Software Development: Top Services Affecting Your Business

The software development process is complex. It covers many services, starting from developing, testing, and launching new products. Every software development service aims to impact your business in a positive way by increasing revenue, polishing essential operations, and engaging clients to try your software products.

If you want to engage yourself in the software development industry, technical skills are essential. However, this job may ask for some skills, you do not even think about creativity, communication, and brainstorming new ideas.

What Services Do Web Development Companies Offer?

If you plan to cooperate with web/software development specialists, you need to have a clear idea of what list of services they can provide to you. Make sure that the team has enough experience in the niche you work in.

Other companies, like NIX United, have a special custom approach. The team works with clients helping them plan, build, design, and launch the software. Every tiny need of a client is taken into consideration to reach the perfect outcome. Dealing with such professionals, you will stand in the highly competitive marketplace easily.

The Main Phases of Software Development Project


Most companies offer a wide software development service choice: building software, defining client’s requirements, implementing UI/UX design, creating prototypes, testing software, and launching the final software product.

“Inventing” Phase

Do you have an idea for your project? This is when this phase starts. You will need to cooperate with the software development provider to identify your business needs and find the best solution for implementing them. This phase involves detailed discussions and in-depth software market analysis.

“Designing” Phase

At this moment, you have an idea of what kind of software your business needs. It is time to think about its visual appeal and functionality. It is essential to get to know your potential users, their needs, and expectations. You have all the tools to determine the way your future clients will see your final software product/service.

“Building” Phase

This is the most important part of the software creation process. Programming is a very complex job and only experienced programmers are able to do it. Writing code will result in user-friendly functionality that your future consumers need. It is essential to check every little detail, which powers the software in order to ensure accurate functionality.

“Confirming” Phase


Once your software product has been properly built, it is time to test it out. You should ask your provider about the timeline and the used methodology. Some experts prefer to test the product at the end, while sometimes it is better to test it simultaneously while building your new software product.

“Revising” Phase

When you create a software product, it rarely is perfect from the first try. It takes time to polish the product before it starts working as you want. There are many things that may influence the functionality. To ensure that your new software is user-friendly, your developer has to test and tweak it several times.

“Approving” Phase

As soon as your software product meets the core requirements, it needs to be approved. Make sure that your stakeholders have checked it properly. It is an important step that permits you to pivot the software at any point and do extra adjustments if needed.

“Launching” Phase

Let’s say your mobile app has been created and accepted by users. It is time for your software to go live. This phase can be simple or multi-stages, depending on your product. Your developer needs to request approval from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Make sure that as many users as possible have easy access to your product.

“Evolving” Phase

Your software is going to evolve by on-time identifying certain enhancements for smoother functionality. Remember that the digital market is fast-changing, so you need to consider updating some features or designs in a couple of years.

How To Select the Right Provider of Software Development Service?


According to PLANEKS, in today’s digital-oriented world, it is essential to have access to effective apps and software products to ensure your business growth. It is a challenge to find a provider, which can build a perfect product. Below, you will find some tips on how to search for the perfect software developer.

Define the exact services you will need

Make sure you have a clear idea of what development services you need. You can hire an independent provider or a big team with 24/7 access. Discuss what platforms will be used to achieve the best results.

Speak about your concerns

Obviously, you are not a professional developer, so you have to speak honestly and find an experienced team that you can fully trust. Make sure that you get the explanation about the software development process to be a part of the team. It would be best if you get a risk assessment and proper testing of a new product.

Set ambitious but realistic goals

Speak your ideas with your development team. Make sure your goals are realistic. The final product has to be creative and interesting to your potential users. There is no need to copy already existing apps or software if you want to stand the competition.

Things To Consider


The process of software development is extensive. It involves many parties. It’s essential for your provider not to be afraid of challenges. Facilitating discussions is another thing to consider. The decision-making stage should go smoothly. Do your best to deliver your tasks clearly to avoid any sign of misunderstanding.

The company is a reliable team you can trust for the creative process of building apps/software. The only thing you need to do is to identify the niche market gaps, determine the pricing policy, and start building your new product. The team can focus on building apps for desktop computers, mobiles, and clouds. You can order building huge data solutions, e-commerce, or enterprise. Only experienced specialists know how to create and launch successful app/software projects that will fit the market niche, make users’ life easier, brings you a big profit, and will be the key element of your business growth.