5 Ways Technology is Affecting the Legal Sector in 2024

There is absolutely no doubt that technology has changed our lives in more than one way. We are not only talking about numerous smart devices that we use on a daily basis for entertainment or those that have allowed us to complete all the tasks without any trouble. In addition, there are those pieces of technology that companies use to grow their business and attract more customers.

Still, technology has also had an enormous effect on almost every trade. There almost isn’t a job that is performed the same way as it used to decades ago. In this article, we are going to focus on the legal sector and we are going to tell you how it has affected the way attorneys do their job.

Communication with the clients

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We are going to start with something fairly simple – the way layers converse with their clients. As you can imagine, there are more and more individuals that opt for interacting via any of the multiple means of communication. There are emails, instant messages, video calls, voice messages, web conferencing, and so on.

Is this beneficial and why? Well, it is quite simple. First of all, it enables attorneys to collaborate with clients that are in their immediate vicinity i.e. the same town or area. This is possible because they can talk with each other and the clients do not have to commute to the law office. From attorneys’ point of view, this is a perfect chance for them to boost their business, have more clients, and therefore, earn more money and make a reputation for themselves. On the other side, people have more options to choose from when it comes to picking and hiring a lawyer.

Furthermore, this technology allows professionals to work remotely. This means that they do not have to spend all their time in the office in order to complete all the tasks. They can choose when they want to work and also they can arrange online meetings with their clients. This is something that has a positive effect on their productivity because it enables them to do more work.

Modernized database

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When one tries to imagine what a lawyer’s office looks like, they surely picture a lot of shelves and cabinets filled with files and paperwork. Well, because of the technology, those days are over. In the past, at the end of each, attorneys would have to fill out a ton of forms and other paperwork. This used to require a lot of their time, the time that they could spend being productive and working on their cases.

Nowadays, due to multiple software and programs that exist, all documents are digital. This means that the database is also electronic. Why is this important? Well, firstly, the whole process of filing out documents is much easier and faster. This is also beneficial for clients because most of the law offices charge their fees according to the time they spend working on certain cases. Simply put, the cost of multiple services is going to be much lower meaning that people will save a lot of money. You can learn more about some of these services on the Foyle Legal website.

Easier case management

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We have already mentioned that now all the files are electronic and are stored in a database and that those documents can easily be found by typing in certain keywords and phrases. However, the advancing technology has also created software specifically designed for the legal sector and that enables lawyers to organize their entire workday.

The whole point of this is to facilitate the work they do every day. Naturally, this software cannot win them a case, but it can allow them to manage them more easily. They can simply access all the case files, organize them, input important meetings and program reminders, quickly take notes, do the billing, and so on. Once again, the best part is that this can be done remotely meaning that there is no need for them to stay in the office after hours.

Analysis and review of case files

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Alongside organizing everything, there is a fairly simple program that is created with the goal of going over and analyzing multiple cases at a time. As you can imagine, this is the best way to maybe find connections between two or more files, and it is something that a person probably would be able to do manually. Just imagine how many documents one would have to read and what’s more, memorize some important details.

Moreover, this computer program is also able to do a quick review of new files and notify the person whether or not they should take the case or does that case qualify for some claims. Nevertheless, using artificial intelligence in this purpose is still fairly new, and since we are talking about the legal sector, some rules have to be established. Court and both sides (the plaintiff and the defense) must agree on using it, but it is a fact that more and more courts are accepting AI, which means that everyone’s job is going to be much easier in the future.

Create online communities

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We cannot talk about new devices and trends, and not mention one that every company uses, regardless of its trade – social media platforms. To start with, there is LinkedIn, a platform that enables attorneys and offices to collaborate with others from the legal sector and ensure the professional growth of their business.

Secondly, there are other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that have millions of users, which is why law offices use them for advertising and attracting new clients. After all, the law office is just another type of business which means that they also have to employ multiple marketing strategies.

This is a completely new matter that we are not going to get into but simply put, by providing appealing content on these platforms, communicating with the users or even offering some free legal advice, these offices can take their business to an entirely new level.