Outsource Consulting in 2024 – All you Should Know

For the first time faced with a service in the field of information technology, whether it be a visiting administrator or a company providing comprehensive services, anyone is struck by the lack of standards and the proper level of transparency. Hence all the talk “about honesty” or “dishonesty” of computer services. So what are IT services, and IT outsourcing and IT consulting, so popular today? Full version about outsourcing you could read on SpdLoad blog. 

It is worth mentioning right away that not all service companies in the field of information technology (those who are called “IT service providers” or “IT service providers”) understand the difference in terms. Moreover, many do not want to understand. Why, if under one name or another you can always “beautifully match” the long-forgotten and outdated? And given the imperfections of Russian legislation in this area, getting lost in the confusion of names and concepts becomes easy.

So, let’s look at how a value chain is formed in IT Co. First of all, there are companies that develop the product: software, computers, networks, equipment and so on. Often such companies work directly with customers – they sell themselves and provide support themselves. But in most cases it is ineffective for both the supplier and the buyer. There are intermediaries who, at the same time, understand the needs of the business and the tools for realizing these needs.

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As a rule, speaking of intermediaries, we are talking about two areas. Firstly, there are those who advise customers what to purchase, how to establish where to increase efficiency. In other words, these are IT consultants whose task is to give an objective assessment of a particular action in the development of information infrastructure. Secondly, intermediaries can implement these same actions (at a time or on an ongoing basis). This is called IT outsourcing.

At the same time, the distinction between consulting services and outsourcing services is somewhat arbitrary. But only at first glance. The key difference here is in the fundamental principle. While the principle of IT consulting is to do the right thing (strategic aspect), the principle of IT outsourcing is to do the right thing (operational aspect). Thus, the “intermediary consultants” can improve the efficiency of ALL business processes of the company, and the “intermediary-outsourcers” – only information infrastructure.

Of course, one can live without the other. You always have the right to ask for advice and execute it yourself. Or, on the contrary, decide how to do it right and entrust execution to a third-party company. Moreover, even within dedicated groups, customers often distribute tasks among different suppliers; to internal and external. In this case, of course, the element of simplicity and flexibility is lost, but are all the companies different?

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What is even more worrying is that outsourcing is often referred to as consulting, and consulting for outsourcing. Clients are frankly deceived by replacing one concept with another. Result: in an effort to reduce IT costs, firms suddenly find themselves transforming the entire business model of the company. Or, conversely, attempts to restructure the company’s operations result in only a change in the computer park.

Yes, the main thing, of course, is transparency. It is important to understand what exactly you want to improve, as well as how changes can affect other processes of the company. In this regard, in my opinion, an integrated approach is interesting – when outsourcing is considered as part of consulting. Then it turns out that all the recommendations are implemented “by the adviser.” So, there are certain guarantees. The disadvantage is that the supplier must be truly reliable.

In general, the choice of a model and specific IT suppliers is always an individual issue. It is extremely dependent on needs, on allocated budgets, and even on the exchange rate of national currencies … it’s up to you to decide what you are ready to give in and where you need to put pressure. This, probably, is the main question of the effectiveness of IT service.

Consulting, simply put, is a counseling service. More precisely, this is a system of intellectual services for solving complex problems of an IT company in the field of management and organizational development. It includes a set of consulting and practical services, services in management and effective business organization. The purpose of consulting is to help the company (management) achieve its goals by analyzing the development prospects of the IT company.


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IT consulting is an IT consulting, one of the consulting areas. It is designed to provide information support for business processes and allows an independent assessment of the status and effectiveness of an IT company (IT company).

Consulting is done by special consulting companies that develop programs and courses for consulting management, managers and even employees of the IT company in the field of information, as well as technical or software support for the activities of the IT company.

Expert and audit evaluation of processes, development, and implementation of marketing and innovative programs, attracting investments and others, for example, protection against DDOS attacks. Let’s not forget that there are a variety of other types of consulting services. For example, if you check out CFO Share they offer business turnaround consulting that should be able to help you turn your business around.

IT consulting usually includes the following items:

  • Cost optimization for the implementation of BAT, IT solutions in the company;
  • Increasing the efficiency of functions and business processes of the company;
  • Creation of a unified infrastructure and, as a result, increased manageability;
  • Implementation of various company level systems (for example, CRM, BI, etc.).

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Depending on the intensity and necessity, consulting can be internal, planned, special or external. There is also a personality-oriented consulting.

Consulting services are of the form:

  • Implementation of analytics;
  • Forecasting;
  • Counseling;
  • Audit of activity;
  • Participation in work (management consulting).

IT consulting and consulting IT companies in modern conditions as relevant as possible. Outsourcing is a type of consulting.

In addition, the difference between outsourcing and consulting is the degree and extent of responsibility of the specialist providing it. Consultation serves as the basis for making decisions by the customer, and outsourcing is also the adoption of our own decisions and the implementation of customer decisions to fulfill the tasks.