it offers great value for this money. It had good hardware specifications for this sum, and runs on an Intel Core i5-8250U 1.6GHz processor, and has 8GB of DDR4 RAM.  The display is 15.6-inch Full HD, and you get 1TB SATA hard drive. If you do not need a touchscreen and want a great Windows laptop, you cannot make a mistake with this one.

3. Best Laptop for Game Development – MSI GP73 Leopard-609

Img source: gentechpc.com

Game development is a broad term, as jobs in this department range from simple 2D games, all the way to full, AAA titles with high-end graphics and mechanics that bring in billions of dollars. This is why you should be prepared for anything, as much as your budget allows you to anyway.

The MSI GP73 Leopard-609 is a great example of this, as it is an all-around powerhouse laptop that has great performance overall.

A powerful 8th gen six-core i7 processor is at its heart, and 8GB of DDR4 RAM is in charge of the speed. The memory is also upgradable, as is the standard 1TB HDD. Graphics wise, you will get an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card, which can take care of whatever you can smoothly and with no troubles. Furthermore, a 17-inch Full HD display gives you a clear and sharp environment to work on.

4. Best Laptop for iOS Development – MacBook Pro

Img source: cnet.com

It should not be a shock to anyone that an Apple laptop is the best choice for iOS software development. The recent MacBook Pro has a touch bar, and comes with an Intel Core i5 processor with 2.3GHz, while the 8GB of memory keep multitasking easy and manageable. Furthermore, the 256GB SSD storage enables quick booting and loading of the system and software. If you have to write in Swift, the native language for iOS by Apple, the MacBook Pro has more than enough power for the infamous costly compiling it has.

Although many buy Apple products because they like them and only them, the price can be an issue otherwise. However, if you must code in iOS, the latest MacBook Air should be your only choice.

5. Best Laptop Keyboard for Programmers – Lenovo ThinkPad T470

Img source: YouTube

As mentioned, a comfortable typing experience is essential for coding. However, laptops are not famous in this department. That is why ThinkPad laptops aim to break that trend, and they are doing a great job. The T470 combines a very good battery life with an 8th gen 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 processor. These machines are also very customizable, as you can pick between 8GB and 32GB of RAM, as well as between 500GB and 1TB SSD storage.

These laptops offer an all-around high-performance experience, recommended by programmers because of their comfortable and responsive keyboard. Lastly, the Power Bridge is an awesome feature, as it allows the users to swap batteries without turning the laptop off.

6. Best Laptop for Travelling Coders – HP 15T

Img source: techhive.com

Programmers who travel a lot need to have the right laptop by their side at all times. Except for the wear and tear from the airport and rail travels, the danger of theft is always looming. In modern times, cloud services mean that a stolen laptop only a financial issue, and no more a major loss of work.

The 15T by HP has enough power for any daily task you need, and it is a very low-cost purchase. The laptop runs on an AMD 2.5 GHz processor and has 4GB of DDR4 RAM. Therefore, it cannot compare to the others in this department, but it is lower financial investment and a great secondary machine to take with you when traveling. Unfortunately, it does not have a touch screen, but it is equipped with two USB 3.1 ports and an HDMI output.