5 Work-From-Home Office Set Up Secrets a Self-Employed Should Know

As a self-employed person, you’re going to need a great place to work. And while you may have a spare room in your house that you’re using for storage right now, it’s probably not the most effective place to work.

But with the right setup, you can turn that spare room into a great working space, even if it is temporary.

Here are the top 5 secrets for getting your workspace setup

1) Buy an Ergonomic Desk

Having a comfortable and ergonomically designed desk is essential when working at home.

Your body has to adjust to your workspace, and you must ensure you’re comfortable doing it.

When you first move into a new home office (read more), your priority should be to find a comfortable chair and a desk. Your chair is going to be the most important part of your setup.

Make sure that you pick out a desk with the right height that will fit into your space nicely.

If possible, choose a desk that has wheels so that it can be easily moved around.

You don’t want to carry your computer, chairs, and desk around the house just because you need to go to another room.

2) Get A Proper Lamp

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Your lamp is going to be the next most important part of your setup.

It will need to be able to offer you the correct level of light for you to be able to work effectively.

Find a lamp that offers adjustable brightness and a bright white or light-gray color.

You can also buy lamps that can be switched between different lighting modes.

These modes can help you save energy by dimming the lights when you’re not using them.

When you’re reading something on the web, you want to be able to read without getting headaches.

So make sure you have a lamp that can be used both day and night.

3) Set Up A Quiet Space

Once you’ve got the rest of your equipment set up, you need to make sure that there is a quiet space that you can use to focus.

If you have children at home, you need to make sure they can play without bothering you.

When you are trying to get work done, you mustn’t have any distractions.

You need a place to be 100% focused and free of interruptions.

You can also have a separate area of the house that you can use to work on a project, such as a garage, a study, or a spare bedroom.

You must ensure you can get away from all distractions to get your work done.

4) Set a Schedule

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You will need to set up a schedule that works for you. This means you need to decide when you will get up and go to bed.

In addition, you need to ensure that you have a good routine so that you don’t fall asleep at the computer.

5) Don’t Spend Your Time on Non-Work Activities

You must ensure you aren’t spending all your time on non-work activities. It’s important that you spend some of your time on tasks that are related to your work.

How to keep your self-employed job from getting the best of you

Some things can cause your job to get the best of you.

Here are five things that can keep your job from working for you.

You’re not organized.

This is the most obvious one, and it’s also the most common one. If you are not prepared for your day, you will quickly find yourself overwhelmed, stressed out, and just plain worn out.

You don’t have any set hours.

Another way that you can sabotage yourself at work is by having no set schedule. This is especially true if you have a full-time job with regular work hours.

You let your personal life creep into your work life.

This is one that we have all been guilty of. We let our personal lives creep into our work life.

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And that’s a bad thing.

Your personal life affects your work life. And when your personal life becomes your work life, you become less productive.

You’re afraid of getting fired.

If you are afraid of losing your job, you’ll never perform at your best. If you are afraid of being fired, you will do anything to make sure that you stay employed.

That means you will sometimes do unethical and, in some cases, illegal.

You’re afraid of not making enough money.

Most people fear that they won’t be able to make enough money. And when you fear something, you will do everything in your power to avoid it.

And that means that you will often work longer hours than you need to, and you will take less time off than you need to.

You can’t stand your boss.

Many people have this problem. They hate their boss, or they can’t stand the way they talk or behave.

And if that happens, you will act like your boss doesn’t matter, and you will try and avoid them at all costs.

How to setup a home office that will motivate you

If you are thinking about creating a home office but aren’t sure where to begin, this is a great place to start.

Create a space that is organized

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Organizing your home office is one of the most important things to remember. It can be tempting to put everything into piles and throw them away once you finish them. However, doing this makes it difficult for you to find things when you need them.

Instead, take the time to organize your files, papers, and other items. You can set up file cabinets to store your files and even hang folders on walls to make them easier to see. You can use a simple bulletin board to display important information, and you can even use magnetic letters to keep all of your important papers together.

Keep a clean space

You should also keep your work area clean. This will help you to feel like you are at a place where you can work without distractions.

Don’t leave trash around your home office. This will also make you feel like you are working in a safe environment.

How to create your office from scratch

Today, working from home is one of the most desired jobs in modern society. There are many benefits to working from home, including flexibility, a more convenient work schedule, and the opportunity to save money.

However, to do so requires you to have the proper tools.

Use Your Computer As A Desk

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The first thing you need to do is buy yourself a computer. This can be done in several ways. Either you can buy a used one, or you can buy a new one.

If you opt for a used computer, it is best to find a computer in good shape. For example, a computer that is no longer being used could have malware running through the system or hardware problems.

Make Sure the Computer Has the Necessary Hardware

As mentioned above, a computer is essential to work from home. However, if the computer doesn’t have the necessary components, it won’t be able to function properly. This includes things like an Ethernet cable and an internet connection.

To ensure you are getting the most out of your computer, make sure it has the following components:

  1. CPU
  2. RAM
  3. Storage
  4. Networking
  5. Monitor
  6. Mouse
  7. Keyboard
  8. Headphones
  9. Other Necessary Items

Get Rid Of Everything Else

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When you purchase your computer, you will want to get rid of anything else that is already in it. For example, if you have a printer, scanner, etc., you will want to get rid of it.

Additionally, you should also clear your desktop of anything that is not necessary. This means removing unnecessary applications and files.

This process may take a while, depending on how big of a space you have on your desktop. However, once everything is cleared, you will have the perfect workspace to work from home.

Create a Home Office Area

It may seem strange to have an office right inside of your house. However, this is an excellent idea because it allows you to cut down on travel time.

You first need to make sure you have enough space to set up your computer and work from home. Depending on your space, you will need to determine what kind of setup you want.

The most common type of setup is to have a desk, table, and computer. However, you can also consider getting a standing desk.

Regardless of the kind of setup you choose, the most important thing to remember is to ensure that you have enough space.


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A home office does not need to be expensive and does not need to be huge. Most of the time, you can create a beautiful, functional space for a few hundred dollars or less. The first thing to consider when creating a home office is where you want to put it. After determining the perfect location, you must decide your goals. Are you working from home because you love to work from home? Do you need to set up a home office to save money on gas? Or, maybe you want a quiet and serene space to recharge after a long day. Whatever your reasons, it’s important to know what you want and why you want it before you decide on a specific design.