What is FWPlayer and What Features Does it Have – 2024 Guide

People who have iOS are constantly trying to find a good player that will suit their need, however, they often struggle since there are not a lot of options available for them. If you have iOS, there are big chances that you have already heard about the new and improved FWPlayer by FoksWang. However, if you did not hear about it, you are reading the right article. In it, you will be able to read what is this player, as well as the features that it has. Let’s take a look:

What is FWPlayer?

FWPlayer is an iOS Player that is based on AVPlayer that is quite known amongst the iOS users. The player is developed by FoksWang, a GitHub developer that spends most of his time perfecting the player, as well as make the needed changes that are requested by the iOS community. You can install the player by using CocoaPods, Carthage, or by manually installing it.

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What Kind of Features Does the player have?

At the moment, FWPlayer has various features that are quite useful and in the list below, you will be able to read about all of them. Keep in mind that the project is constantly upgraded and new things might be added by the time you read this article. Let’s take a look:

  1. The player supports horizontal and vertical playback, hence, you will be able to watch your videos, TV series, or movies however you prefer and in whatever position you find most comfortable while holding your phone. Besides this feature, it also comes with an auto-rotating screen playback option, so you will not have to press any buttons if you want to switch from vertical to horizontal. All you will have to do is simply rotate your phone.
  2. The player also supports full-screen and mini-player modes, meaning that you can freely switch between those two. Besides this features, you will also be able to drag the mini-player whenever you feel like it, hence, you can position it at any corner of your screen if you want to watch something and do something else at the same time.

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  3. Media Cache is probably the best feature that this player has and people are quite satisfied with how it works. You will be able to cache media if you find yourself in a situation that you cannot get connected to the Internet, also, you can watch what you are caching while it is still downloading. This is extremely useful when you are offline or when you are traveling.
  4. The last feature is still an important one, the player has a full-screen lock feature and the fast forward option by simply swiping your screen, there are also quite useful since you will not have to press any buttons.


FWPlayer comes with a wide range of features, however, we could not state every single one in this article. If you want to see each and every feature of the player, you can visit GitHub and download the player today.