Writing a Narrative Essay: Simple Tips & Hooking Ideas for 2024

When you receive a narrative essay writing task from your college or university professor, you might think that you have to air out some of your personal stories. However, that is often not the case. You have an opportunity to create a winning essay by telling your readers about a memorable event, making up a breathtaking story, or talking about your special role model. In order to accomplish a narrative essay that will get an A+, you have to take your time in order to come up with the best possible idea for writing. There are dozens of narrative essay writing ideas out there, which means you will be able to choose something that works for you perfectly.

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Before you give your preference to any idea, make sure to browse our list of the best narrative essay writing ideas that will definitely inspire you the way you have never been inspired. Once you choose the most suitable topic or idea, do complex research and make sure your paper is absolutely authentic. Reading others’ life stories could inspire and help you better your writing style and manner; on this discourse contributing platform, you will find the opportunity to anonymously share your own stories and read others’ stories as well.

It is forbidden to copy and text from the internet. As an alternative to it, you can cite each of the sources appropriately. Thus, you will do two things. First of all, you will provide an original piece of writing. Second, you will prove your academic competence as a college student.

Before we take a look at the potential ideas that you can base your paper on, keep in mind that you will have to concentrate on the topic that will take your target readers through the best memories or events. Once you ensure your words and sentences flow naturally, you will be able to build a marvelous narrative story. It is the author’s responsibility to make certain that their project makes a perfect impression on the target audience.

Valuable Experience

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Usually, when you’re working on a narrative essay based on your personal experience, it is important to share your feelings, thoughts, and conclusions. Thus, you can pick any situation to write about, because the plot is not as valuable as your own thoughts. Your essay should include a real-life situation discussed in a literary form. This means that you have to relate to your readers. The only way that the authors can cope with that is by describing their feelings. Make sure to share some of your experiences that changed your understanding of some crucial elements of life. Discuss some inspiring or dangerous situations that helped you change or frightened you.

  • Is there a person that you can name your role model?
  • When was the moment that you realized that you and your best friend are united for good?
  • Tell about a situation from the past that made you believe family is the most important thing in life
  • Is there a book that changed your attitude towards life? 


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All over the globe, people have to obey the existing laws. However, our life has more laws that can’t be found in books, but they influence our lives on a larger scale. These are the laws related to morality and ethics. In most cases, when your morality is questioned, you are provided with a choice. On the one hand, you can do something that is right. On the other hand, you can do something that is immoral for your own reasons. Narrative essay writing topics in the areas of morality are an excellent choice because they tend to hook readers’ attention easily:

  • The most difficult decision in your life
  • The most recent personal morality challenge
  • A moral choice that you’re sorry you have made
  • The biggest lie that you have ever told
  • The most rebellious act in your life


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Taking into account the fact that we all live in a society, almost all of our everyday experiences are somehow connected with other people. If you decide to write a narrative essay about relationships, you will have an opportunity to talk about people that are dear to your heart and that you appreciate. Describe the way this or that person influenced you and share some of the most memorable moments that you’ve had together. As for the potential ideas that you’re welcome to apply, here are some of them:

  • The most ridiculous situation that you got into with your friend
  • A person you are afraid to lose
  • When was the first time that you fell in love?
  • The first rejection that you had in your life

All in all, a strong and attractive topic determines the success of your narrative essay. In case you fail to choose one on your own, you can find some help at the websites like Advancedwriters.com just in a click.