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Best Tablets Under $50 to Buy in 2024 Review [Updated]

If you are looking for a budget tablet for your kids or to do simple computing tasks such as web surfing or watching videos, then you don’t need to waste money on an expensive tablet. There are so many cheaper tablets that you can easily find on the market. Most of these tablets are durable and offer good performance.

We have come up with the list of best tablets under $50 to help you find the right tablet. It is important to consider your needs before buying a tablet. Most people buy cheaper tablets because they do most of their work on their laptops, so you can use the tablet to play games or watch movies in your spare time.

In this article, we have carefully reviewed the tablets after doing research and going through customer feedback on the many different sites. We aim to help you make the right pick so that you don’t end up wasting your money.

Our Best Pick
Ematic 7" Quad-Core Tablet with Android 8.1 Go Edition, Red
Best Value
Vizio XR6M10 6" Touch Screen Android Tablet with Bluetooth and Smartcast Capabilities.
Also Consider
Dell Venue 7 v7TBL-1667BLK 16GB Android Tablet
Ematic 7" Quad-Core Tablet with Android 8.1 Go Edition, Red
Vizio XR6M10 6" Touch Screen Android Tablet with Bluetooth and Smartcast Capabilities.
Dell Venue 7 v7TBL-1667BLK 16GB Android Tablet
Our Best Pick
Ematic 7" Quad-Core Tablet with Android 8.1 Go Edition, Red
Ematic 7" Quad-Core Tablet with Android 8.1 Go Edition, Red
Best Value
Vizio XR6M10 6" Touch Screen Android Tablet with Bluetooth and Smartcast Capabilities.
Vizio XR6M10 6" Touch Screen Android Tablet with Bluetooth and Smartcast Capabilities.
Also Consider
Dell Venue 7 v7TBL-1667BLK 16GB Android Tablet
Dell Venue 7 v7TBL-1667BLK 16GB Android Tablet
Top 5 cheap tablets under $50 (2021)

    1. Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

    Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

    The Amazon Fire 7 is an extremely affordable tablet that has a compact size and just the right dimensions for offering perfect portability. The tablet has a sturdy build to protect it from damage in case it falls to the floor. The casing has a hard plastic exterior to survive accidents and falls.

    It is available in several different colors and has a shiny texture to it. The display screen is 7 inches, which makes it easy to carry with you. It can easily fit into your bag and does not require a lot of space. The IPS display of the tablet has a good amount of brightness and offers smooth navigation.

    The tablet has 16GB internal storage, which is a lot of storage in a budget tablet. If reading books and browsing the web is all you do, then the storage is more than sufficient for you. However if you need more storage, then check our articles best tablets under $200 for this purpose. It offers a simple to use interface where you don’t have to struggle to find things; everything is right in front of you.

    • Compact size
    • Easy portability
    • Colorful display
    • Highly affordable
    • Good battery life
    • A bit slow

    This budget tablet has a USB 2.0 for charging the tablet, a headphone jack, and speakers at the top. The battery of the tablet can last for more than 6 hours, which is ideal for reading your books or articles on the web. You can enjoy playing all sorts of games on it. Amazon Fire 7 is a brilliant tablet that offers great value at such a small price.

    2. Haehne 7

    Haehne 7

    Haehne 7 is another 7-inch lightweight tablet that is perfect for kids who want to play games and watch cartoons on it. The tablet has a solid plastic body for providing good durability. It has a bright blue paint finish on the body, which can be quite appealing to both kids and adults. The texture of the casing makes it easy to hold.

    The tablet has a large display for playing games on a bigger screen or viewing your files. The 1024×600 display is not the most brilliant but still offers a good amount of detail. With the IPS panel of the display, you can expect wider viewing angles for an excellent viewing experience.

    The tablet is equipped with a Cortex-A50 64-bit processor that allows for quick multitasking and reduces lag. It allows you to run all sorts of applications and enthusiast gaming. You get a 16GB storage in this tablet, which can also be expanded by making use of the MicroSD slot built into the tablet.

    • Wider display
    • Storage expansion
    • Quick multitasking
    • Easy to use interface
    • Lightweight
    • Average battery life

    In terms of operating system and user experience, the tablet offers the Android 9 Pie Operating system. The interface is quite simple and easy to use, even for both kids and elderly people who have limited experience with technologies. Haehne 7 is easy to use and has a good quality display, which makes it worth considering.

    3. Dell Venue 7

    Dell Venue 7

    The Dell Venue is a budget tablet that has a solid construction and powerful features to give you the best user experience. The body of the tablet has a matte black finish with a chrome painted Dell logo at the back. The edges of the tablet are smooth and shiny, making it feel firm in hand.

    The 7-inch display of the Venue 7 is crisp and sharp as it has a maximum screen resolution of 1280×800 pixels. It is an In-Plane Switching panel that has good contrast and colorful tones. The sharp display makes watching videos so much exciting and fun. The tablet has a USB port for charging and volume control buttons on the side edge.

    It weighs more than 5 ounces, which right there tells you about its amazing durability. The tablet is powered with an Intel Atom Z2560 processor, which is quite quick when it comes to performing daily computing tasks. With a 2GB RAM, you won’t have to worry about it slowing down. However, this ram is not enough if you are fond of gaming. For this purpose, take a look at our article best tablets under $300 for gaming tablets.

    • Durable build
    • Crisp and sharp display
    • Quick processing
    • Good battery life
    • Quality sound
    • Affordable
    • Average camera quality

    The tablet has a good battery that can last for more than 7 hours. The long battery life makes it one of the best tablets under $50. The speaker of the tablet has a quality sound that is loud enough to fill up an entire room. The Dell Venue 7 is a quality tablet that offers brilliant performance at a reasonable price, which makes it worth buying.

    4. Vizio XR6M10

    Vizio XR6M10

    The Vizio XR6M10 is a compact tablet that stands out in terms of design and performance. It has smaller dimensions as compared to the tablets reviewed above. So if you want a mobile sized tablet, this is the best option. The edges of the device are straight and slightly sharp, giving it a modern look.

    It offers a 6-inch touchscreen display that has a high resolution of 1920xx1080 pixels. The display is quite detailed and allows for an immersive viewing experience. It is smooth to the touch and offers quick navigation. You can easily read your ebooks and pdf files on this large display screen.

    The tablet provides an 8GB memory, which is quite sufficient if you use it for listening to music and web surfing. It can be used as a remote control for controlling your tv, which is highly useful. The battery of the tablet is pretty decent and can last for several hours once charged. The small size of the tablet makes it quite easy to carry with you.

    • Compact and small size
    • Modern design
    • Special stand for easy charging
    • Portable
    • Sharp display
    • Small storage

    It comes with a special stand that can be used for charging the device. It provides wireless charging, which is the best thing about this tablet. You can place the stand anywhere in your room where you need it the most. The Vizio XR6M10 is a compact tablet that is capable of offering good performance and portability.

    5. Ematic 7

    Ematic 7

    The Ematic 7 is not only aesthetically attractive but powerful as well when it comes to fast processing. The tablet has a soft rubber finish at the back for eliminating hand fatigue. It is available in several bright colors for offering you a good variety. The speaker grill of the tablet is located at the back that has a decent sound quality.

    The 7-inch LCD touchscreen of the tablet is super responsive. It is wide enough to view everything in detail. The tablet has a simple interface, and it is quite easy to set up. The tablet has a number of pre-installed applications that can be highly useful. The soft keys available at the bottom of the display makes it easy to operate the device.

    The tablet has a 16GB memory, which is a lot of memory for storing all your applications. The Ematic 7 has a quad-core processor for fast processing of all computing tasks. It comes with a good charger and a USB cable for charging. You can also charge it by using any other USB cable in case yours break down.

    • Offers several colors
    • Amazing display
    • Provides mini HDMI
    • Easy to use
    • Slightly heavy

    The tablet offers several ports on one side that includes an audio jack, a mini HDMI, and a USB port. The fact that it offers HDMI in such a budget tablet gives it an edge over the other tablets reviewed so far. Ematic 7 has an attractive design and an easy to learn interface for people who find it hard to operate electronic devices.

    Guide For Buying The Best Budget Tablet

    There are so many budget tablets available on the market, which makes it necessary to find the best one that fulfills your needs. You need to know certain aspects of tablets that must be considered before buying one such as ease of use, portability, durability, etc. The aspects explained down below will help you find the best tablet.


    Size is an essential aspect when it comes to buying a tablet. A compact sized tablet will be easy and comfortable to use. If you are going to be doing a lot of reading on your tablet, then go for a tablet that has a length of more than 7 inches. Also, make sure that the back is soft so that it is not too harsh on your palm.


    Tablet design holds a lot of importance to most people. Most tablets have smooth rounded corners so that they are easier to hold. It should have a good selection of ports such as an audio jack, USB port, and volume control buttons. A tablet should be designed in such a way to offer you the maximum comfort when you are using it.


    The body of the tablet should be made of strong and sturdy materials so that it can survive falls. Durability is an important factor when looking for a quality tablet. The display of the screen should be composed of premium glass material so that it does not break. It will save you from the trouble of replacing the screen now and again.

    Usually, heavier tablets are more durable as compared to the lighter ones and won’t break easily. So it is necessary to get a bulky tablet so that it can last longer. It will save you alot of valuable time and money.

    Processor & RAM

    When it comes to performance, processing power and speed are the most important things to consider in a tablet. If your tablet is slow when performing basic tasks, then it would be of very little use and value to you. And it would be hard to get anything done if you have an unresponsive touchscreen.

    For a budget tablet under $50, it is recommended to have a quad-core processor so that it is quick when loading applications and has less lag time. Also, for fast switching between applications, the tablet should have RAM greater than 1GB for trouble-free multitasking.


    Tablets with poor battery life are a waste of money. The tablet should have an average battery life of more than 5 hours, so you don’t have to charge it now and then. For light gaming and web browsing, 5 hours is a pretty good battery time and won’t drain quickly.

    Wrapping Up

    You dont need to spend too much on a tablet that you will only use for light gaming and web browsing. Durability and a decently good performance matter the most in budget tablets. The tablets reviewed in this article are all capable of providing you amazing performance and great value under a very small budget. Our top three recommendations are given down below. You should definitely check these out.

    • Amazon Fire 7 Tablet is the top-recommended tablet due to its sophisticated design and easy portability
    • Haehne 7 is another excellent tablet that offers brilliant performance
    • Dell Venue 7 stands out because of its high durability and stylish design

    So this was the review of the best tablets under $50 for people who want something durable and budget-friendly. We hope you enjoyed reading the article and now ready to look at some of the tablets reviewed above.

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