Top 5 Custom Software Development Companies in Vietnam (Updated 2024)

As Vietnam’s economy accelerate at speed, so does its tech sector. The Southeast Asian nation has become an attractive IT destination for foreign investors looking to set up shop in the region. Accordingly, this has led to a boom in the country’s software development industry, with a number of top-tier companies setting up shop in recent years. In this article, we’ll take a look at 10 of the best custom software development companies in Vietnam.

What is custom software development?

About definition, custom software development is the process of creating bespoke software solutions for businesses or organizations. This type of software is usually created to address specific needs that cannot be met by off-the-shelf solutions. It is often developed using agile methodology, which allows for quick and frequent changes to be made to the software during the development process.

Why outsource custom software development?

There are many reasons for businesses to hire custom software development services. These benefits, for example, are notable ones:


  1. Increased efficiency: Off-the-shelf software solutions are often not tailored to the specific needs of an organization. This can lead to inefficiencies and a loss of productivity. Custom software is designed to meet the specific needs of the organization, which can lead to increased efficiency and productivity.
  2. Improved competitive advantage: By definition, custom software is unique to the organization that commissions it. This can give the organization a competitive edge over rivals who are using bespoken solutions.
  3. Greater flexibility: Custom software can be adapted and changed to meet the changing needs of an organization. This is different from off-the-shelf software, which is often inflexible and difficult to change.
  4. Improved security: Custom software is designed with the specific security needs of the organization in mind. This can help to secure sensitive data and reduce the risk of cyberattacks.
  5. Increased ROI: The initial cost of custom software development can be high. However, the long-term benefits of increased efficiency and productivity can lead to a higher return on investment (ROI).
  6. Enhanced customer experience: Custom software is designed with the specific needs of the customer in mind, leading to a better overall experience for the customer and improved customer retention rates.
  7. Better scalability: Custom software can be designed to accommodate future growth and expansion. It is in contrast to off-the-shelf software, which is often inflexible and difficult to scale.

The 2024 list of five leading custom software development companies in Vietnam

As stated before, there are currently a lot of custom software development companies in Vietnam. Here are the ten best ones for you to consider when outsourcing your project:

Orient Software

Topping the list of best custom software development companies in Vietnam, Orient Software is an IT outsourcing service provider with over 16 years of operating in the industry. This outsourcing company is famous for not only its solid expertise and rich experience within the IT outsourcing industry but also the large pool of IT experts.

Orient has been providing the best custom software development services with quality at a reasonable rate. Besides custom software development, Orient Software specializes in many different outsourcing services, such as mobile apps and web applications, QA and testing, and many more. At Orient, they put the client first, always striving to satisfy customer demands and achieve customer satisfaction. So, if you are seeking a reliable IT outsourcing provider, Orient Software should be your top consideration.

KMS Solutions


Next on the list is KMS Solutions, another leading custom software development company in Vietnam. This outsourcing company has been providing software outsourcing as well as technology consulting and other kinds of IT services to clients in the Asia Pacific and worldwide. KMS Solutions focuses on helping organizations of different sizes achieve their business goals through world-class fit-for-purpose solutions and proven best practices. The success of KMS within the IT industry and the great impact it offers on its clients have proven its position in the custom software development sector.



Being a part of Sota Holding – a global SDaaS and IT consulting corporation with seven branch offices in different countries, including Vietnam, the U.S, Australia, and Japan, SotaTek is a good option to consider for outsourcing custom software development with proven records of delivering successful products for clients.

SotaTek specializes in software development and blockchain technology, providing web applications and cloud-based solutions for various industries, such as Finance, Health Care, Retail, Real Estate, Education, Media, and Entertainment. The company has a large pool of over 500 tech talent that can take good care of clients’ specific IT needs and requirements. So, if you outsource custom software development to SotaTek, your project is in good hands.

PowerGate Software


With multiple offices in Australia, Canada, the U.K, the U.S, and Vietnam, PowerGate Software is an IT outsourcing company. For over ten, the company has a lot of experience operating across different industries, ranging from healthcare to fintech. PowerGate Software has a vision of turning the innovative ideas of its clients and partners into reality.

PowerGate Software is listed in the top 150 tech companies and has delivered 200 successful projects to clients across the globe. The company has a large team of hand-selected software engineers behind it to bring the best services and deliver innovative software products to the specific needs of every client.

Enlab Software


Speaking of the top dedicated offshore software development company in Vietnam, Enlab Software is a good option. This outsourcing company offers a wide range of IT services and diverse technologies, ranging from ASP.NET, WCF/WebAPI, ASP.NET Core, Python/Django, PHP, Laravel, StreamInsight, T-SQL Programming, SQL Server, MongoDB, ExtJS, Ext.NET to DevExpress, Telerik, Kendo UI, Angular, VueJS, HTML5, CSS3, Xamarin, Flutter, Azure, and AWS. Enlab has rich experience and solid expertise in various industries, including real estate, construction, education, data management, procurement, marketing, recruitment, and ERP.

Enlab Software is well-known for not only its technical excellence but also its clear, active, and sincere communication. With such a good reputation, Enlab has established long-term relationships with a lot of clients around the world. If you seek a reliable partner for outsourcing custom software development, Enlab Software is worth your try.