How to Create a Strong Essay on a Tight Deadline – 2024 Guide

Writing an essay is one of the most important tasks students have to undertake in order to complete their college studies. An essay has to be well-researched and thoughtfully written in order to talk about the given subject in an informed way. That, primarily, is what separates last-minute essays from those that have been given their due time.

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While we are on the subject, for students of the UK or the USA or pretty much any part of the world, creating an essay about history might be one of the most difficult ones to create. An essay cannot just be a collection of repetitive information, so such topics can prove to be troublesome. But whatever your topic is and whether you’re a student in the UK or the USA, knowing how to write essays faster to meet a deadline is crucial.

What Makes an Essay Strong


A strong essay is one in which there is a good amount of information sprinkled with your opinion and understanding of the topic. On a college level, adding some conclusions of the research is also encouraged as it shows your critical thinking and analyzing skills to the reader. Another important aspect of a strong essay is that it should have references to all the information you’re adding in. If you don’t have references for your research, then your essay is not a strong one at an academic level.

Tips to Create an Essay on a Tight Deadline

If you’re wondering how to write essays faster, the following tips are some that you should closely follow:

Organize Yourself


The first thing every student needs to do before starting to write an essay is to organize themselves and their workspace. Clear your space of clutter, make space for all your required equipment, and light up the space to make it comfortable for working in. When you do all of this, you will be more focused and be able to meet your writing deadlines with ease.

Turn Away From Social Platforms

Students around the world have become so attached to social media that it has gotten very difficult for them to truly focus on their work at times. If you are working on a paper last minute, then the last thing you need is to be distracted by a tweet or an IG photo. To focus on your work, you need to ensure that your social networks are turned off for a few hours.

Type, Don’t Write


While most students do type their essays, some may be inclined to write them by hand too. However, if you want to know how to finish an essay fast, then you should resort to typing as it will be much faster to complete your essay and to fix any mistakes that you may make while typing.

Take Help from Online Services

To save time, try using one of the many online grammar-checking services available that can help you fix your mistakes quickly and easily. There’s nothing worse than spending hours on writing an essay only to find out after submitting it to your instructor that you made very basic mistakes that could have been avoided if you had just checked your essay once.

Stay on Point


Many students think that if they write longer essays, they will receive better marks from their teachers. In reality, most teachers hate essays that have a lot of fluff in them just to add to the overall word count. It’s important to stay on topic in your essay and write only the pertinent information about your subject. This obviously leads to lesser time typing, hence allowing you to meet the writing deadlines.

How to Plan an Essay

While these tips are great for students who are wondering how to write essays faster because of their deadlines, it is equally important to know how to plan an essay. The following brief tips can help you plan a strong essay that doesn’t take too long to write:

  • Do your research and write down all the important points you want to talk about. Don’t forget to mention the reference for each point so that you can easily cite your essay later without having to fumble through all the websites you had opened.
  • Pay close attention to the introduction of your paper. This is the part that makes and breaks most essays. If you have a weak introduction or one that is unrelated to the topic, chances are your instructor will lose interest in the main body of your work.
  • Break down all the information you have into headings and subheadings. Whichever one of the many writing styles you may prefer, using headings is highly recommended in longer writeups. Not only does this help make a paper look more professional and easy to read, but it will also help you stay organized with your writing.
  • Think about your conclusions carefully so that you don’t have to write them off the top of your head while actually finishing your work. It’ll be much easier to write concluding remarks when you have actually given some thought to all the research beforehand.



Last-minute essays are something that students everywhere are very familiar with. There is often so much work to do that giving a writing assignment the time it requires becomes nearly impossible, and that’s okay. All you need to do is follow some of the tips mentioned here and you’ll be able to create an essay within your deadline quite easily. Student writers sometimes like to leave things till the last moment but while it may be okay to leave the actual writing till that moment, doing the research in advance is crucial. When you have the research and some idea of how you want to structure your paper, it’ll be much easier to write and submit it on time.