7 Tech Features in the Car Industry – 2024 Guide

As technology advances, cars are being constantly upgraded with new tech features. If you’re thinking about buying a car in the next few years, chances are that your driving experience could be much different than that of today.

So, what are the most popular tech features you should be looking for in your new car?

In this article, we’ll talk about both existing and upcoming car features that are revolutionizing the car industry! Therefore, if you want to learn more about it, this is the right place to do it!

So, without further ado, let’s get to the bottom of it!

1. V2V (vehicle to vehicle)

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One of the most popular features in the past couple of years is the V2V communication technology. With the development of “self-driving” features, it’s no wonder that V2V is advancing so rapidly. Many cars now have technology that lets them communicate with other cars on the road. All of this improves overall driver security, so it’s definitely something to be looking for in a car.

While these features aren’t the newest ones on this list, they’ve seen incredible advancements recently. More and more car models now come with this feature, and it seems like they’re only going to get increasingly popular. So, if you’re looking for a new car, make sure to check whether it includes this feature or not.

2. Integrated WIFI

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Having a stable wifi connection while you’re on the road sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well, it’s now possible and accessible to everyone! So now you can stay online no matter where you are. It’s a great feature to have when you’re frequently going on road trips! You can access the online info you require at any place at any time, and you can easily stay connected to your friends and family!

This technology has been on the market for a while, but it’s only now becoming widely accessible even for cheaper car models. It allows being connected to the world while you’re on the road, and it makes traveling much easier.

3. Eyes on the road

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Traffic regulations in the EU now require every car to have a technology that keeps them alert while they’re driving. All of this has impacted the car industry and created space for incredible innovations in the car tech world.

It’s not widely accessible as of yet, but many experts in the industry predict that it’s going to become a norm in the next couple of years. It’s also predicted that these types of features will drastically reduce the number of car accidents all throughout the globe. Still, there are many skeptics that believe that these features are too expensive and that they might turn out to be completely ineffective. Whatever the case, we know we’re looking forward to the opportunity to try it out!

4. Bluetooth connection features

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Almost every new car now has a Bluetooth feature inside of its system. Still, just a couple of years ago, this was only the case with the most expensive vehicles on the market. This feature lets you connect your mobile device to your car, listen to your favorite playlist while you’re driving, and stay connected with your loved ones.

Some companies are even introducing the ability to unlock your car with your smartphone using Bluetooth. It’s only a matter of time before this feature becomes the standard, so you’ll certainly be able to find it in the newest car models.

Of course, as time goes on, this feature will probably advance even further, so we can expect a lot of added functionality very soon.

5. Voice control

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Drivers who are texting while driving cause a huge deal of car accidents. The voice control feature that has been making its way to the car industry might be the best solution for this issue as of yet! Multi-tasking while driving is now possible without any risk to the driver, as you only need to use your voice to pick up calls and text your friends and family. This will keep your eyes on the road, and enable you to take that important call without risking your safety in the process.

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It’s still not perfect, but it’s rapidly improving with the advancements in the tech industry.

6. Anti-collision alarms

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New cars now have sensors that activate and warn the driver once the risk for a potential collision arises. This feature can even be automated to stop the car once it senses that the car is dangerously close to colliding with another vehicle. Anti-collision detection is an advanced technology that helps in preventing car accidents from happening, so there’s a high chance it will become a vital part of every single car in the future.

Of course, it does have some negative aspects as well. Like any alarm system, it’s susceptible to false alarms and unnecessary panic. Still, it’s getting increasingly advanced, so these issues are likely to be reduced to zero in the near future.

7. Automotive technology

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Have you ever had to drive long hours and just wished there’s someone else to take the wheel for a while? Well, soon, your car might be able to do this for you! This type of technology is steadily developing, but it’s not available for the masses yet, at least not in it’s “final” form.

However, companies like BMW and Tesla have already introduced partial auto-piloting options with their newest models, so there’s no doubt we’re heading towards full automation very soon.

The bottom line

The car tech industry is quickly developing, so we’re constantly getting new innovative solutions that might completely change the driving experience. Most of these features are designed for better comfort and stronger security on the road. Some have existed for a long time, but are only now achieving their full potential, while others are preparing to be launched soon. All in all, with advances in technology, driving is becoming easier, safer, and much more comfortable.